Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Post or Not To Post

Well, that heading got ya didn’t it - but really I haven’t been blogging for quite some time and haven’t visited your blogs like I want to so by making a new post of my own I feel wrong until I get around to all of you…..but I feel so darned chatty and when you start reading you will see – I just can’t stop….lol

I need to say Thank You to everyone who has been checking in on me – I knew I had many internet/blogging friends but to have you e-mail me with concern and love, well, I just am overwhelmed…what a great wonderful group of friends – I will try not to stay away so long again.

I haven’t been in the mood for the computer or anything like that - I have barely been on the forums for that matter.
Maybe it’s the Winter blahs or just nothing good to talk about, but that’s no excuse for not visiting all of my friend.
I certainly have no creative energy flowing for my website - it’s  being challenged right now! I have had no updates on products for quite awhile either.

So what have I been doing the last month????
I have given myself some fun time with Rug Hooking.
Remember back in the Fall a friend sent me a wonderful package of wool, etc. to get me started, and I also purchased a frame - well I finally got to it!
I drew a Pineapple pattern much like the Pineapples on my Penny Rugs and found it to be very relaxing (after figuring out how to start it).
I have the design finished but need wool for the background.
Pineapple HR Pattern 

Karen HR 1

Lots of boo-boos but I still think it’s fine for a first-time rug. What about a Chocolate Brown background???

Pineapple Hooked Rug

Then I drew a traditional Penny Rug pattern and started that one yesterday but that is a challenge!
I don’t have enough wool to create it with even colored Pennies so I decided to do it in a random design and I think it will work out better. I will need to increase the border by 2-3 more rows but needed to set a parameter for guides.

Pennies Rug Pattern

Pennies HR

Yesterday we took a drive into Milwaukee to LOG CABIN RUGS which is in the JUST A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY shop in Waukesha. And one of the most wonderfully Colonial/Primitive shop in the area.
I had no intentions of buying anything - just wanted to see what she had to offer and possibly get some scissors.

2 squares of Red Wool, piece of Monks Cloth and 2 rugs kits later we left. Whew, I guess I’m on overload with Rug Hooking kits. Can you have too many ‘starter kits’?
Plus the one I ordered from the internet a while back…have to start that one but I wanted to do some practice ones first.

 HR Chair Pad

HR Saltbox sheep 

So what do you get when you let a 2 year old play with your Pewter Goblets???? This.

Hole in wood
I stared at this little hole for the rest of the weekend and then called the installer to come see what he could do - he’s actually our daughter in-laws brother. So he came and said it was not going to work to patch it but recommended replacing the board - all I could see is the entire half of the floor tore up just to get one board replaced but he assured us that he could take the one board out and it would be fine. He does the every so often and it works very well.
So that’s what he did and it’s like nothing happened.

Doug cutting floor 1

Floor 1

Floor 2

Floor 3 
So now Aidan is off the hook and Grandma learned her lesson. Normally he doesn’t  play with the Pewter, but he was playing ’eating’  and at one point got away from us and dropped the goblet and it hit just right .

Speaking of Pewter…a couple weeks ago I bid on a Pewter Creamer and Sugar set…I placed the first bid and lo and behold I was the only bidder and got it for $5.00. I hadn’t given it another thought and a few days later there was the e-mail from e-bay saying I won! Yeah…I have only bid on something years ago when I was buying my Strawberry Hill dishes.
It’s small and rather pitted but for some reason I gravitate towards the darker, more worn Pewter. It tells a story of it’s life.
Pewter creamer and sugar
Here it is by something so you can see the size better
Creamer set

We are in the process of getting our bathroom redone - not gutted and all new everything, but we had a glass company come to measure for a shower/tub enclosure. I’m tired of always going upstairs to shower so this will be much more convenient.
We had our choice of styles and chose to go all the way with the clear frameless glass - I don’t want it to be turned into a tight dark space. We have about another week before it’s in and I can’t wait.

We’re also replacing the cabinet fronts. We would love to replace the counter and sinks BUT back when the bathroom was put in (in the early 50’s) they used these tiny 1 inch tiles and the entire bathroom and counters are done in this - and if we remove it, it will tear up the walls and that will lead to new drywall…you know how one thing leads to another - so that will have to be decided soon. A new floor is in order as well.
IF we change the cabinets and counters, we are going to just one bank of cabinets, not the L shape. But we will keep 2 sinks. The space under the window where the cabinet is now will be a Primitive cupboard of some kind.

Tub area now – it used to have a glass enclosure years ago but were removed when we had the tub-sinks-tiles re-surfaced.  It was ALL in that horrible ‘50’s Pepto Bismol Pink!
And I never wanted those old ugly doors put back on either.
Tub 1

Bathroom cabinets 2

Bathroom cabinets 3

Bathroom cabinets 4 
The drawer and door fronts will be a paneled door – maybe in a Shaker style.
And then that will in turn make the room need to be re-papered…see, one thing leads to another.

We could have the room gutted and redone but with the age of the house and all the other improvements we have made we could very well over-improve the house with too many changes and never get the money back if and when we sell.

So that’s what I have been up to this past month as well as running to Janesville visiting our ill aunts and me still doctoring with my disc/hips. That’s on-going so won’t go into it.

Oh dear, before I  foget – In return for a favor, one of our blogging buddies sent me some beautiful goodies…I want to say THANK YOU TO VAL –

She sent a handful of her own hand made Okra Santa’s….aren’t they cute!
And… a wonderful mini spatula ( I love these for desserts), a cute ‘spade’  with Thank You on the handle, a lovely color of Pink Lip Gloss! It tastes good too…, and a handmade dishcloth. Now am I spoiled or what just for loaning her some books to read. Who do you think got the best of this one????

 Gifts from Val

This is the life of a cat in my house….always sleeping and very cozy! Lola’s favorite place to sleep because the morning Sun shines on the pillow topper.
Lola on bed pillow 2
Lola on bed pillow

Thanks for visiting me and I promise to get around to all my friends as soon as possible – don’t give up on me.



  1. Hi Karen....what a fun have been missed. I just got back to blogging myself, it seems if I wait too long I almost forget how to do it!
    Love all of the rug hooking. I keep trying to add to my wool stash so I can get on with something. Maybe that's a better idea......a kit with all of the parts and pieces!
    I didn't know they could fix a floor board like that...good to know. Your bathroom looks nice and big. I feel like that is all we have done here is home improvements.
    Now look who is getting chatty..........I'll sign off now!

  2. Welcome back Karen. I think you are not alone in the winter Blahs.. most of us have them, this has been a really though winter, but Spring is just around the corner.
    Your rugs are so nice... I still have 11 months to learn how to rug hook..LOL!!! that was my new years resolution.
    Take care

  3. Hi Karen,
    It is always nice to hear from you, but dont feel bad.
    I have been suffering from the winter blahs lately also.
    So I can completely relate.
    Sometimes we need a break from the internet. Some downtime to enjoy other things, and there is nothing wrong with that.
    We will always be here, when you are in the mood to come back. :)
    You sure have been a busy bee this past month.
    Im loving your rugs!! I would love to learn to rug hook.
    I tried once, and well... not too good.
    I think I need to buy one of those premade kits.
    Maybe that would help me figure it out.
    Who knows??
    I bought a needle punch kit once and still couldnt figure out what the heck I was doing!! LOL!!
    So bravo my dear friend on your creations.
    Take Care and Stay Warm.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Karen, nice to see you - I, too have been away for months, and it's so good to be back and knowing blogging buddies are still around. Loved your hooked rugs - I did one years ago in a class I took in Vermont with Amy Oxford (who is now famous for developing the Oxford Punch), and I loved it1 I'm so wanting to get back into rug hooking.
    Hope to see you around more often,

  5. Wonderful post Karen!
    You are doing a great job with rug hooking! You are going to be pro-rug hooker by spring!
    love the pewter, floor turned out great!
    enjoy the day!

  6. Karen,
    So good to see you back and love your stories and pictures as always.
    What a steal your pewter items for $5.00. I have never done E-Bay.
    Anxious to see the re-do bath.
    You were really missed my friend (even) though we did chat by e-mail a couple times.
    Hi to Doug.
    Linda in FL

  7. Karen,
    Glad to hear from you!! Love your rugs..your hooking skills are wonderful!! I have not had time to hook in a while. Now I have the bug to again.
    LOVE the penny rug pattern you did!!

  8. You have been a very busy lady! I LOVE the pinapple! And you did not have to post what I did for you when you did way more for me!!! I love ya!!!!

  9. Hi Karen...good to see you posting...sounds like you have been the hooked rugs...I would love to do one myself...
    Have a Blessed day...

  10. Fun post Karen! And welcome back! Breaks are good! And it is nice and needed to take some time out for your creative self. Your rug hooking is gorgeous, what a wonderful new hobby. I think you can buy as many "starter kits" as you want, besides I think they look hard! Can't wait to see your future creations and your bathroom renovation. Your cozy kitty has quite the life...Zzzzz! :) Take care. ~Sarah~

  11. Karen, You have been busy while away from the computer! Love your rug hookin... I tryed my hand at it. Liked it, but never went backt o finish. I really need to take some me time too, and finish... I'ved rug punching, that is a bunch of fun too. Just a big version of punch needle... Have a great day! OLM

  12. I'm so happy you're back! Although I am relatively new to your blog (only about 6 months) I look forward to it so much! I love all your ideas and your handi work. Feel well and stay happy! Margaret/Maggie's Lil' Fixins

  13. Hello Karen.. So good to read your posting.. I love your rugs and your new reno sounds wonderful.. I find it takes us so long to get anything done as hubby has to do it ALL...
    Oh well, in due time..
    I hope you are feeling better.

    Missed ya..

  14. Hi Karen
    Good to see you back posting again. I love your new rugs - sounds like it is therapeutic for you.
    Your bathroom looks so pretty now - anxious to see your redo!

  15. Karen I was starting to wonder about you myself LOL. So glad to see you post......winter blahs are hard to get by. I love your rugs great job, maybe it is because you have found something new that you are enjoying so much, good for you girl. How is you back?? Have missed reading your posts.

  16. Welcome back, Karen! Looks to me like you have lots of creative energy. I love your new hooked projects. I really would like to try this sometime in the future. I'm glad Aidan is off the hook now! Your floor is beautiful! I can't wait to see the bathroom redo! Enjoy your new hobby!

  17. I've been following your blog for a little while now and it's always good to hear from you!
    You have been a busy lady -- love the rug-hooking projects you have worked on -- you are so talented to be able to do such a great job on the first try! Looking forward to seeing the renovations on the bathroom. It looks great just the way it is! I can only imagine how great it will look after it's redone. Your cat is so cute --- looks so comfy up there on that pillow! Have a great weekend....

  18. Welcome back! Looks like you're having some fun. I want to do a rug too, I tried it once a LONG time ago and just loved it. Maybe I'll have to order a kit. Be sure to share pics when you get more done. Stay warm and cozy, Dawn

  19. Karen: Oh, I am so glad you posted! I watch every day for your interesting happenings. I can't believe how much you can get done in a month. I don't get that much done in 6 months! LOL I have to be inspired and then I work like a maniac! More LOL
    Hugs from CA.


  20. Karen,

    It's great to see you posting again. I think that we are all suffering from the January doldrums...I know I sure am!

    You have been very busy girl, no wonder you haven't had time or energy to post! I love your pineapple rug and agree about the brown. I also love the new kits that you have got..and I agree that a girl can never have enough craft is winter after all, and you never know how long you might be snowed in!

    Bathroom looks wonderful, and I like the little tiles on the vanity.


  21. I am so happy you are back....we have missed you. Looks like you are so busy! Thanks for sharing your bathroom ideas. I would love to do some remodeling too....maybe a little kitchen stuff first?? Hope to see more posts too. Dianntha

  22. Karen, it is so good to see hear from you - you have been missed. It sure sounds like you have been busy. Love your rug hooking projects. Can't wait to see the penny rug finished - what a great design! And a bathroom redo - its always fun to get a new look. Take care.


  23. Glad you are back! Love all the rugs you are working on, great job!! I think a chocolate color for the pineapple background would be perfect!!

  24. Missed you Karen!
    I imagined you to have been taking it easy .. cozy and crafty..& it looks as if it that was right;0)
    Your rug hooking pineapple is perfect! I look forward to seeing more of your new hobby & your bath remodel.
    Hugs to you!

  25. I love your rugs Karen!!!

    The cupboard in your bathroom fits real well there! It's good you went with the larger one!

  26. Hello Karen~ It's nice to see you back Karen!
    I haven't been blogging as much myself these days..busy doing other things. I just love your rug hooking..great job! That is on my list of things to learn soon..I am just finishing my first pennyrug, and have really enjoyed it! Hope you are staying warm! hugs~Kathy

  27. love the rugs you are making..must take up that craft soon..and I just love the photos of your little lola..she reminds me of my Millie Jean.;)

  28. Karen~

    So glad you're back!! I love your rug hooking projects.

    Have a great day~Becky

  29. Hi Karen,

    I love the rugs you're working on. Rug hooking is one (of many) things I would like to learn how to do. Your new pewter pieces are lovely. I'm having no luck finding pieces in my area so I guess I'm going to have to give ebay a try.

    I'm looking forward to seeing your bathroom reno. Have a great weekend!

  30. It's nice to see a post Karen :)))

    I LOVE your new projects! Hooked rugs add that extra touch and yours are going to be awesome! Your new pewter pieces are also wonderful!

    You sure do have a big project ahead of yourself when it comes to the bathroom but I know when it's complete it will be beautiful!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  31. Hi Karen, Even tho I am a new follower I have your blog bookmarked and have been visiting forever. I am just gettng my blog up and started and have soooo much to learn. I was worried because you had not posted in a while as your blog is the first I check out everyday and go from here. Glad you are okay. Sounds like you have a lot of remodelng going on. I know its lots of work, but the results will be rewarding. Looking forward to making so many friends in the blogging community. You ladies are so talented. Until next time.

  32. Great post, glad to see you back! I loved that wool shop, I was there last June when I was in Milwaukee and thought we were going to a typical gift shop and was pleasantly surprised to see all the wool! Sometimes you just have to take a break, do something different and refocus...glad that you are back now. Your rug hooking is wonderful!

  33. I not such a good blogger but love to read other peoples blogs. I was glad to see your new post. LOve your rug hooking. Looks like fun.

  34. Karen ~
    You are doing a fantastic job on your hooked pieces. If you choose a dark brown background and the green blends in too much, hook a thin lighter colored line between the green and brown ~ I've heard that referred to as a beauty line.
    I love the kits you've chosen! I bet you'll be a pro hooker in no time :)
    Keep us posted on the progress in your bathroom. I thought I had a big bathroom, but yours looks HUGE!
    I hope you are staying warm and your back isn't giving you too much trouble.
    Pug hugs :)

  35. Welcome back friend! Sorry you've had the blahs but glad you are back. =]

    Your pineapple rug hook is wonderful! It sure doesn't look like a first time piece. I think chocolate brown would be a beautiful background for it. Your wool penny rug is going to be adorable Karen, what a great idea! So far I am loving the colors you are using.

    Yay for your daughter in-law's brother! How wonderful that he was able to fix your floor without tearing it all up. I'm so glad for Aidan. =] My little guy likes to play with any thing of mine that resembles a dish. We are always having honey and tea. It's so cute but I'm always worried he is going to break something. Your pewter set is adorable, love the size!

    Oh yes, one thing always leads to another. We are such over-achievers, haha! Also, I'm always on to the next project before I can finish the one I'm on. I'm looking forward to following your bathroom makeover. I just love before and afters, they are so neat to look at.

    How very sweet of Val to send you a package of goodies! I'm telling you, I love those mini spatulas. We are a cookie-loving family and those spatulas are perfect for them.

    Glad to see you back. I hope you have a blessed weekend~

  36. Karen glad to see a post from you! I think we all go thru those times when we dont feel like blogging or even reading. I love the rug hooking you are doing too! Missed you at Prim Pals forum as always have such great tips on decorating! :)

  37. Hi Karen, Love the rugs! Now I know I have to get over that way so you can teach me ha ha! Glad you got your floor fixed. Hope you're feeling better soon.


  38. I know all about the winter blah's... I've had them BAD this year! I want to learn to rug hook, too. Your pineapple looks pretty and the penny rug is going to be great. Looks like you guys have been very busy... glad you could replace the board without too much problem. :o)


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