Monday, November 10, 2008

What a non-productive day or so it seemed. We did so much running around and I feel like I'm back to square one and need many catch up days but I did find some boards to make signs for my craft show and got a few other things.
Then I treated my husband and myself to the Olive Garden for lunch before coming back home.

I received an e-mail today from Caryn of Todays Primitive Home and I'm so impressed with it - they feature their best picks on the web/etsy.

Here's a brief description of their mission:

Please note this is NOT a solicitation for paid advertising.

Today’s Primitive Home is strictly editorial.

Items we display on our website to show our readers are our own personal favorites.

Simply put we pick ‘em because we like ‘em (so to speak). Our editorials are intended to be humorous and encourage our readers to visit TPH often to see our “Latest Picks”.
Readers are given the opportunity to view examples of our favorite Artists’ work and purchase featured or similar items directly from the Artist’s website/blog through the links provided for them in our editorials.

After two weeks, items appearing on our home page are categorized and moved to our “Prims We Loved” archives where readers may still view previously featured items and access links to the Artist’s website or blog.

Our Mission is to support the tradition of handcrafted American Folk Art and to encourage Internet shoppers to consider purchasing unique, handmade one-of-a-kind type items from American artists, as opposed to purchasing foreign mass-produced items.

They featured my 'TREES FOR SALE' runner a while back and I just loved the little story they put with please go on over and check out their's just so wonderful how they are helping all of us designers and crafters.

Hop on over to Prim and Proper Folks Blog to sign up for this absolutely wonderful give away - plus she has such a great blog to read.


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I'll check that out. We must have been posting at the sam time. LOL
    I just updated my photo slideshow and I invite you to check it out.
    hugs, Linda

  2. So sorry that you've been feeling poorly. Sounds like we have the same thing. I just keep thinking of all the things that I SHOULD be doing. Oh well ... This will pass.

    Looking forward to checking out tha tprim site. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I had the start of what I thought was a sinus infection last week, and I started using Zicam. It really works. I hope you feel better real soon.
    I checked out the prim site and I found myself laughing out loud. I love the wit they use in describing things.
    Thanks for posting it. I bookmarked it so I can go back again.

  4. Gee I hope you start feeling better real seems like you have been feeling like this long enough.

    I must run over and check out the site...Thanks


  5. I'll be checking it out thanks for posting it Karen. I'm also hoping that you are feeling better:)

  6. Glad to hear you are feeling better. My daughter had a terrible sinus infection last week she could barely walk. She too is feeling better.
    I love your banner Karen, those stitchings look so old.

  7. I'll check out the site you gave! Thanks for sharing!

    And boy, now the Olive Garden is sounding really good! I haven't been there in awhile! :)


  8. Goode "Chilly" Morning...

    Glad to see you have stopped in to visit...
    I always enjoy visiting with you, your blog is very warm & cozy, love your banner today.
    The Gathering... is a show that is held twice a year at the Tennessee State Fair Grounds. It is held inside & is a one day show. Mostly all Primitives... yea! Awesome Treasures to be found & the people, I can't say enough about them... The next show is in March 2009...
    Many Blessings 2 You on this Wednesday, Pamela


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