Sunday, February 7, 2010


On Friday when I heard the mailman drop the lid on the mailbox I headed to the door and before I got the storm door open I saw this white Priority box sitting almost in front of the door and I just knew who it was from and I could hardly wait to get inside and open it up….yep, I got my adorable bunny from BRENDA at

THANK YOU SO MUCH BRENDA FOR DRAWING MY NAME. He’s just adorable and will find a special place in my home.


Well let me tell you he’s cuter in person! The detail is incredible….all the work that Brenda puts in her creations is awesome.
His outfit is all wool even!!!!

closeup of bunny


So what do you think….did I get a great treasure or what?

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Well my husband left yesterday morning (Saturday) for York, PA – there were three other drivers following him so they had good support heading into the horrible snow storm awaiting them in PA and sure enough as soon as they got about 1/2 hour from Cranberry, PA they were detoured south because of an accident that had PA Turnpike 76 tied up for hours. So south they went and finally got back on and got to their hotel in Cranberry finally.

It was pushing 8:30 and they needed (wanted) food badly so headed to Bob Evan’s….CLOSED
So they went next door to a steak place….CLOSED…
Everything was closed up….customers were still in there eating but obviously they all closed early to let their workers head home before it got too late.
So they had a pizza delivered to their rooms….now this confused me a tad….THE PLACES WERE CLOSED THAT HAD CUSTOMERS COMING TO THEM….BUT THEY KEPT EMPLOYEES WORKING THAT HAD TO GO OUT ON THE HORRIBLE ROADS TO MAKE DELIVERIES….a tad backwards I think…but at least they got food.

So Doug will go to York and the other 3 head on into Philly….but they are all heading back when the next storm is due to hit!  Hope they don’t run into any trouble this time.

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Does anyone know if the Valley Forge Shows were cancelled and or rescheduled???

I do know I was sad to have missed this one but there are for sure many out there saying the same thing. Oh the poor vendors…such expense to get there and set up and probably not many if any attending to buy.

I’m definitely going to Columbus March 19, 20 for the Offingers and Heritage shows…anyone else going?  It would be great to meet you all.

I hope all you out there in blog land are staying warm and safe and have a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday!

Hugs, Karen


  1. Oh my gosh Karen!!!! You sure did get a treasure! Lucky lucky you!!! I love that bunny!

    Pa is a real mess! Hope your hubby has a safe trip home!!!

  2. Hi Karen! I don't know if they rescheduled the valley forge show...didn't hear anything. I wish I was going to the Ohio show. :( I think I am going to the Gettysburg show though in April....are you heading to that one?!

  3. I was so excited when I saw you won! LOL! Youd have thought I did ;)
    He is just wonderful and could not have foudn a better home!

  4. Oh goodness Mr. Bunny is SO ADORABLE! I loved the pictures of him! Oh ma'gosh Karen I will keep your Hubby in my prayers for a safe trip home! xoxo I also chuckled a little because I love your spirit about the shows.. I am the same way! This would be me - "Ehh, it's only 8 feet of snow, I think if I strap some chains on the tires and a snow plow on the front bumper I should be fine right... I mean after all, the Ingalls from Little House On the Prairie didn't let a little snow stop them when they had to rush Laura to Doc Baker's house." (LOL)
    I hope you're having a wonderful day Karen!

  5. That bunny is just precious! I love Brenda's work! Lucky you!

  6. Good afternoon Karen. Oh my gosh, it feels so good to have some "alone time" to get some things done. I'm almost done here and then I'm heading to our old house to do some sorting and packing. I sure hope we get this all done soon!!!
    I was so excited to hear you are going to Ohio! I'm going to try to get to that show too. How much fun it would be to finally get to meet in person!!!! WOO-HOO! We'll have to make some plans when it gets closer.
    Sure hope Doug gets home safe and sound. Can't believe the snow they are having in the east and south. I'm so glad it finally missed us!
    Enjoy your day and we'll talk soon, Dawn

  7. Oh Karen!!
    I LoVe your new bunny!!
    Yes, he is a treasure indeed!!
    I will send my possitive thoughts and prayers out to your Hubby, that he will make it home smoothly and safely.
    Have a great Sunday Sweetheart!!

  8. Congratulations Karen!! Your Bunny sure is a Treasure!!


  9. Karen~ Congratulations on winning your bunny! He is really cute. I hope you husband arrives back home safely. This winter weather is getting old. I am ready for spring! ~Dan~

  10. Hi THAT is a good looking bunny!
    I loved the fact that he is dressed in wool too.

    I got so excited to see that you are coming down to Columbus for the shows. The Heritage Market at the Shrine is maybe 25 minutes from me!
    I see that Dawn is planning on going too. I would love to meet up with whoever comes. I no longer have a vendor's license so I would have to meet at a place in the area. There are lots of restaurants at Easton Mall. I'll be checking back with you.

  11. Hi Linda...that would be wonderful...I don't know how to get ahold of you though...there isn't an e-mail anywhere on your blog or your profile.
    So e-mail me at please.

  12. Karen, you sure did good - he is so cute. And thanks for introducting me to Busy Thimble.

  13. Hi Karen.
    I LOVE your Bunny!!! I am so envious.... Lucky you!!!

  14. What a great bunny you got Karen! yep you got a treasure indeed!

    I hope your hubs has a safe journey and I don't know anything about any of the shows so I don't have any information!


  15. Karen,
    I love your bunny ~ what a fantastic win. I'm so glad Doug and the others are safe. Enjoy your day.

  16. Karen how exciting that bunny is adorable.Just in case you can't find any where in your house to put him I think I might have a few places at mine lol.Congrads Karen he will fit right in at your place I'm sure.

  17. WOW Karen thank you so much and thank you to all of your readers who responded. I am so glad he made you happy.
    Hoping your husband returns home safe.
    Blessings and hugs

  18. Karen.. congrats on winning that sweet little bunny.. he is definately a treasure! Sure wish I lived closer to attend the shows you mentioned.
    Deb ;)

  19. Hi Karen,
    We went to the Valley Forge Show and lots of people came even with all the snow! Alot of people came Friday and bought and they shuttled the people from the hotels in the next day. My friend sold out by Sat. afternoon. The show was huge. Hard to get thru it all and never enough money to buy everything I want!! Prices seemed a bit high this year though. Anyway, the bunny is adorable! Congrats!

  20. What a prim treasure you won - congrats!

    Praying Doug makes it home safe and sound!!

  21. Karen, You are so lucky to have won such a adorable bunny!
    The weather in the east sure has been crazy lately! Hope your
    hubby makes it home safe and sound.


  22. He is the most primmest bunny I've seen, I'm checking out her blog after I'm done here, I love his wool suit!

    I hope your DH arrives safe and sound Karen! The weather here is terrible we are one of the lucky ones to have power some haven't had any since Friday!

  23. Oh Karen, that bunny is simply wonderful! It looks like he's made with lots of love and much destail. I'm sure you'll cherish him for a long time to come. Congratulations on winning.
    Hugs~ Birgit

  24. Hi Karen, "The show still went on.." LOL, horrid driving, and late or no show vendors. Easy to buy, Sunday was busier.
    I have to laugh...being from NH...IT'S SNOW!
    I feel bad for your husband traveling, but I couldn't believe they closed down EVERYTHING! All those freeways, highways, people, were told to stay off the roads AND THEY DID! I find that facinating. Everyone was hungry tho with no place to eat. Wished you could have made it tho, would have loved to meet you.
    Dale, Elizabeth

  25. Karen Congratulations, your bunny is beautiful. Hope your husband arrives safe to your home.

  26. Hi Karen,
    Love the bunny you won!! Congrats!!
    I live in Ohio and used to go to the Columbus Market years ago when I had my shop in Waynesville...I actually live less than an hour away from there. Wanting to go to CWI wholesale place in Columbus this coming week, but they are calling for 7 inches of snow and we have 10 to 12 now!!
    I have pitures of my new grandson posted on my blog now.

  27. Now that is one beauty prim bunny. I love him...lucky you :)

    This weather we are getting is just crazy. I don't think it knows what it's suppose to do. I sure think that Spring could come :)))

  28. Good morning Karen. Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello :) I've missed you to be sure. I also apologize to you for not being able to stop by here as often as I would like..time just seems to always be one step ahead of me these days :)

    Lovely little bunny!!! Congratulations!

    I agree....that is craziness..that the eat in restaurants were closed..but the delivery ones were out and about :)

    Wishing you a wonderful day,
    Hugs, Doreen

  29. Karen, what a treasure you won! Mr. Bunny is just awesome and so beautifully made!

    How silly to closes those restaurants and yet there was drivers out delivering pizza. Great that they got to eat, but like you said...just a tad backwards!

    This weather is starting to get on my nerves! ;-)
    I do hope there will be no trouble for Doug on his return trip.
    Have a great day!
    Prim Blessings,

  30. Wahoo! Karen. Way to go! Congrats on Mr. Bunny!!! It is fun to win huh. (ya, I'm so having bunny envy right now )LOL
    I love his wool clothes! He's loaded with personality for sure.
    OOOOOOO So sorry the Mr. had to go out in that storm and may be coming back in another. Yikes! Hopefully he can make it back before it hits. Safe and sound. ♥
    I really thought we would remain "snow free" this week end, silly me, but we got a titch. Not like your big storms there though.
    Enjoy your Monday.

  31. Karen, your new bunny is adorable! Congrats on the win! What a sweet Springtime treasure!

    Have a great week!

  32. Look at that sweet face on that bunny!

  33. You received a great treasure! That bunny is adorable! I'm loving the fact his outfit is all wool!

    Glad Doug and the other drivers made it safely and were able to get some food. That would be hard, I'm sure I would always be worried about my husband being out in that mess!


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