Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I said I would post my Salt Glaze today didn’t I??? Well here it is.
I have so much of it and most of it got packed away last Easter when we redid our dining room. It was lining the shelves above the windows and started to get very busy looking for my taste so I kept out my favorite pieces and packed the rest away.

The pictures probably don’t do it all justice because these are large pieces…most are at least 12 – 16 inches tall and about 6 - 9 inches around.

We started collecting Salt Glaze 31 years ago when we finally started traveling east on vacations. Our first encounter was with BEAUMONT POTTERY in York, Maine, and what a deal….we were just driving along and here was this huge red barn with the double doors flung open and what did we see but shelves of this beautiful pottery….WE WERE HOOKED.

I had never really seen or gotten into Salt Glaze Potter till this moment….and the hunt began!  Fortunately for us we purchased some of the ORIGINAL BEAUMONT POTTERY when the couple was still married and making it on their farm. Today I feel so lucky to have several of their original pieces…since the couple split up, the styles have changed so much. Oh I’m so happy with my pieces from them.

I will do this in two posts because I have 40 pictures and I don’t think will really stay with me that long! lol
So today it will be just the Salt Glaze. Sometime – my next post will be misc. crocks and jugs.

Crock1 Crock2 

Crock3 Crock4

Crock5  Crock6

Crock7  Crock8

Crock9  Crock10

Crock11  Crock12

Crock13  Crock14

BunnyCrock  HeartBowl

HeartBowl1  SnowmanCrock

SpoonCrock  SpoonCrock1


Eldreth Plates 

Most of my pieces are from Eldreth Pottery, Lancaster, PA…they are my favorite of all pieces although Beaumont being my first favorite only because I can’t get them anymore. Does that make sense? (the plates above are all from Eldreth….there are 9 plates that are just Christmas themed.

Years ago I joined a club from Wisconsin Pottery – it was a piece a month and I got about 7 pieces before I decided this was really costing me because normally I would buy a piece a year, not a month so I cancelled the subscription but I love the pieces I got in that time.

Well, enough rambling….please check out Beaumont’s links below…I even learned some new things.

You can find the Beaumont History here…VERY INTERESTING.
And…please, read Jerry’s little bio…very heartwarming….

Hugs, Karen