Monday, December 22, 2008


I just can't believe that Christmas is just less than a couple days away.
Oh how we plan and prepare and shop and wrap and then only to have it over with so fast. I wish I could bottle these feelings up and bring them out when I need a warm cozy feeling.
I honestly don't think there is a more magical holiday out there - I know we all need to think more about the true meaning of Christmas ... and we do ... we enjoy both aspects of this wondurous holiday.

Today we went for a ride to Janesville to finish up our shopping - we didn't need to but I felt the need to continue this feeling of preperation. Yes, I need to start wrapping but I have Tuesday and Wednesday to take my time with it - it's this way every year with my wrapping. I'm not putting it off, I just like to do it at the end and all at once.
We got the single item we drove all that way for and then had some lunch and then headed back home which is an hours drive! I had full intentions of visiting an Aunt and Uncle while there but that just didn't happen.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I made a wonderful pot of Vegetable Beef Soup yesterday and we had it for dinner last night but don't you think that soup or stews need to be eaten the next day for the best of flavor - I do! It tasted so good tonight after being gone all day and so beat.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A few weels ago I received a bag of wonderful Hickory Nuts from Lea of Farmhouse Blessings and I am now just getting around to taking a picture of them! Aren't they packaged so cute with a little birdhouse tied to it. I just can't wait to get crackin!


  1. Your soup looks delious..!! I love soup and vegetable is one of my favorites...! Soups do taste better the next day. Love the bag your gift of Nuts arrived in..

  2. We eat soup often in the winter. I roasted a chicken yesterday so chicken soup is on tomorrows menu - perfect with the cold weather we are having!!

    We called those pig nuts growing up! I love them!! Enjoy!

  3. mmm..that soup looks wonderful and yes, I always enjoy soups and stews better the next day. I too wait until very close to Christmas to wrap everything..I like to do it after my shopping is completely done and the tree is up and holiday music is playing in the background :)

    Love the picture in your's beautiful.

    Wishing you and yours a most joyous of holidays. May you have peace, joy and love.


  4. Goode Morning... Karen

    That soup & bread looks so delicious! Wish I was there to enjoy also...

    I like that idea of a bag filled w/ nuts... you will have a thyme cracking all of them. I love to put them around grubbie candies & display them...

    Hoping you a Wonderful, Blessed & Joyful Christmas, Pamela


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