Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It started around midnight Monday and continued on through yesterday (Tuesday) leaving behind mounds of that white stuff – a word I don’t even want to think, say or type again!
Doug spent the entire day shoveling and s--- blowing until a buried newspaper got jammed up in the blower…not a happy man at that point…so after an hour of trying to get the paper and plastic out of the blades and chute he finally had to take it in…got it back about 2 hours later and it runs better than before! He finally gave up at 4:30 and then was back out this morning after we got dumped on in the night. But oh is it pretty out there.
I didn’t take pictures because they would look like the rest of the ones I’ve taken over the past couple years…our scenery doesn’t change around us.

Well all that being said about the white stuff….I’m wishing I was here right now and I’m sure there are tons of you out there that are wishing the same thing. Here’s an accumulation of WARM SCENES from the last couple trips we’ve taken

Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica from the cruise we took with our kids 
Dunn's River Family

All of us on deck
All on deck

The following pictures are from our last visit to St. Kitts, West Indies to friends of ours place.

Enjoying time at Friars Beach
Friars Beach 2

View on the drive over the mountain heading for Friar’s Beach
The beach is just beyond the nearest large hill in the distance

Top of mountain from picture above – friends have purchased this mountain and built a home up here but before it was built they would have wiener roast ups here – they called it hot dog ridge….this was taken at one of the get togethers
Karen Doug Sundance Ridge

Walking Cockleshell Beach looking for shellsCockelshell Beach 4

Visiting the gardens at Carrabelle Batik
These gardens are on the ground of the shop where they make the original Batik hand printed fabrics….and they are absolutely fabulous.
I put some pictures of the Batik at the end
Carabelle Batique 1

Stopped for refreshments at Rawlins Plantation on one of our island drives
Rawlins Plantation 4

Me, Linda and Billy

Well that wasn’t much but just posting these pictures took me to a warmer place – hope it did you too!

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Have a warm and safe Wednesday
We’re heading to Janesville for lunch with my brother and his wife so SEE YA!

Carabelle Batik


  1. Okay Karen...I won't hold it against you...this time.... BUT don't send anymore snow this way !!! Ah those pics of warmth and sunshine...quite different here as I look out my windows this day! Stay warm and I will try to do the same...XO, Judy

  2. Looks so nice Karen! I can almost feel the warm air.


  3. Brrrrrrr! I needed those nice warm photos!
    Thanks Karen!
    ...seems like I remember some from our old doodle junction days lol
    Saty warm!

  4. I loved seeing all your bright, sunshine filled pictures! We went to that same falls on our honeymoon. I lost the bottom of my bathing suit when I sat in the falls to get our picture taken. I caught it with my foot. That water was so cold!

  5. Oh that was so cruel!!! hehehehe
    I COULD almost feel the warm breeze and the toasty hot sun on my face! :-D
    I'm so glad that we don't have the snow that you and others have! It's a whopping 23 degrees today! Heatwave!
    Enjoy your day.

  6. Oh thank you for sharing your warm, beautiful vacation pics! Now I have to snap back to reality...darn=) I am sooooo looking forward to the day when we can walk outside in shorts, t-shirts & flip flops!!! Have a great day!

  7. Karen~ This winter has been crazy with all the snow everyone is having. Your vaction pictures look great. I think I did get a little warmer looking at! I hope you have a great day! Try to stay warm! ~Dan~

  8. Karen, love your vacation photos! I was a nice reminder that we will be warm and sunny one of these days! I can't belive all the snow you folks are having! We always get snow, nothing new for us, but we have not had that much this winter, only about 3 -4 ft. Guess it went your direction for a change! LOL! Stay safe!

  9. Karen, thanks for the "warm-up"! Sure have a lot different view out my windows, but at least it's warm and toasty inside and I'm getting lots of sewing done. Feels good to have a "day off" too. Stay safe, Dawn

  10. Awh, great pics, Karen... Thanks for sharing, just what I needed to warm me up on this snowy, cold and blustery day!
    Enjoy your lunch outing ;)

  11. i'm in ky. right now and we got a little on monday night. i hear it's even cold back home in fl.

  12. Warm, warm warm!!!! I NEED SPRING!!!!
    Thank you Karen for posting these sunny pics! We went to Jamaica on our Honeymoon and stayed there 9days. We went to that same falls and it was really funny!

  13. Love your pics! On days like today, it doesn't seem possible that warmer weather will ever be here! But we all know that it will ~ eventually!! Hope you had a fun lunch!

  14. Thank you Karen!!! It was great looking at all that sunshine and smiling faces. Not sure if it helped me or not! ;-) Sure does make me dream of spring even more then I already am!
    Stay warm my friend, and have a great day!

    Prim Blessings,

  15. Thanks Karen! The hot chocolate wasn't working for me anymore...but those pictures have me feeling warmer already!

  16. Lovely pictures Karen! Looks like wonderful trips for you all. How nice when the whole family can get together and travel.

    I've been home from Mexico for one week. We haven't any snow or ice, but I can not get warm at all!! I have been freezing ever since I got off that airplane! That sunshine will ruin you, I tell you. Lol!

    I've always thought Batik was beautiful! How neat to be there to see them do it in person.

  17. We've had much more snow than we ever have in this part of the country, and honestly, I too am ready for it to go! I'm ready for Spring! :) Although it is very pretty!

    I enjoyed the brief trip to a warmer place! :) Thanks for sharing your lovely vacation pics! It looks like wonderful family time!

    Thank you for your comments on my blog and for the prayers for Luke!

    Have a great day, Karen!

  18. Oh I want to go there! Were you on a cruise or what? Wow. That is my kind of place. I am ready for spring and warm weather. Your pictures were great. Selling blog? I will have to check that out.

  19. Love the warm pics. We are so ready for sun and warm weather here. We have had more snow this year than we have had in 20 years.

    Come on warm weather and pretty flowers.


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