Saturday, November 8, 2008


Happy Saturday everyone....well it's not a great day for me!

Yesterday was a rather odds and ends day, nothing really got accomplished, well nothing important anyway.

Here's what I posted on one of the forums I'm on - it's easier than retyping:

Morning Sunshines!!!Wish I felt like that's the deal.....yesterday Doug and I got our flu shots, headed straight for Janesville for the Craft Show (small and not so worth the 1 hour drive), then went to Sam's Club and Michaels, then went to dinner.

Both of us immediately got headaches during dinner, got very tired and couldn't wait to get home....both took something for it, went to bed early and had the rotten feeling all night...I woke up at 4 still with the headache and upset stomach!

Sure don't know what hit us both like that. Couldn't be the shot I wouldn't think...never reacted before.

Anyway....the craft show (which I was supposed to be in but got the information way too late to be able to do it) was on the small side, not very festive like last years...well we stayed for a short while and HAD to purchase something - we knew all the vendors so felt obligated.

I bought a long basket stuffed with a Santa, Tree and Star....kind of cute and then a stuffed mouse pulling a baby mouse on a's okay but not my favorite thing but Doug liked it, and a snowman riding a crow!

Hope we feel better by 3 this afternoon because we're supposed to go to a play with our son and family to see Stuart Little.

So then even though I feel like...ROTTEN....head is still pounding, we went to get some groceries, lunch and then to one of our favorite little shops in the next little town which by the way SHE CARRIES SOME OF MY PRODUCTS!!!!!!!! Yippppeeeee.

Doug finished the yard work yesterday and cut down my Catmint and Lavendar and we hated throwing it out so put it in a crock - I will keep it till it falls apart...


  1. Karen, I'm sorry you are feeling so lousy. I once had a reaction to a flu shot a long time ago. I was sick for 2 days. I like the goodies you bought, in fact I put stuff in my baskets like that all the time. I hope you & Doug recover quickly. Have a good weekend.


  2. Thanks Karen for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well, I think it is the flu shot though, Stush got one and has felt nothing... I know if I did I'd get sick right away:)
    I hope you are feeling well soon and I love all you brought home with you especially the snowman on the crow:)

  3. hope you feel better karen~love all the goodies!

  4. Karen, I sure hope you feel better soon!

  5. Karen,
    I agree with Rondell. I don't get the flu shot anymore because of this very reason. It happens to me everytime I had taken it.I hope you get feeling better sweetie!

  6. Karen,

    I hope you and your hubby are feeling better soon!


  7. Oh Karen, I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling so terrible. I hope whatever it is, goes away quickly. It stinks when you're not able to do all the things you like to do.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your hubby.
    Hugs~ Birgit

  8. I hope you're feeling better this evening. I get sick every time I get a flu shot, so I stopped.
    I love the snowman on the crow.
    Take care

  9. Hope you feel better karen & Doug!....I'm a little under the weather too...UGH!...We don't have time to be sick, now do we?!!!

  10. Hey, thanks everyone....actually as busy as today was you would think it would have taken my mind off of how terrible my head hurts but that didn't happen!
    You are all so kind and thoughtful. love you all.

  11. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well! Hope you are better soon.
    I love the things you bought.
    I really love that crock also! Where did you find it?

  12. I hope your feeling you think it was the flu shot??? Nothing any worse then having a bad headache. You know what I discovered not long ago??? I get ALOT of migraines...the cream called ICE that you put on your back or aching bones...well I put some all over my forehead and my temples BUT be very careful not to get any in your eyes. I then lay down for about half an hour and WOW...feel so much better. It worked for me...just a thought.

    How did the play go? I love this time of the year because there are Christmas shows and my oldest is always in them because she is our little star who just loves to perform. There are a couple coming up soon...yeah, can't wait.

    I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you...


  13. I am so sorry you aren't feeling well. I wonder if it was food poisoning? The CDC says it is much more common than we realize. Technically the flu is a respiratory sickness so the shot shouldn't give you a stomach ache. (Sorry, once an RN always an RN!) I hope you feel better ASAP!!

    By the way, I hope you don't mind that I added you to my blog roll.

  14. So sorry that you're not feeling well. I came down with something too and have been in bed all day. Shucks! I don't have time for be sick ...

    Love your little treasures especially the mouse family. So sweet.



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