Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Something the rest of you have too!

I know we are in the same situation as half the US - but I’m one who LOVES it…as long as I don’t have to get out to get to a job - back when I worked it was a headache but now it’s just plain fun!

Doug started clearing at 6 this morning and it’s 11:30 and he just came in.
I took so many pictures but I promise I won’t bore you with ALL of them.

We also prepared for power outages with enough propane for the screen room heater and grill and the fireplace is ready to go…but fortunately we weren’t in the area that lost power…some of Burlington did though.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Last night shortly after the blizzard started we got a little silly - around 6 pm we bundled up and headed out on a walk and my gosh the wind blew so hard and going into it my face froze! It felt like sand pelting it.

At first I had my scarf up by my face but the scarf got wet from breath so my cheeks got very icy - time to come back home. We were gone 25 minutes - that’s all my hips could take too trying to walk through drifts but it was still fun. And it really wasn’t all that cold in temperature, but the wind made it feel that way. It was 23 degrees when we left.

Karen on walk

Doug on walk

The old water tower at noon and then at 6 p.m.

Tower at noon    Tower at 6pm

I woke up at 3 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep…I looked outside and was in awe of the snow and the wind…goodness it blew.

Courtyard at 3 a.m. and 6 a.m.
I used the fence and the birdhouse as my guide for snow height
3 am courtyard 6 am courtyard 4

Front yard at 3 and 6 a.m.
 Front yard 3 am  6 am front

Front entrance and yard light at 6 a.m.
Yard light

Garage at 6 a.m.
Snow at garage  Doug by garage door up to hip

Garage 2    Blowing driveway 2

Starting the front walks
Front 1   Coming up front walk  

Front Walk   Coming up front walk 2  

Man Down!!!
Man Down

The finished product
Front of house 1
Front walk 1

I think we’re going to have the white stuff for months to come!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wishing the Green Bay Packers a Super Bowl win!

Thanks for visiting!
Stay safe and warm



  1. Love that light post out front ~ so cozy! Wow ~ that is a lot of snow! We are headed to Wisconsin at the end of this week (our former home)....thinking we'll see plenty of white! We have some snow here in MO too but lots more ice than snow.

    And, yes, GO PACKERS! *woo hoo* :-)

    Blessings from a former Wisconsinite,

  2. My goodness you got a lot of snow in a short period of time! I am so glad to hear that someone is enjoying all of it :0) It sure is pretty, but I have to admit I am ready for spring!!

  3. Oh my heavens Karen....that is alot of snow..
    We were lucky this time...just alittle of freezing rain..not as much as they expected..

    Take care and be safe..
    Prim hugs,

  4. Karen, We are Northwest of Chicago, WOW, we got it too! Hubby was out for 5 hours too, cleaning up....
    My hubby is rooting for Green bay as well! Stay warm! OLM

  5. Isn't this something??? We got a lot too, but not like you guys did. I've been out shoveling and waiting for the plow truck, poor Dick can't snowblow with his broken leg. What a great day for a cup of coffee and some stitching! Be careful, Dawn

  6. Hi Karen, I loved seeing you and your Hubby Doug out in the Blizzard. You both look like a bunch of young kids having fun together. The picture of Doug"MAN DOWN" was cute. Everyone around here has NO MORE room to put the snow!

    Stay safe and warm, we are set with our fire going and candles etc. on hand in case we loose power!
    Prim Blessings,

  7. Karen,
    Whoa..I think you have alot more than we do. The ice is coming down now though. I looked out this morning, and the farmer down the road was kind enough to plow us out!! There are still some good ones out there!!! Keep warm and safe,

  8. Wow! You're really getting a ton of it huh? We weren't supposed to get any here but it's snowing now and they're calling for a couple of inches...but that could change! Glad you're prepared and safe....stay warm!

  9. Im with you Karen I DO love the snow! It is just starting here maybe an hour ago but everything was cancelled today. I dont have to go out but I am going to take the dogs out to play in it a little later. Great pics!

  10. I liked everything about your blog post, as usual...except that last little notation about the Super Bowl Win....:/ Glad to see your dug out and were able to enjoy a bit of a snowy walk.

  11. You sure had a wakeful night:))

    What fun-I so enjoyed seeing natures awesome beauty that you captured in those pics-stunning!

    We don't get anything like that here but this winter has probably been our best,

    Enjoy and thanks for sharing,

    Shazy x

  12. KAREN:

  13. Karen~

    I'm sure glad you're enjoying the snow. I'm getting to enjoy it too, but hubby not so much. He had to go to work today. I was lucky & got 2 days off. I'm ready for Spring though.


  14. Yup that is some pretty snow you have! Just enought to make it winter!!

    David and I sometimes go out for a walk in it too before it gets too bad. I love snow once the storm stops and my loveds ones are all home safe - except this year. With all the dangers we now face because of excessive snow and now ice on top of it, I could do without another flake all winter but I still want it to be cold though - great for nesting and snuggling!

    Stay warm and safe and enjoy it from inside!!

  15. Hi Karen.....what greats pics of your snow storm.
    Fun to look at from inside the house!
    We missed most of the snow down here, and were lucky our power only flickered off for about 30 seconds. Just long enough to get all of the clock blinking and shut down my computer.
    Looks like a good day for a pot of homemade soup!

  16. Oh. My. Word.
    Holy cow I could not believe that snow! And the preperation for the up comming storm. Do you do that always? We do not get storms like that here in our part of Utah, thank Heavens! We are 20 plus below again, and we had new snow yesterday, but only an inch or two.
    Your snow IS beautiful, but wow, what storm!
    Take care.

  17. Oh My Gosh Do I Miss getting snow like that!! The Ohio girl in me is actually jealous of all that you got!!
    Great photos Karen!

  18. Karen, your pictures are so pretty. I bet the Packers are really laughing at us down here in Texas. We have ice and the city is practically shut down. Schools have been closed for two days. I live a short drive from the stadium.

  19. Wow Karen, you guys got alot of snow. We got more freezing rain than snow I think. I was up at midnight because the wind was so loud and the freezing rain was pounding on the windows. It was alittle scary hereing how loud the wind was. I don't remember it ever being so windy out!!! My kids were out this am playing in it already they love the snow. Me not so much. But at least things are cleaned up for us to travel to work tomorrow!
    Stay safe and warm!!!
    Have a great day

  20. Karen, it's beautiful! I love snow too! Unfortunately, we got mostly ice with this storm, which isn't nice at all!

    Stay safe!


  21. Hi Karen
    Thanks for the pictures. We only got a little ice here in central pa. I like the "man down" picture. sure hope he got out. Enjoy.


  22. OMG!
    I had to have Ben come look at these pictures. We recall this very well. Did "MAN DOWN" get hurt? Ben said, 'oh no Doug fell!'
    Karen you do wonderful on your blog and you have such a way with words and love all the pictures.
    Hate to tell you, but Ben raked 5 bags of leaves today and was about 76. Looks like rain which we need.
    Please all of you stay safe.
    Linda in FL

  23. Karen: Loved your post and pics, especially "Man Down!!!" Just looked out my window...hate to tell you but it is 65 degrees today and warmer tomorrow! :-) I have visited my kids in IOWA in the winter and we got "iced in" we even the garage door was frozen shut and the windows so covered in ice we couldn't see out for 3 days! Keep warm and cuddle

  24. Great pics, Karen! Wasn't that wind something? It looks like you got a bit more snow than we did. I heard 21 inches this morning, but don't know if that was official. It was plenty of snow for sure! I am just thankful that we didn't have the freezing rain and ice that some places got. I'll take the snow any day, as long as I can stay in my nice, warm house and enjoy it! I have never gotten a snow day, until today! That was nice!
    Enjoy your white stuff! (Maybe till about May)

  25. Karen
    Love the pics!
    Oh my what a path Hubby made!( man down, oh my!)

    Bet your walk home was a long one!

    keep safe & warm

  26. Oh my gosh that snow is high!! Am glad I am here in Phoenix, though for here it is freezing, ice in the fountain. But I must admit, I do miss a good snow storm where you hunker down and just chill out! Probably literally chill out, but you know what I mean?
    Enjoy it while it lasts, it will be gone before you know it!

  27. Hi Karen...
    Enjoyed the Photos.. Keep Warm & Safe My Prim Friend
    Hubby say this is WHY??? We love in AZ...

    GO !!! Cheese Heads Super Bowl Winners :-)
    Originally from Wisconsin....

    Warm Blessings

  28. Wow...that is a lot of snow!! We got ice from the storm. A tree branch came down and landed out our daughter's car. And our backyard has tons of tree branches down that will have to be cleaned up when the weather improves. But I'm happy to say that we never lost our power.
    Take care. Stay warm and safe.

  29. I have never been in or seen that much snow....just on the weather It will take some kind of warm weather to clear out all that snow. Enjoy, since you get to stay in..Blessings!

  30. We had 22 inches in December in one day and it was overwhelming! And yes.......Go Pack Go!

  31. Karen, glad to hear that you didn't lose power. We had 2 inches of sleet which then froze solid on the ground...what a mess. Today we got about 2 inches of snow on top of the ice so I don't know if that is better or worse. I don't need out until Friday so I am hoping that all is clear by then. Take care. Dianntha

  32. Lovely pics, Karen.. Your poor husband had his work cut out for him.. We are having a huge storm right now and I believe it is the one you had which headed up to Ontario and turned east here to New Brunswick.. My hubby will have to do the same thing in the morning..

  33. That is a lot of snow and being a Florida girl, I love it! I am glad that you enjoy it.

  34. Love the photos. We did not get as much snow up in LaCrosse. Wish we had more though as I love the snow! I love curling up on the sofa all snuggled up in a quilt and a good book. Glad you and your husband made it through without the power outage. Love your banner at the end. All I can say is "GO PACK!!."

  35. holy cow Karen did you get slammed or what!!! love the photos though...i hope you are all snuggled in and warm..we are rooting for green bay too;)

  36. Wonderful pics Karen....kinda wished we got the
    snow instead of the ice we got...Keep safe and
    Have a Blessed day

  37. Hi Karen, I'm a snow lover too. It makes me "nest" even more! We have 3ft outside here on Long Island from our "weekly" snow storms!
    Margaret/Maggie's Lil' Fixins

  38. That is a lot of snow! Fortunately, we missed all the snow. I am thankful for that, but it sure is pretty.

    Stay warm!


  39. Karen ~
    I am not a sports fan, but I do hope that the Packers win because most everyone in my neck of the woods want the Steelers to lose!
    Hugs :)

  40. WOW! That sure is alot of snow! I thought last year we got alot they called it Snowmagedden Here last year.
    Hope it doesnt take that long to melt down.
    I don't like sports so it doesn't matter who wins to me but my whole family wants the Steelers to win, after all we live in Pittsburgh AKA STEELER COUNTRY. My thoughts are may the best team win!

  41. I always love your photos! Man Down needs to be entered in to a contest!! You have really got the snow. We have sleet and rain. I am just like you. I LOVE the snow!!! (as long as I have electricity)

  42. Oh, Karen, wonderful photos. Wow, you guys got slammed. We've had ice and snow here in North Texas since Tuesday. Always enjoy your blog and photos.

  43. OH my word now that is a Blizzard what Beautiful pictures Karen. LOL on the Man Down that is a lot of clearing to do. BRRRR stay warm!! And oh what fun to take off for a walk. Hope your back is much better these days

  44. Wonderful attitude about the snow. We don't get much obviously, but I would hope I would enjoy what is given to us, too.

  45. Wow, alot of snow's lovely to see though. And, my in-laws wonder why we try not to travel up north during this time of the year. :D I don't think I could handle it. Take Care Karen...


  46. Hi Karen! So glad to see you posted! Was wondering if you were just burried in snow like the rest of us. Yup! Looks like it! Glad your enjoying it, at least a little. :)

    Carmen and the Primcats

  47. That is a ton of smow, we had it last year, but sure have not had much this year compared to everyone else. I love the pictures, looks like fun!

    Congrats on the Packers win, they are my #2 team, right after the Steelers. Both teams set a wonderful example of good sportsmanship though in my opinion. Such class acts for a change!


  48. Oh no, poor Doug! I hope he was padded enough with all his clothing and heavy coat to not hurt too bad. We never get enough snow around here to warrant a snow blower but I just love how they work... it amazes me that they leave such clean lines and can go through so much snow! I really enjoyed your pictures and I'm so glad you two went out for a little walk. Although it was cold and wet, I'm sure it was refreshing. Thank you for sharing your snow pictures!


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