Saturday, February 13, 2010


My husband said I should buy Lottery tickets with the luck I have been having this week.

First I won that adorable bunny from Brenda over at The Rusty Thimble and now these darling letters from Dan at

I got to choose 4 letters and the colors I wanted so I got one for Joseph, Aidan and Emily and then one for myself…aren’t they cute!!!!


And then if that’s not enough….from Deb over at  I won her drawing! I will show you that later after I receive her goodies! She is also a member of my POPULAR SELLING BLOGS blog as well. THANKS DEB!

Oh it has been so cold here – yesterday morning it was 12 degrees and didn’t warm up much throughout the day so what a perfect time for a pot of Chili and hot bread.

I was busy with a wholesale order so Doug went about doing the shopping for the ingredients and put it all together….one of the things he does wonderfully.

When he was in management with UPS he often treated his drivers with a Chili supper when they came in from a snowy days run…and it was received with huge THANK YOU’S…so he probably make a better pot of Chili than I do plus he made a loaf of bread…not homemade but close to it for him….and it was delicious! So that was our dinner last night…no Friday Night Fish Fry here this week…..and oh, so much better

For two days straight we went into Janesville to meet my brother and his wife for lunch – something we haven’t done in ages…kind of felt like a vacation with lunches, shopping and visiting…but it sure does cost us when we go. Seems we always find things we NEED…lol
This time though we did get a great Memory Foam Mattress Topper at Kohl’s – we have been thinking of a different mattress but decided to try this instead and we love it. Only been on two nights but wow, no pressure point and with my bad back, hips and shoulder I haven’t felt a thing! I would recommend it to anyone.

But OMGosh….we had a high bed to start with and now there’s 4 more inches added to it…..I always had a bedside stool and now I really need it!
The memory foam goes in between the skirt and the topper in a zipper enclosure….and these aren’t my hands or my bed…web picture.

Have a wonderful Saturday and an even better Sunday – VALENTINE’S DAY!