Sunday, November 23, 2008


Sorry to be gone so much this past week.

My In Home Show is Sat. and Sun. and we are doing our Christmas decorating and putting some of our regular things away to make room for the show items - what a job!

I'm doing the inside cleaning today and Doug is putting up garland on the fences and some of the other two wreaths up so far! There will be 18 inch brick red stars in the center of each peak of the garlands.

Oh and he got my painted snowman window up right next to the door - we found it last month at the Wholesale Show and thought what a perfect greeting for our show!!!!

I have a huge project for my next post that I have been doing in stages and saving it.

I found something on the internet that I want to share...I LOVE IT! Hopefully tonight I will get it posted.

Wish I knew how when you insert a picture in the post that it wouldn't always load at the then there are tons of spaces that I have to delete - anyone help here????

Check back tonight to see if I got my special post'll like it (well, I think you


  1. It sounds like you are busy, busy. I wish I was close enough to come to your show. Love the garland on the fence. Can't wait to see it with the stars.
    Oh my that snowman window is awesome! I love that!
    I have the same problem with the pictures loading at the top. I keep having to move them where I want them, and you're right...there's always a lot of space to delete.
    Sometime I delete too much and have to reload the photo. Not user friendly at all!
    Maybe someone knows a trick to help with it.

    Can't wait to see what you have to share. I'll check back tonight.

    Don't work too hard!

  2. Hi Karen,
    Your garland's lookin good!
    I can only imagine how busy ya are..........

    I have the same troubles when posting...i thought that's just how it works?
    Guess I'm NO help!

    I can't wait to see whatcha got up your sleeve...I just know I'll love, what ever it is! I love EVERY THING ya post! :)

    Enjoy your Sunday!


  3. Hi Karen,
    I know how busy you must be because I'm sure it's just going to be beautiful, sure wish I were able to be there:)

    I'll check back later to see if you get time to post about the great idea you have:0

    I'm no help in the pic thing it does the same for me and like Kath I thought that's just the way it was!

  4. Karen, can't wait to see what it is! Everything else is looking great. I have the same problems when I post & I end up with the big spaces & if I try & get rid of them, then I end up with a mess.

    ~ Pam ~

  5. Goodness... you are sure a busy bee! I love the garland, it looks real, is it??? Awesome!

    The window is just too cute!

    Wish I was near to attend the event. But I am sending my wishes to you for a successful one & one that touches many.

    Blessings 2 You on this November Day, Pamela

  6. Karen....i will email you in the morning and help you out with your posts....heading to work right now...I can't wait to see what your place looks like when you are all decorated! to you in the a.m.!

  7. Whew...ya'll sound really busy, Karen! I love the garland on the fence...very simple and natural looking and I bet the stars will look great there!

    I'm no help with the pictures. Mine always load to the top, then I copy and paste them where I want them around my wording and then delete the ones at the top. If there's an easier way, I'd LOVE to know it! So if Char tells you some secret, please DO share with all of us...or maybe Char could do a tutorial Tuesday on it! lol!

    And I'll be looking forward to your next post with much anticipation, Karen!


  8. Karen, I just checked the weather forecast for Saturday and it looks good so that means we're coming for sure!!!!! I'm pretty excited about coming down. You'll have to email either Matt or I with directions. Do you still have our email addresses? Otherwise let me know on CS forum. Can't wait to see your house all decorated!

  9. Hi Karen,
    I really enjoy reading your blog. Seems like there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. :)

    If you got some tips on how to fix the pics from loading at the top, could you share? That just drives me crazy. There's got to be a better way.

    Happy Holidays!


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