Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Linda and Janae posted where they enjoy blogging from and their rooms are seperate from the other rooms in their home - mine unfortunately has to be in the main room of our home.

My work/craft room is upstairs and I really don't like being cooped up there away from the main part of the house so I always have my laptop sitting on our desk and when I want to relax while using it I just carry it over to the loveseat across from the desk and also that's where I do my actual stitching of my Penny Rugs as well.


  1. Hi Karen-Your home is gorgeous! I would LOVE to sit in that beautiful room and blog too! :)

    Thanks for sharing, its fun to see where everyone does their blogging!

    Have a great day!


  2. Karen, your home is so pretty! I will post, too, when I get caught. My cp is in the family room. I like to be where Simon is and the woodstove, LOL. Have a wonderful day.


  3. Hi Karen!....you have absolutely GORGEOUS furniture!....your home looks so lovely! Janet :)

  4. Wow, do I love the room or what?:)
    Just beautiful!

  5. I am in love...with your room!
    What a wonderful place to create and compose a blog post!
    I am so jealous!

  6. I just love that room Karen ! Your house is so pretty ~ you have so many wonderful pieces of furniture!Hope you are having a good day !
    Janae :-)

  7. Love it ! Love it! Love it!
    I'd sit there too girl!
    Love all your crocks! They are awesome!
    Great post!

  8. Karen, I LOVE your home! I've said that before I think, lol. Can I come sit by you to blog and craft?
    Hugs, Bren

  9. Karen, your house is so lovely. I appreciate everytime you share pictures! I love all your furniture, and yes, those crocks!!

  10. Such a warm and cozy looking room. I would love working there too surrounded by all your beautiful treasures.

  11. I would blog there too if I had that lovely room!! Oh it just makes me want to see more of your gorgeous home. You do colonial so well!

    When I got my new computer in December, DH tried to talk be into a laptop but I just can not get used to that keyboard. I use his all the time when we travel but my big hands don't seem to work well with it. I love the idea that you taje it across the room and sit on the love seat though... sounds more cozy!!

  12. So that is where you are when you answer my emails!!...LOL...I love that room!!!...You must show us more of your home!!..hugs,jen

  13. What a wonderful room!
    I would LOVE to sit and work on my crafts and blog in that room! LOL

    Thanks for sharing Karen!

    Wendy ~ Simply Cute Crafts

  14. Karen, that desk is so gorgeous!!! Gosh I love your home!!


  15. Karen, Your blog is wonderful! And your home is amazing! I am like you..Have laptop will travel, sometimes I am in the kitchen, sometimes I am on the couch, sometimes I am cozied up in bed listening to the wind blow! Thanks for sharing your blogging space with us! Take care. ~Sarah~

  16. Good Winter Evening...

    What a Wonderful Place to meet with your friends online. Oh, my I could really take it all in with that surrounding.

    I want to thank you dearly for taking the thyme to stop in to visit with me.

    Hoping you a Blessful January Evening... Pamela

  17. I just peeked at your website! Wow...Wonderful! I must go back and browse! :)

  18. And what a gorgeous room you have from which to blog!


  19. Hi Karen,
    I love your room that you do your blogging in!! Your decorating is awesome!
    I blog from my laptop also...most of the time in the living room.

  20. Your home is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Karen, You have such a beautiful home! What gorgeous wood floors!


  22. I just love your home. I have to sew in my bedroom so I also do a lot of blogging in there. I have one room that I have thought about making a room just for me, but haven't done it yet. Your room is gorgeous. I wish I had that gift of decorating. You certainly do. Thanks for sharing.

  23. What a wonderful, warm place to create in! I love it! It looks peaceful!


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