Wednesday, December 16, 2009

House pictures and shopping

Good morning friends and fellow bloggers….I can’t believe I’m on here twice in one week but things are settling back into a normal pace for me finally.

I finished an order yesterday and today I will wrap up the last two of the Christmas orders….there are 3 more that will be done after Christmas and they knew that when they placed the order. I had to make a cut off date so those who got their orders in would get them in time for Christmas and I MADE IT!

Last night we took Jamie, our daughter in-law into Milwaukee shopping for Alex’s gifts. She makes out a specific list and it’s all from places I never go into so the list and Jamie was a huge help….a 16 year old girl is not something I’m used to….boys were easy for me.

Here’s what $225 bought!   Sad isn’t it? But we got some of the items on the list…Jamie and Dan will get the rest. I need to find a few add in gifts for her and she’ll be finished.
Alex gifts

After shopping we headed straight for THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY and after dropping $98 for the dinner (horrible huh? I think it was the drinks and 3 cheesecakes that took it over the top) We ran to the car because it was absolutely freezing out! It had dropped to 2 degrees from the time we went in shopping till then….a horribly cold night.

We then headed an hour west to pick up our grandson (Dan and Jamie’s son) from work. He had ridden in with his dad, but Dan had to work overtime and Jesse didn’t want to wait around for 4 more hours for him to get done – so he called to see if we all could pick him up. All in all it worked out very nicely. We drove around looking at Christmas lights until Jesse got off work.  So that was my evening!

I took a few more pictures yesterday and will share them with you now and then that is it for me for Christmas pictures. Our Sunday’s family get together pictures were a total blur – I’m ready to toss my camera! But I had heard if your batteries are really low it will cause this and mine were VERY LOW and finally it died on me…so maybe there’s some truth to it. If I have repeats I’m sorry.

This is on the pie safe in front of the stairwayBy Stairway

Last Feb. when I was at the Order Writing show this one vendor was selling her show samples so I purchased a couple of them.Candy cane picture

Snowhead picture

This is my sad little Charlie Brown tree but I love it.  I purchased the wood bucket for it awhile back at the Crafters Mall at the Dells
Charlie Brown Tree

 This is in the corner of our my kitchen counter where my little TV usually goes.Corner Box

This is on top of my other pie safePiesafe decor

Close-up of large Santa head that’s on our fireplaceSanta head

Not very interesting or creative but the decorations in the bathroom…I normally don’t do much in there because the colors are so light and I’m not a light color person so decorating with it is difficult for me.Bathroom 1

And finally looking out into the screen room from the family roomLooking into screenroom

Bye for now!


  1. I just love all your holiday decorating!



  2. Hi Karen........everything in your home looks so nice and festive.
    I have been trying to take some pictures to post but I just don't seem to be having any luck with lighting. Did you know that you can get Cheesecake Factory cakes at Sam's Club! I haven't bought one yet but thinking about it.

  3. Gorgeous prim pictures, Karen.

    Looks like you bought some very nice things for your grandaughter. My daughter would have loved those things when she was 16. Yes, it is very different buying for girls or boys...that is for sure. I totally understand.

    The Cheesecake Factory is expensive but ya gotta have the cheesecake and I say - it's all worth it!!!!

  4. Karen,
    We went shopping last night and you said it ..a dollar does not go far these days...thank goodness its only once a year!! Everything is wonderful, love your greens, and your santa head.

  5. Just love your decorating Karen and glad you are now able to enjoy the season with your family!

  6. Karen, your home looks beautiful! I love how you have it all decorated.

  7. I just love all that you have done. Everything is so simple but festive. I think the next time at Cheesecake Factory you should just get the drinks and cheesecake. Those are the best things anyway!!!! It's awful how expensive everything is getting--even with sales. I look at what we bought our kids and once it is wrapped, it sure doesn't look like much!! Oh, well. They understand. Take care and have a truly blessed Christmas.

  8. I have a 16 year old daughter and all she wanted was the UGG boots. Of course the style she wants is new and they are $180. That and a gas card and she's done!
    I love your decorations! Very warm and inviting!

  9. Karen,
    I love your holiday decorating. Your home is so gorgeous. I remember the days of shopping for teenage girls ~ they'll put you in the poorhouse, lol. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Karen~ Everything looks wonderful!! Your home always looks so warm and inviting any time of the year! I have a teenage daughter and a teenage son. They don't want clothes for Christmas, they want electronics! Yikes! Just as expensive! :) Happy Holidays to you and your family! ~Sarah~

  11. Karen your home is wonderful. I love the use of your fresh greens.

    You are so right about what you get for many dollars.

    Pat in Texas

  12. Really, you probably did pretty good for your money on the grand daughter. I feel your pain! My oldest will be 15 on the 1st and nothing she wants is ever cheap... I shop sales year round to keep up with it lol!

    Thanks so much for sharing your home! It looks wonnnnnnnderful!!!!!

  13. Everything looks great Karen! Congrats on getting some shopping done!

    Merry Christmas!

  14. Love it all!! The stacking boxes, the trees, and always love the screen porch!

    I am with you on the cold thing...errrrbrrrr!! Why do we stay up here??? lol.

  15. Everything looks wonderful Karen. :)

    $225.00 does not go far these days does it!!!

    OOO..the cheesecake factory!!! YUM!

    sending you a hug at this wonderful time of year.


  16. Karen,
    You have been a busy gal! It will be a good idea to sit back and enjoy the holidays now.Your house looks great today and in your last post. Glad you got everything back together after your show. Thanks again for the speed getting me that magazine!

  17. Hi Karen,
    Everything looks fantastic! Glad you are able to get a little break from working for awhile. Isn't it awful what teenager's clothes cost! Luckily, mine are all older or younger than that stage. I'll get my turn again, though!
    Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your time with your family.

  18. Karen, What a wonderful set of windows you have...they are so cheerful. Your house looks so festive...enjoy the holiday. Merry Christmas to you. Dianntha

  19. Hi Karen, Love your holiday decor! Simply beautiful and your home is gorgeous.

  20. Hi Karen, just love everything you've done. It is so festive looking out into the screened room and seeing the stockings. I'm sure ready to slow down and enjoy the holidays - still have some shopping to finish up though. Have a great weekend, Dawn

  21. Very nice decorations! I love them all!


  23. Love all your decorating!! Everything looks so prim wonderful!!
    We took our youngest daughter to the Cheesecake Factory a few weeks ago for her birthday. Yummy!!
    Have a Merry Christmas.

  24. Your decorating is always wonderful to look at - thanks for sharing them with us so we can be inspired. Enjoy the time with your family - boy it's coming fast isn't it :).

    Holiday Hugs - Karen

  25. Hi Karen...what a wonderful post, love all the decorations. Everything looks so festive. Enjoy the season with your family. Happy Holidays..Marsha

  26. I loved everything Karen! Just enough touches for the Holidays :)

    I completely know what you mean by cold weather. It got down to -31 last night not counting the wind chill. I am staying in where it's warm :)

  27. Everything looks great to me! I think you did awesome in the bathroom. It has a very simple appeal to it.

  28. Thanks so much for sharing your home! It looks wonderful

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