Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Finally an easy way to be notified that your favorite bloggers have posted a new post!

That’s right…blogger recently added a new gadget…you can now get an e-mail to notify you.

Email gadget

Maybe some of you know of this by now…I just found it yesterday and I love it…I added it to my sidebar so if you want to know immediately when I make a post sign up…hope you all put one on yours too…makes it so much easier than going into the dashboard.

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I got me a nice set of cookware this weekend…couldn’t pass up a 30% Off Coupon from Kohl’s.
My pans were getting horrible inside and out from metal utensils and the dishwasher…I let it be known that these will never see the inside of a dishwasher – ever!

New Pans

New pans 1

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I had a bit of time left over this weekend so I made a couple new items – some Candle Mats…been going to do this forever but it’s a ‘time’ thing…
I wanted something that the design wouldn’t get covered up with what ever was put on the mat and came up with this….I have Candle Huggers to match.
The Pineapple one will be remade…I don’t like the black around the edges of the Pineapple…I’ll make it like the Flower one.

Flower Candle Mat 1

Pineapple Candle Mat

I also made some new Mug Mats…for a wholesale order but have put them on my website as well.

mug mat group

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How’s the week going for you all….kind of quiet here. Snowed this weekend…cold and windy but yesterday it was in the 40’s – no telling when and if Winter will come to stay.  Spring should be very interesting.

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I will be doing the LITITZ, PA craft show this coming August 11th.  I will be located on Broad St. (Rt. 501) right at the beginning in front of the Police station.  So if you are in the area I hope you stop in and see me.

I’m also doing the Lititz Artisan’s Porch Walk October 12 & 13 so maybe I’ll see you then too!
There will be 6 locations you can find the Artists/6 at each location.