Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This post will be short as I have tons of work to finish up today to get it in the mail and also laundry, packing and some quick cleaning....ALL IN ONE DAY.

Tomorrow morning we are leaving for a week for Pennsylvania to the Market Square Wholesale Buyers Show and Cash & Carry for over the weekend...then off to Lancaster for the rest of the week for more shopping and visiting relatives there....and more shopping....did I say that before??? lol Soooo, that being said I won't be posting here for over a week...but hopefully I will at least be able to check in and comment on other blogs.

I had many e-mails asking about the black desk in the post below....well, 3 years ago when I started in my business I needed some kind of desk and I wanted it in the main part of the house because we don't have EXTRA rooms here.

So we set off in search of one for over a year looking at so many different styles, colors and NOTHING suited us/me....I wanted/needed certain thing for the functionality of it.

A couple years prior we had our fireplace surround, book cabinets built by this young gentleman and we were so pleased I thought why not ask him if he could build one. From there I drew out the plans/dimensions of what I wanted and presented them to an estimate and WALLA....he did an excellent job.

As you can see it mostly doesn't look like a desk - it's 6 ft. long and acts as a buffet, cabinet and we have three pieces in one and I got all the interior functions that I was searching for.

I have three drawers on the left, bottom one is for files, then the center door pulls out and then slides into the side and is hidden and when we need to we pull a chair over to sit there, and on the right all the shelves pull out, one for the printer, one for the scanner (which I don't have anymore cuz it's an all in one) and one for supplies.... Didn't he do a great job?



  1. Your coming to PA...??!! And Lancaster County..??!! LOL

    Have a fun and safe trip..!

    I have had many pieces of furniture made over the years. The desk is beautiful!!

    Let me know if you try that Rice Pudding recipe. You won't be disappointed:))

  2. I love, your desk...very talented young man....aren't ones that are built to your standards so much better than one bought and you have to make do with some features you don't like. My hubby made mine for me to my standards..

  3. I think thats so cool! Dont you love it when a peice is good for more than 1 use????
    Have a safe and fun trip my friend!

  4. I can't wait to see what you bring back with you!...Safe traveling!!!...hugs,Jen

  5. That desk is sooo neat ! I love it ! I hope you have a great trip and find lot's of goodies !

  6. Karen Have a safe trip and finds lots and lots of goodies. We will look forward to seeing and hearing about your adventure. What part of Pa besides Lancaster will you be visiting?

  7. Just wonderful! have a wonderful, safe trip to Pa.

  8. Karen,
    Great desk. Have a wonderful trip & I hope you find lots of treasures.


  9. Karen, Your desk is awesome! Your design is just wonderful.... What a talented craftsman he is!

    Have a safe trip, weather out this way is nasty!


  10. Love your desk! Beautiful. Our computer sits in our dining room. Not fancy, but I want it out and about so I can monitor our 12 year olds visits on the net. Central is good for these years now. I also love the picture of George Washington that sits above your desk. Arnold Friberg does a nice job huh? ♥ Lewaina

  11. the desk is awesome. we have been looking for a primitive one for a while.have a productive and safe trip. i live in western pa. and the weather is awful today. hope to see lots of pics when you get back. patti(pjrusty)

  12. Now custom is the way to get something that nice. It's gorgeous!! I love that it looks nice and not modern when it is not in use. Perfect!!

  13. Karen,
    Lucky you!!Say hello to the Lapp at Lapp valley farms, they are friends of ours (Ford family), go there for some yummy ice cream. Have a great time shopping...I'm jealous! Be safe.

  14. Hoping you a Wonderful, Productive Trip... Find LoTs GooDe WaRes to SeLL...

    Glad to see you stopping in today.

    Have a Warm, Winter Evening, Pamela

  15. I love your desk, Karen. It is a beautiful piece of furniture and looks so functional, too.
    Your trip sounds like soooo much fun. Wish I was going with you! I hope you find lots of great goodies while you're there.
    Have a safe trip.

  16. Have fun in PA! Wish I was going too. Hope your travels are safe and enjoyable.

    What a beautiful piece of furniture that desk is. The builder certainly did a fabulous job and you must love being so organized.
    Hugs & blessings~ Birgit

  17. OHHHHHHHHH, I get how that cute buffet is a desk! How ingenious - that was a Wisconsinite, right?! Have a great time on your trip!

  18. love the desk! be careful and stay safe on your trip.:)

  19. Hi Karen,
    When we use to have our shop, we went the the Columbus Gift Market and Cash & Carry here in Ohio. I loved going to them and I know that you will have a wonderful time there. Aren't they so much fun!!
    Have a safe trip.

  20. Love your desk! He did a wonderful job, and you did an awesome designing job! And are going SHOPPING?!!! I am so jealous! Take care and have a great trip! Jan

  21. Your desk is awesome Karen. Love it!
    Please have a safe trip, and bring home lots of goodies!


  22. The desk is awesome. A trip to PA sounds like so much fun. Have a great time and take lots of pics of your finds. Stay safe.

  23. I hope u have fun in PA , that is where Im from about 2 hrs away from Lancaster , We are headed that way in February for a stay at the Hershey Lodge and then headed to Lancaster for some shopping also . I hope u make out great at the show my mom is headed there also I love to go also ,but I get a great big headache to much going on Well have fun and becareful. Jody

  24. I am so sad that I am not going! I have gone every other year since opening my shop and this would be the year I should go, but I am short on funds...

    Do you drive out there? I have only flown, then cannot take much home w/ me. I usually do the order writing.

    I'll be intrested to know how the drive was if you drove..

    Happy Shopping! PS the desk is beautiful!

  25. Wow - he is very talented and you were lucky to find him!
    Have a safe trip!

  26. Ooooh, what a beautiful desk! Heck, the whole room is fantastic!!
    Have a wonderful and safe trip. Godspeed. :> )

  27. Oh are so close and so far away....(sad face)! I am going to Market tomorrow (Saturday) and I will look at name tags if I see someone that looks like you...(can't you just see the stares I am going to get checking out the boobs where you put your name tag !!LOL!!) Anyway...glad you found some great stuff - I am hoping to place some fun orders tomorrow - not hearing the best reviews so far. Will wait to judge for myself. Have fun shopping and I hope to RUN into you. Hugs, Judy

  28. Karen ~ Hope you have a wonderful trip to PA all that show and shopping....Woo Hoo !!! Your desk is great...a one of a kind just for you...perfect. Safe Travel Home ~
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  29. I enjoyed your blog...yes, your desk is great. I have enjoyed seeing the places people blog! Have a great trip. Natalie

  30. Beautiful home, blog and your items you make are beautiful as well.

    I'm not to far from you! Burlington is where i delivered my twin girls 23 years ago.

  31. Beautiful Desk, Karen. I was happy to find your website with so many nice primitive items. I am in Florida for the winter in our "contemporary" condo, but when we get back to our old house in Cape Cod, I will be ordering!


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