Monday, June 7, 2010


I though when we left home yesterday morning for the flea market that it would be like every other time – lots of nothing …. well, I wasn’t disappointed on that thought because there was 99% junk, but I did find a couple items that I just couldn’t pass up and neither would you of that I’m sure.

The very first space we went to had this adorable
Tin Chick Candy Mold
and I’m really not sure if it’s old or not because there
are no markings on it but I’ve seen reproductions and
the rings that hold them together aren’t as old looking
as these are so I’m going to say ‘it’s kind of old’
I paid $2.00 for it and even if it’s new
it’s still a bargain at that price
Chick Candy Mold

Then if that wasn’t enough the booth a few spaces down had these awesome
Tin Candle Molds
I got both for $10.00.
Now I know that was a bargain because I purchased one 20 years ago like the 4 candle one and I paid $18.00 then….
Irvin’s Country Tinware is selling the 6 candle mold for $43.50 and the 4 candle is selling for $32.50
So Yippppeeee I got a good deal there!
And it just so happens I collect Tin Candle Holders & Molds
Candle Molds
What do you think???? Good deal???? Yep, I thought so! lol

Then on the way out there was some wonderful looking fresh produce (shipped in of course but still great)
We bought 2 lemons (huge) for .40 each
and 2 Cucumbers for $1.00

And….for $1.00 we got these 4 plastic basket (really good size too) and a Thermal Caraf for my aunt (she’s been wanting another one – hope she doesn’t mind a used one because there just aren’t any out there to be had these days).
I like using things like these baskets for snack when we have guests….baskets are wonderful and I use them too, but I like that these can be washed as well.
Caraf and Baskets
So it was a good 1-1/2 hours well spent and the temps were perfect (except for the wind – whew it blew and blew things over)

Then we stopped at Northwind Perennial Farm again…this time the resident kitties were there….omgosh they are adorable so I just had to share with you – I couldn’t stop looking at them….Enjoy!
Perennial Farm Kitties 
Perennial Farm Kitties 1
Perennial Farm Kitties 2 

Today my husband thoroughly cleaned our screen room and
we are now officially ready for Spring/Summer…..
and boy does that room get nasty over the winter.

Lots of webbies and crawlies tucked in the corners.
But now it shines and smells so good and the sun is out and he’s out like a light on the sofa taking in the breezes coming in

And such a good guy he is - he washes the floor on his hands and knees…no mop – it leaves streaks on the porcelain tiles so hands and knees is the only way. And the screens get washed inside and out along with everything else.

Guess he deserves the snooze.
While he was doing that I did the house – washed floors, windows and all the other things that go along with cleaning

I’m sitting out here too, enjoying listening to the sounds of Spring….tons of birds, lawn mowers, airplanes (we live by our little airport) and kids….oh it’s wonderful!

I want to thank all my new followers
and my regulars…it just keeps growing….without all of you
I would stop this blog today but you keep me going so Thank You so much…you make is to worth it with your nice, fun and cheerful comments.

Also, if you haven’t gone over to my
Popular Selling Blog site yet do so…
we are at 52 wonderful Selling Blogs…
Isn’t that great?
These girls work very hard making their hand made products and I hope this site helps promote their products

So now I have to say goodbye and start my sewing
so I can mail out my orders



  1. wow karen you did great on those buys.the kittys are so cute too,you should just take one home is so nice to sit outside now that winter is finally gone.i thought it would never end lol.have a great day blessings michelle

  2. Hi Karen,
    You found some great items and such good prices! Love the chick mold.

    The kitty's are just too cute. Makes me want to snuggle down right beside them.

    Glad you and your hubby got all the spring cleaning done and now you can just enjoy the weather. Hugs~ Birgit

  3. Karen, What a sweet husband you have. Sounds like you are busy too. Love the molds. Take care. Dianntha

  4. Sounds like you deserve to sit in your screen room and stitch, read a book, or just take in the sites. Love to read your blog.

  5. Glad you found some good deals! I just love tin candy molds, I collect those too. We're in the process of really emptying our house, we found a really nice family to rent, but what a job! Have a great week, Dawn

  6. Karen:
    What a great day you had for thrift shopping.
    We dont have good ones here..My daughters and I used to take Saturday's for family garage saleing days. Then have lunch together. I miss that now that we live in three different states.. but they will be with me on June 16th. so I'll be MIA while they are here..

  7. Karen,
    What great finds at the flea market and those kitties are just too cute. You and Doug deserve a break after all that hard work. Take good care.

  8. I love the candle molds and never thought about them as a collection and I would have had to bring a kitty home if possible. Sounds like you are all set for summer. I am not doing a lot of cleaning because it is right back in no time but will happily clean everything when there is a U Haul in my yard and I am walking out the door...counting the days :)

  9. You got some nice deals Karen and I love the basket of kitties, so sweet!
    I have found that so many of the flea markets in Wisconsin are kind of junky, wish we had better ones.

  10. Great deal on those candle molds and what a sweet husband you have..Hope you have a great week..

  11. Karen, you sure did get some good buys! Those kitty pics are too cute! And your hubby, sounds like he's a keeper.


  12. Hi Karen... What a deal on your candle molds... I have one kind of beat up I love it though.. The kittens are hilarious... so sweet.
    Thank you for all your kind comments... I really appreciated it...
    What a wonderful hubby you have there... Enjoy your summer days now..

  13. Hi Karen,

    You really did get some good deals on the mold and the candle molds. I have two and know what you mean on the price. Sounds like it would be a fun thing to attend.

    At first I thought maybe you might have gotten yourself some more kitties :) Cats and kittens are cute but not so good for hubbies health. So I guess I will stick with dogs that don't bother hubbies asthma and allergies.

    I always love checking in on what your up to, something new and what your making next. I also think that was a wonderful idea by starting a new blog to promote some really talented people out there. I check in at least once a week :)

    Have a wonderful week.


  14. You got a good deal on the candle molds, but an even better deal when you got Doug! What a honey his is to clean that screened porch so thoroughly. He's a keeper!!

  15. Hi Karen! I made it over finally:) Aww, we love kitties don't we:) They're so precious, but sure can be ornary.
    Good deal on those candle molds. I need to get me some of those things one of these days.
    Oh boy, I need to get to our back porch too and clean it up so it is livable. You're right, the winter allows for lots of dust and dust bunnies. I have to go in a lower gear these days since I ain't gettin' any younger ya know. LOL. I think I'll get my hubby to help me out with that backporch. Yeah, that's the ticket!

  16. My most fun is going to the flea markets...there are always some kind of treasures to be found. Last week a gal was handling something that I REALLY wanted and she was taking her good old time deciding - she took it (sad face)..Oh well, can't have it all right!!!!
    p.s. - send hubby to my house. PLEASE!!

  17. Karen, you lucky, lucky girl! I just LOVE that chick tin mold. I have been wanting to collect chocolate tin molds and I keep searching for them, but the little chick that you got was certainly a big score! Next time you come across one of those CALL ME! :) LOL!

  18. Hi Karen! You got some great bargains! I love the canlde molds and the little chick candy mold is adorable! You're right! I would have bought them all too!

    We have been working on our back porch too. Hubby had it pretty cluttered up with tools & such. And we have a huge deep freezer out there. We think the heat from the freezer motor is drawing snakes and lizards to the house. Our granddaughter nearly stepped on one right at the back door last week! So the freezer has been emptied and cleaned and ready to sell. That was too close for comfort! I have had nightmares about snakes ever since too. But I am looking forward to enjoying our porch and praying that the snakes stay away now.

    Oh, the joys of living in the country! LOL!

    Enjoy your week!

  19. Wow-- you got a deal with the candle molds!! I have those red baskets, too--great for serving small stuff!
    The "pile" of kitties is just too cute!!!

  20. Karen, I couldn't resist those kittens either! What great shots you got of them! Love your little chick mold and your candle molds! Great finds for little money! It would be nice if I could get my hubby to do some cleaning! He naps anyways! Enjoy your screen room!
    Hugs, Jayne

  21. wow Karen you found some awesome deals..use those little plastic baskets when you make burgers and fries.:) my friend gave me 2 and we use them when we toss burgers.;) would love to see your room looking all spiffed up..enjoy your day.:)

  22. alomst forgot..those precious little kittens..they are snugglyious!! just made that up...they are so cute all snuggled up together.;)

  23. Hi Karen,
    What wonderful bargins you fould. Love your tin molds.

    And those kitties are adorable!!
    Have a great week!!

  24. Looks like you got some great finds! Sure wish I had your husband here to clean our screen porch. I hope to get it washed down this week since most of the pollen is gone.

  25. Love your finds Karen :) Those kitties are just way too cute, I can see why you kept looking at them. Your screen porch sounds like the perfect place to spend some time.

  26. I think you got some wonderful bargains Karen. Thanks for sharing them with us. Love the little kittens. You take such beautiful pictures. I wish my husband had Doug's ambition. I have a room or two I would love for him to clean. Maybe another time! Enjoy your day.

  27. GREAT deals on the candle molds. I absolutely LOVE them and those kitties are precious. Too cute!!


  28. Can you send your hubby over here??? Ha! I love all of your goodies. Sounds like you both have got a lot done. Makes me wanna get busy!

  29. Oh my word! Are you kidding me?! $12 for all those molds? You lucky dog you! I need to quit searching for some because you know how it is... when you're looking for something you can never find it. I am so envious!! That's an awesome deal!

    We have those baskets too. My kids love to use them. We put paper towels inside them as liners for when they eat sandwiches, chicken nuggets, chips. They are great for easy clean-up.

    What a good man you have! I don't know what I'd do if mine didn't help out. I just feel so sorry for those girls that aren't as fortunate as us! Enjoy that porch before it gets too hot! It's been so nice here in the evenings.

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