Friday, September 23, 2011

A Bit more Fall & Some New Goodies

Well this week I have been busy with ‘business’ things so not much has been happening in my little world , no more gallivanting around the countryside like the last two weeks– but I did manage to buy some White pumpkins and get them out on the porches and I put out a few Halloween things but not much.  My decorating is finished!

Pumpkin Tree

This is in the screen room
On Table in Screen Room 



Front Porch

Front Porch 3

Back Porch 1

Today Doug’s cousins are coming over for a little get together – a few can’t make it so it’s going to be a small group but we’ll still enjoy the day and then we’re having a Soup/Sandwich Supper.

There are so many wonderful shows coming up this Fall – only wish I lived in several places at one time to attend them all.  I think besides the Oaks, PA Wholesale show late October and then the Simple Goods Show the first weekend of November that’s all we’re going to be doing. Except for the trip to Arkansas and little jaunts up north we haven’t gone anywhere since January and I’m getting antsy legs!

If you look in the side bar to the left I added two new items for Fall – my Candy Corn Hugger and Mug Mats.

A couple weeks ago I ordered some Weavers Cloth fabric from a dear blogger who was selling it. I think now to date I bought all she has (the other order arrived today).  It’s coming at a good time too because I’m preparing for next Summer’s Littiz Craft Show. Need to get stitching some goodies.
Weavers cloth

Oh, last weekend we went up north to the Wisconsin Dells for their last hurrah for the Summer – I found a couple things at the Flea Market and some great hand made mittens at the craft show.

Another Pewter top Syrup Pitcher and a much needed Pastry Blender – it has a metal handle so it should fit nicely in my hand.
Pitcher Blender 

And the warm mittens made from old sweaters

Nothing else is going on here so I’ll close for now – just wanted to check in.