Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Close-ups…It’s almost here!

The days are going faster and faster…think I’m about ready for Christmas!
Just have stocking stuffers to buy – our family would think Christmas never happened if they didn’t see their stockings hung and bulging on Christmas day…old as they are, it is the one thing they count on. 

And…guess what?  Next year we will be adding another one - Darren and MaryAnn are expecting!!!!  This will make grandbaby #6.

Here’s last years stockings … do ya think we can get
another one on here … Oh…we will!!!
Stockings 2010

This year we drew names for Christmas – no one needs anything and the things they do need are way out of reach so we thought this would be fun (except for the 3 little ones…they will still get a full Christmas).

I thought I’d do some close-ups of things in the house that didn’t show up in the previous post – so no more chatter…just a few pictures.

I re-did the kitchen table…it was kind of bare looking -
I added Two different garlands and some Sheep
to bring it all together with the Sheep tree
Kitchen table

On the bathroom counter
I separated the stacking boxes and used one for the tree
and the other for a stand
The third and smallest is in the next picture
with a small tree on it
Bathroom counter

Bathroom cabinet -
Bathroom cabinet

On top of Red cabinet -
Cabinet snowman

I didn’t like the kitchen counter box either…so that is redone -Kitchen counter box

On kitchen counter -
pineapple cookie cutters

On the middle of the dining room table -

Berry and vine garland, fabric trees and stars in
Tin Dough Riser on side table in dining room -
dough riser
Christmas Pewter in dining room -
Pewter Christmas table

On one of the shelves of the hutch in the den…
Greens and a Red Ware Snowman
plate from Eldreth Pottery Lancaster, PA -
Another Eldreth plate -
snowman plate
Pewter cupboard in dining room…Greens, Pewter
and wooden Gingerbread cookie press -
pewter 2
pewter 1

Tall tree and Santa in family room -
Santa and Tree

Close-ups of Mercury Glass tree ornaments -
Globe ornament
New ornaments

This ornament is clear glass spotted with
Mercury specks on the inside -
I bought it at the hospital gift shop a few weeks back when
I had my procedure done … needed a pick me up!!  
Glass ornament

And the antique Mercury Glass tree topper
from last months purchases -
Tree topper 

So that’s my show and tell for Christmas – I hope you enjoyed the tour.
I have been so inspired by all of you out there who have shown your homes this Christmas season. Thank you everyone…what fun!

I also hope you turn some of your giving to the less fortunate.
It doesn’t have to be with something of monetary value … sometimes just a smile, a hello or a nice gesture can put a smile in someone’s heart that you don’t even know. Wouldn’t that be wonderful.

And above all, please don’t forget the reason we are celebrating in the first place.

Merry Christmas Everyone