Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We're knee deep in snow right now. It started to rain on Sunday and Monday and by Tuesday morning it turned to snow and snowed most of the day, sometimes light, lots of times hard. Doug shoveled 4 times in between our going shopping. I tell ya, I haven't really been out of the house much and so what do I do but pick a snow day but it was so much fun!

Right now he's out shoveling again from the snow late last night. Thank goodness he has a snow blower and used it a couple times yesterday. The picture he took at 5:30 this morning...pretty isn't it?

Well, I'm half packed up from the show. I left everything up mainly because I just didn't have time to organize it to put it all away.

Bought some gifts on-line yesterday. I got up at 5 because I woke up raring to go! LOL
So bought a set of Rachel Rae pans for our daughter in-law (ones she wanted) and a Craftsman triple tier tool box for our son (he wanted that as well) ... so they're finished! And FREE SHIPPING AT THAT!!!

Then while I was at it I decided to shop for our 15 year old granddaughter on-line with the huge list she sent got her clothes she wanted at these certain shops! So basically she's finished! Just going to get her a couple little special things to add in.

Then while at Kohl’s yesterday they had a 2 day 50% sale on all toys so we bought little Aidan his gifts....not much you can get for a 6 month old that DOESN'T NEED FOR ANYTHING....but we did get him some wonderful learning toys by Fischer Price and a Baby Einstein book. Looking for a snowsuit now. Guess I'll have to go to an actual Children’s Store for that because you just can't find like a 12 or 18 month suit at Kohls or Walmart.

Oh, and while at Kohl's I have been looking at the Hoover Windtunnel vacuums (one's with the bag) and the one I wanted was on sale so we bought it.
Well, here's the thing...we have a Hoover Windtunnel BAGLESS....but I hate it! I think they are dirty!!!!! You have to pull the canister out and dump it and there's all that dust and dirt flying about! It’s not contained like with the bags...I don't see the super clean concept there...but anyway...I digressed, sorry.
We bought it - I put it together (had to attach the handle) and I tried it out!
WELL....I DIDN'T LIKE just didn't pick up the pile like the other back it went. Well, here's the funny thing. I FORGOT TO PUT THE HANDLE BACK IN THE BOX...I found it last night on my dining room table mixed in with all my merchandise last night...LOL.
Guess I'll have to drop it off today! They're going to think they are working with a ding bat because when we returned the vacuum I didn't have my sales receipt - I had the one from our first visit there and presented it to her - she said it wasn't the correct one - no vacuum on it....arghhhhhh - I had forgotten we had just been there an hour before and made purchases and then decided to go back after the vacuum....anyway - she took care of it and I felt like a fool! NOW I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE SAME WOMAN WHEN I TAKE THE HANDLE
Really - I'm not usually this incompetent! Do you think I'm overworked in the head right now!!!!

So when we took it back I bought a Hamilton Beach Brew Station with the no hands just put your cup under and push the lever with the cup and in the cup! Love it. Now mind you, I don't drink coffee! LOL Only now and then and that's not often! lol Anyway - got it, love it, making a pot as I
So that's myTuesday and Wednesday for ya! Going to work on the last of my orders so my customers will get them in time for Christmas!
Not a very interesting post I know but just wanted you all to know 'she still lives'....
See ya, have a great Wednesday!
Hugs to all,


  1. Karen, try Lands End for the snow suit! They have an amazing clearance section online right now plus their outerwear is WARM!!

  2. Hi Karen!
    Your snow looks so PRETTY! :) It's funny how it always looks "pretty" at "someone else's house"...LOL! I'm tired of it already!
    I have that same coffee maker...I LOVE it! :)
    Sounds like you're ahead of the game, as far as your shopping goes. I love Kohl's....I do a lot of my shopping online, a lot of places have better prices online, and ya can't beat the free shipping! :)

    Enjoy your day!

    hoilday hugs-Kath

  3. What pretty snow ! How fun~ I can't wait for a big snow here. :-) I still need to get some shopping done here. Guess I better get with it and get it done ! Christmas will be here before I know it !:-)Have a great day Karen and enjoy the coffee!
    Janae :-)

  4. I love the look of all that snow...not really sure I like being in...but sure love to look at it!

  5. Your early morning snow is very pretty...Your post made me laugh! I too Hate those bagless vacuum cleaners..I like my dirt contained. Enjoy the coffee you don't drink from your new coffee maker....LOL

  6. I can't believe you've gotten all of that snow! We haven't seen any here yet. You're lucky to have so much shopping done - I haven't started! I am such a slacker!

  7. glad you got out for a while and had a nice day~i still have 2 trips planned to finish shopping! oh yeah~please send some SNOW my way!

  8. Haha Karen! Your post cracked me up! It sounds just like one of my days. I love to shop at Kohl's, especially when they have those great sales.
    My goodness you got a lot of snow. It's really pretty. My husband feels caged when it snows like that and we can't get out. We usually hire someone to do our driveway because it's so long, and until they get around to us he storms about like a caged bear. hahaha!
    Have a great afternoon!

  9. I LOVE the snow photo!

    I've been awol in my new blog, so guess I better get on over there and do a post of my own!


  10. What a gorgeous photo!! I am so jealous!!! You got to do all that great shopping in PA AND you get that beautiful snow!!

    I have the same coffee pot and I love it too! I do drink coffee, and there is a standing bet on how long it will far it's gone on 1.5 years.....the ones with the glass pots were lucky to last a year!! So, since you don't drink coffee (LOL), yours will last forever....I tell you...I would be perfectly comfortable moving in with you!!

  11. I was going to say Lands' End too! They have their children items online. We got Abbie's 12-18 month snowsuit from there (gasp, they're the same size!) Matt may even put your package in the truck since that's what he does at LE.

  12. I love the snow picture, it's been raining all day dreary out but they say it's supposed to turn into snow in a couple days.

    I'd love to be there when you take the handle I love my windtunnel bagless sweeper, what I do is empty it into a plastic grocery shopping bag and tie it that way nothing escapes:)
    Have a great evening and glad you got out for a while

  13. Oooh, your place is a wonderful winter wonderland!!
    Man, I HATE my bagless vacuum too! What a mess the make! Which is why I don't vacuum anymore. :> )

  14. Karen, you always make me laugh!!
    i also got rid of my bagless vac-yuck!! I now have a eureka boss smart vac, I researced it with consumer report before buying. It says it even outcleans the dyson. I love it, it has great suction, and it durable! Just a little fyi.

  15. Sorry about the misspelling-I can't seem to type today!

  16. Hi Karen,
    Wow...did you get the snow! It looks very pretty. I've heard we might get more snow on Sunday or Monday.
    I love to shop at Kohl's also. Took advantage of the big sale last weekend and am going again to this weekend's big sale.

  17. Do you have a shop down there? I am in NW WI...advertise in the coungty register?

  18. Carol,
    I have been so busy lately and have not had time to visit everyone so I'm doing that now. The snow looks beautiful and it sounds like your a busy woman too! have a blessed day!

  19. I love Kohls - they are so good about customer service and always making sure you leave happy!
    Your snow looks so pretty, but I'm ready for summer :) I dont know how you ever get acclimated to WI winters... or do you ??

    STay wArM!

  20. Karen, you are sooo cute! I love that you are all excited about a coffee pot but don't drink coffee. LOL So sweet.

    Sounds like you're having a fun time shopping. We did a bit of our shopping for the boys online too and I just love not having to drive an hour only to find everything gone!

    The snow is just beautiful!


  21. Oh gosh! That is a lot of shoveling! Sure is a beautiful pic though!


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