Tuesday, May 19, 2009



I started a PictureTrail this weekend with all my favorite things I love to look at: http://www.picturetrail.com/kmprimitives
Now if you go to it you'll not see a link back to the albums...not sure how to fix that. Anyone know????

But if you go there, there are 6 different albums. So here's just a small peek at what doesn't show in some of the pictures I post and what doesn't show in the magazine article.

I have also been very busy with orders - they still are coming in and I'm grateful for that....and I'm still not tired of all that sewing. On days when I'm not sewing my mind keeps saying 'get back to it'....now that's just not right - my mind doesn't even take a break.

Oh the mess outside! The city is tearing up the street from our corner and up the hill - there are huge pieces of machinery everywhere.
So now that the temps are in the 70's and my dining room - right there in the front - is all new and clean I can't even open the windows for nice fresh clean air and this will be going on for a at least a good week!!! Next comes the wonderful smell of tar!!!!! Uhg!
But here's the strange thing....I LOVE IT! I really love seeing all sorts of activity and progress. I love hearing the lawn mowers, hammers on roofs, sometimes, not always....dogs barking if it's in the distance....I just love knowing life goes on....the quite is peaceful, but it's also a lonely sound.

I had a giggle when I saw this guy cleaning his windows and I asked myself 'Why????" LOl Can you see him???

Hope you are enjoying yourself this early Spring day and that the weather is great where you are and you can have alllllll your windows open!!!
Thanks for being with me today.


  1. Hi Karen!....I'm off to view your Picture Trail....sorry I cannot help with the album question you had, I usually struggle with putting stuff up there myself....have a great day! Janet

  2. There is something 'renewing' about opening your windows! You are so right.... and activity is great. Better yet, think of that new road you get to drive down each time to come and go from your lovely abode! What a blessing!!!

    Enjoy the day!!

  3. Hi Karen!
    I just love your blog!
    Thanks for visiting mine too!
    You have awesome taste and decorating skills!
    Plus I can tell your just a nice person!!
    Signed your guestbook on your Picturetrail site....everything looks really pretty!

    Have a super day!

  4. I will enjoy the picture trail! Fun! I think i am opp. of you...I love the quiet! LOL....I love to be able to hear the birds and the creek and the cows.... lol....maybe it's just a different kind of noise...;-) But what a nice road you are going to have in a week huh.♥

  5. I always enjoy visiting your blog and seeing your pictures. Your home is always decorated just perfectly. That is too funny about that guy cleaning his windows...especially when they are going to get dirty again (lol). Well, I am off to look at your pictures!!


  6. I really enjoyed your picture trail, you have such beautiful things. Your home is just gorgeous!

  7. HI Karen, love your blog as always, and all your pics. I'll hop over to your picture trail and check it out, too.
    He's cleaning his window so he can see his job better, but also so he can enjoy the warm sunshine, lol.
    Enjoy your day!
    Hugs, Bren

  8. Hi Karen,

    I enjoyed viewing your pictures. You have a beautiful home. Are those real pots of geraniums in your house or artifical ones?

  9. Karen, the picture trail is fabulous! Your home is beautiful. We can tell how much you enjoy your wonderful home just by reading your blog. I, too, think you are a very nice person....so warm , friendly and up lifting.

    All windows here are up and I'm enjoying the spring breeze here today.

    Have a wonderful day.

  10. Loved the picture trail - and your favorite things.

    I am the same way - I love the world around me being busy - most of the time!!

    I hope the tar doesn't get too bad.

    hugs, Linda

  11. I love the way activity outside sounds too...but sometimes I just love to hear the birds chirping. It's great that we can have both, at different times!
    I am off to look at your Picture Trail, I can tell even before I look that you and I like the same things.
    Have a great day!

  12. The pics are so nice. I love your front yard...so neat. I have you beat on the tar smell...we are on the edge of town and they are spreading manure at the dairy farm that borders us...yuck!


  13. I especially love your gameboard, Karen! And I knew exactly what you meant....I think there are times when the quiet is called for and other times when that noise just feels comforting!

    Have a great evening!

  14. Karen, Great pics on your Picture Trail! I always enjoy my visit to your blog. I know how it is with the road construction not being able to open your windows. They tore up the whole street on our block last summer. It was a mess for about 8 weeks! So now we have a brand new street and it looks great!


  15. Hi Karen,
    After I done here...I'm off to view your picture-trail. Always love seeing pictures of your home and your favorite things.
    I also love the renewing sounds that Spring brings.
    hugs, Cindy

  16. I loved seeing some of your favorite things. I love to open my windows too! I love the way that you didn't complain about all the road noise. You acted like it was a blessing. I want to be that way even in things that I don't like.

  17. I am going to look at your pics....but I love your new floor...I can not wait to get out the yucky carpet in my house and get mine in! Beth

  18. Karen,
    I loved your picture trail ~ just beautiful. Loved all of your favorite things.

  19. Hi Karen, I love your favorite things! They would be my choice too! I love to have the windows open also, two days ago I washed all my windows, the pop in and it makes it so much easier! I then washed the curtains in the bedrooms and bathrooms and the scent from the freshly washed curtains blowing in the breeze was so relaxing! I like to see life around me too, but I tend to prefer the quiet, just the sounds of nature. I miss the evening peeps up in Vermont, if you listened closely it was as if they were singing!
    Have a great day, your home is lovely! Your street looks lovely as well, tractors or no.

  20. I love your new header. I will enjoying looking at your favorite things.


  21. Hi Karen,
    I enjoyed all the pictures of your favorite things. They're all so nice!
    I've been awol for a bit, so I did some catching up on visiting blog friends. Your new dining room looks fantastic!
    As always, I enjoyed every picture, including the guy cleaning his window. LOL!
    Have a safe and joyful Memorial Day weekend.
    Hugs~ Birgit

  22. Karen,
    Thank you for visiting my site. Yes all the post that you see are my creations. In a few weeks I will post more dolls and other prim goodies for sale. See you soon and Happy weekend.

  23. Hello Karen~Thank you for sharing all your beautiful pictures with us! I just love your blog! We have had beautiful weather too, it's wonderful to have the windows open. I love all the sounds of life too...our neighbors just had a new roof put on this week and I've enjoyed listening to the hammering..just as long as it was after I woke up!(: I've also been busy sewing.. curtains for a dear friend..love new fabric! Have a great holiday weekend!~Kathy

  24. Hello Karen; I too love to have my windows open also, to listen to the beautiful birds singing, and the sounds of every day life... Some how it is a comfort to me, my neighbors are very sweet and we talk over the fence love it...

    Have a great weekend.


  25. I love your pictures ! I love comming here to your blog . Kinda like a candy store LOL ! Eye candy . You are so lucky !
    Stop by my blog to check out my peacock pic !

  26. But just think how nice everythin' will be when they are done with all that construction. A new road smooth as a baby's bottom. :> )

  27. Hi Karen...

    This is my first time here...and I'm quite enjoying my visit. I'm off to find out what penny rugs are.

    Thanks for stopping by 'Mennonite Girls Can Cook' yesterday...and for leaving a comment.


  28. Hi Karen...your home is so beautiful I love
    it all...as far as a link you could put links
    in your picture areas I have seen other with them in there...like right under the picture...
    Thanks for sharing your home with us..and thanks
    for stopping by my place...
    Prim Blessings...

  29. OHH..I shall pop over and view your picture trail..I am sure it is just beautiful!



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