Thursday, July 30, 2009


I guess this has been my year and I don't know why....but, on Tuesday I will be honored with yet another feature in a magazine.

It's call 'SHE' and it's out of Kenosh, WI and it's a magazine for and about Women.
Here's the link:

We are going to be in the September issue
Here's the August cover

I'm not sure just what this is going to be all about but they do want to come for the photo shoot of our home on Tuesday so here I go again....oh and she said it will be a FALL shoot this time - seems the issues are opposite of the seasons for me! So it's out with the Geraniums and in with the darker Fall items.

I was also asked to wear something more Fallish rather than summer clothes as I will be in several of the photos and she thougth I MIGHT (a HUGE MIGHT) BE ON THE COVER - maybe....OMGosh, I never got to finish my Weight Watchers - too many parties got in the way and now I'm going to look like one of the Pumpkins! lol

No, it's just that I didn't expect to be in the photos and wish I had dropped about 10 pounds that the camera will certainly put on me.

Last Saturday we went to a cousin's reunion at my husbands cousins (Leanne and Fred's) - it's a yearly thing the last Sat. in July and we each take a turn hosting it. This is the only time WE ALL are together so it's a nice time.
Leanne just re-married two years ago (husband passed away 28 years ago) and she moved into Freds place and totally RE-DID the back yard and it's such a beautiful pleaceful place.

She put in a raised garden and fenced it all in - I just love it.


Well that's my story today - hope you enjoyed it just a weeeeee-bit.
I'll take pictures of any tweaking I do over the weekend for the photo shoot - not sure just what I'm going to be doing though...not a lot of time to tweak because we're having all the kids in Sunday for two of our son's birthdays - youngest will be 40, oldest will be 45 YIKES!!!
Anyway - not much time here for tweaking so they might just get what they get.
Have a great one! Oh, and on Wednesday I will draw a winner for my 200th follower and let you know what the gift will be!


  1. Well CONGRATS! You deseve it! So nice to be recognized for all your hard work, isn't it?

    And what an amazing garden! She did a great job! I need her to come to my house! LOL!

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Congratulations Karen!!....I'm sure you'll look mah-velous in the pictures! Janet

  3. Karen,
    Congratulations on a very well deserved honor. I love your work and your home is gorgeous. You don't look like you need to lose an ounce, you always look good in your pics.
    Love her raised garden. We have a raised veggie garden but this has been a rough summer to grow much.
    I would love to find that magazine. I've never heard of it.

  4. congrats and you will look great!

    I have faith in you girl!

  5. Good morning Karen. Congratulations on the magazine!!! WONDERFUL!!! And stop look great!!! Can't wait to see the article!!

    This backyard is stunning...LOVE the raised beds and the fence finishes it perfectly!


  6. Woohoo! How exciting! And Fall - I am so happy for you!! I was supposed to be in the fall issue of MG but it got changed at the last minute to spring too! So I am thrilled for you to get another season under your belt. I wish I was closer, I'd help you decorate.
    Have fun and I am looking forward to seeing the chnages!!

    hugs, Linda

    PS you are going to look wonderful - your smile and the sparkle in your eyes are so genuine!

  7. Congrats Karen on ANOTHER magazine under your belt. And the cover too!!! You deserve it. Your home is beautiful!


  8. Karen,

    Congrats to you, how exciting for you! Don't worry you don't look like a pumpkin to me, but it did make me chuckle. LOL!


  9. Congratulations, Karen, on being featured in another magazine!! How exciting! And you'll look fantastic on the cover!!

    Good luck and take care,

  10. Congrats Karen! Very exciting, and I am sure you will look just fine! Hope I can find an issue somewhere. I love the garden. Thanks for showing us.

  11. Congratulations! That is great news. Your home is amazing, so I can see why it would be featured in another magazine. I'm sure you and it will look beautiful in the photos.

  12. What awesome news Karen! Congrats!

  13. Fall - I think this is everyone's favorite time of year. Way to go!It is an honor to have your home in a magazine and yours is just perfect for that. You will look great in the pictures and I hope you make the cover

    Love the gardens. She did great work.


  14. Congratulations to go girl...Don't worry about your weight....your beautiful and your home is gorgeous...just enjoy every minute of it...congrats again....Trena

  15. You look fantastic!!!! I hope you do get on the front are beautiful!!!!

    Can't wait to see you in print again!!! Gee those people have good taste!!!


  16. Congratulations Karen!!! I agree with the other gals - you look wonderful and look gorgeous on the cover!!! ;) Can't wait to see it.


  17. Oh look how cute you are!
    You are going to shine for the camera:) So excited for you, CONGRATS!

  18. Congratulations on another well deserved honor. So happy for you. Remind us when it comes out and we can check out the link. Everything and you will look great!

    What a great garden. I makes it look fun to go out and work in. She did a wonderful job.

    Have a good week.


  19. Congratulations, that is great news! You will look great, you do already! You are very photogenic and no way do you look like you need to lose weight!

  20. Karen,
    Congrats on being featured in another magazine!! How exciting!!
    I love your work and your home...and am so happy for you!!

    Love the pictures of the garden. It is wonderful!!...she did a great job on it. Thanks for showing it to all of us.


  21. Congratulations Karen.. You will look great as alway.
    I don't think we get that Mag. I hope you show lots of pictures.

  22. Congratulations Karen! I'm not surprised...your home is just gorgeous! You look awfully nice in that group picture you no worries....That garden is simply beautiful and the fence around it..perfect! Have fun putting your "fall" out...I'm just about ready to do that myself! (:

  23. How exciting!!! Can't wait to hear all about the photo shoot. Love those gardens too. Talk to you soon, Dawn

  24. Congratulations! How exciting! And you will look perfect! I never thought I would know a "Star"....And I do!!! Jan

  25. Congrats Karen! Another honor well deserved!

  26. Hi Karen...Congrats. to you. Your beautiful home is worthy of it!

    I think you and hubby make a beautiful, charming couple! Don't worry about the pictures. They will be great, especially with your pretty smile!

    Great news!


  27. Like you could EVER look like a pumpkin!
    You'll be a rose as always!
    Hvae fun with it!

  28. Congrats to you Karen.
    I would like to find the magazine to read your article.
    I sure did like the way she re-did the garden.

    We also have 3 grown sons, 4 grandkids,3stepgrandkids and a new one due in Oct. Our sons are 44 to 40.
    God bless

  29. Hi Karen, Congratulations!!! You deserve it, your home is really amazing. I see the boxes that you send to Anitza and they are beautiful. Great Job.

  30. Congrats, and all that!! You are so deserving of being in the magazine. Hope you will share all the photos with those of us who can't get ahold of the mag.

  31. That is such wonderful news. I am not familiar with that magazine but I wish you well. Dianntha

  32. Karen, I am so happy for you! Can you imagine being on the cover of a magazine. I really am going to try to get a copy of it. Congratulations! ~Dan~

  33. Great pics of the gardens! Congrats on your magazine article!


  34. OH-CONGRATS Karen,
    it's a WELL deserved honor---I don't know how I missed this post!
    I agree with all who commented before me...YOU are a beautiful lady, (inside and out)...not to worry, girl!!!! Good Luck tomorrow!
    hugs, Kath

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