Sunday, November 4, 2012

So much to post about…got time?

Yep, lots of things have been going on since my last post. As I write this I’m listing to my very first Christmas songs…that’s right…Cable TV Songs of the Season has them on – and so do I!!

First I must say I was overwhelmed with the response I received from my last post about my Niece…she thanks you as well as I do.
Over the past 4 years since I have had my blog I found there are many, many wonderful friends I have never met and most likely will never meet.  We all post comments to each other and support each other when there is a request for prayers – this just showed me what beautiful people you are…my heart is filled.  THANK YOU.

Friday she was released from the hospital to go home to heal…then she starts PT – my brother/wife basically moved in to help out until she is better. Things are working out good…Tina is the strongest 40+ person I know – she will do just fine with the love of her family and her Faith.

I didn’t put it in my post but we were in Pennsylvania when we got the call about the accident so it was cut short but that was fine as we were finished with what we went out there for.

We went to Market Square and also I had to deliver some products a lady ordered for her shop.
If you haven’t been into ‘DAYS GONE BY CREATIONS’ on Main St. in Lititz, PA, you must.
Cindy is the sweetest lady and so complimentary on my products.
We stopped in to her shop the morning after the news of the accident and no sleep the night before so the picture is not that good…but I wanted you to see Cindy!
Me and Cindy

I made a few purchases while in PA…now who wouldn’t – it’s Colonial/Prim country for sure!!!

Got this huge basket  – I wish I could have bought more but I really don’t have room for more…but her prices were soooo low.
I put it a few places so you can see the size better.
What I’m going to do is put some large birch twigs in it with some tall twig lights for Christmas – think it will look great!
Large basket 1

 Basket corner

Large basket

And a must when I shop are Family Heirloom Weavers products…
This is a bedspread and pillow bolster covers – done with a dark Navy – I’m going to use it in the guest room.  I have enough Red going on in the house so thought Navy would work well in there.
Blue bedspread

 spread closeup

And some table squares and a table cloth and a throw
Again, the Navy thing going on here too – but I liked the pattern so much and they didn’t make it in any other color.
Table cloth

Table cloth 2 

The table square on the left is for a customer and the one on the right is mine.
Three wovens

This is the throw – but I’m going to use it for the holidays – it’s called 7 Snowballs
7 Snowballs

And some small pillows that may be used as gifts – done in the woven fabrics (I just now noticed the larger pillow is made of the same woven as the table square for my customer….)
3 pillows

So what else did I buy or do….oh I bought a double arm Whalers Lamp for the family room – they don’t give off much light but they sure do look nice at night.
Double arm whaler lamp

So the day we got out there we didn’t really have much to do so we just took a ride in the country – saw lots of Amish out in the fields and many kids playing after school and in Bird In Hand we came across the place where they give Hot Air Balloon rides…Two were getting ready to take to the sky so we drove in and watched for a bit.
Hot air balloon 1  

Hot air balloon 3

Hot air balloon 4

Hot air balloon 5

Oh to have the need to buy this property…what a beauty – but I bet it needs tons of work inside.  Look at that thatched roof…neat!!!VF property for sale 1

VF property for sale 3

 VF property for sale 2 

Oh on the way out to PA we saw they are replacing the service plazas…this one is going to be gorgeous. Done in Colonial stone – I’m so anxious to see this beauty finished. (if you click on the picture you may be able to see the stone closer)
Service Plaza 2

 Service Plaza

Just a few random scenery photos.
This was parked at the Sideling Hill service plaza in PA.

Farmer 4

Farmer had a 6 Mule team and had to pull off so we could get by.
Farmer 3

Farmer 2

 Farmer 1

 Fall shot 3

 Fall shot 2

 Fall shot 1

Now I come to the end with a little lightness with Aidan and Lola…on Sunday before we left for PA the boys came over to help put the plastic on the screen room and Aidan got to play with Lola…which doesn’t happen often but Lola was not feeling well so she relented – I think she actually liked it because she never moved and let him do whatever he wanted…guess she loved being all covered up.
Aidan lola 5

 Aidan lola 4

Aidan lola 3

 Aidan lola 2

Aidan lola 1

Before we left for PA I got out my hooked rug to work on – I’m starting to get a bit free with my time so maybe now I can work on it…been almost a year since I’ve had it – about time I got going on it!
Hooked Sheep 
Hooked Sheep 2

Lots of pictures I know…but I also know you all love looking at pictures instead of huge paragraphs of words…
Next post will have some pictures from Roots Market – a must farm market to go to if you are in the Lancaster area.

Again, thank you for the outpouring for Tina…
Bless you all and watch out for the other guy please!!!  You will be missed.
My brother/wife and Tina’s family
genes family 

 tina krista mark 1

 tina krista mark

mark angie



  1. Been continuing to pray for her, and all your family!
    The photos are lovely, I would love to go to see the Amish, it is on my wish list. The shop and the things you bought, wow! Love the red & white esp. Loved the scenery photos, and that sheep. It will be fantastic when you finish it!

  2. the photos are so lovely..i love amish so much too..
    sending you big hugs xxx

  3. i am praying for you and for your family..
    big hugs xx

  4. Karen all your pictures are fantastic!
    How long does it take you to get to Pennsylvania? Don't you live in Wisconsin?
    Your coverlets will look great for the Holidays too.
    Happy Sunday

  5. Karen all your pictures are fantastic!
    How long does it take you to get to Pennsylvania? Don't you live in Wisconsin?
    Your coverlets will look great for the Holidays too.
    Happy Sunday

  6. I'm glad your niece is recovering and that she has her parents living at her house, to support her in this difficult time!
    For a moment I thought you were visiting Europe, because the properties look so English, Irish, ... The thatched roof, the little wall of stones, ...
    I miss Amish country ...


  7. Hi Karen! So glad to hear your niece is on the road to recovery.
    I love that basket! Is it from the shop in Lititz? My BFF's and I do a Lancaster shopping run about once a month and I would love to pick up one of those baskets.Looks like you enjoy all the same places in Lancaster County that we do!
    Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers!
    Olde Crow Mercantile

  8. Great pics Karen! I enjoyed seeing all you visited and love all of your coverlets and basket. I'm so sorry to hear what happened to your niece and her husband. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Lori

  9. Love all the photos...I loved PA!! I have friends in Gettysburg from when we were in the military that live we got to stay on their was a great time and wished we could have been there in the fall with all the beautiful foliage!! I sure want to go back to Lancaster Co again some day! Hope things get better with your family!

  10. Evening Friend
    You and your family have so been on my heart and prayers.
    Thankfully Tina is getting stronger.
    Thank you for sharing and I will keep praying.
    Lovely things you purchased and beautiful photos.
    Blessings & HUGS


  11. So very glad your niece is doing well. Continued prayers for your family. Love the large basket!

  12. Evening Karen, thoughts and prayers still going strong......wonderful basket and coverlets, love them so.....great pictures......Blessings Francine.

  13. Karen

    Been thinking of you and your family. Sending my hugs and prayers. Such a tragic accident....
    Love all the family heirlooms! and that basket, wonderful! I just hung my new FHW curtains in the front room. love them! OLM

  14. I'm sure Tina's parents being there for her will be a tremendous help and comfort. Enjoyed all the photos and just about dropped to my knees when I saw your new basket.

  15. so happy to hear Tina is home, so much better for healing. I continue to keep her in my prayers and her sweet children.
    I am on my way out today, a tragic accident claimed the life of a friend. If I have ever known a wonderful Christian family that has time and time again had their faith tested, it would be this family. Just so sad how quick things can happen.

    My heart just breaks for the loss

    Love your basket, and beautiful photos Karen
    have a wonderful week

  16. Karen, you and yours continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Glad you had a little change of scenery to lift your spirits a bit. Love all the photos and that basket is wonderful!

  17. Karen. I am happy to hear that Tina is doing well and is at home. I will keep praying for her and her family. The loss must be SO GREAT, I pray Tina and her family to stay strong in their faith and lean on God and family member's.

    I LOVED your basket it is beautiful, the whole post was wonderful.
    Prayers and Hugs,

  18. Hello Karen. Love all the photo's, so Beautiful. Love all your recent purchases. Continuing the Prayers for your nieces recovery. Have a wonderful week.

  19. I am not even sure where to start with all that! Just glad to catch up with your goings on!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  20. Great post! First of all, I'm glad Tina is out of the hospital and on the road to recovery. Your goodies are beautiful! Aiden is a doll and it looked like he had a ball with Lola. Hope you have a wonderful week and keep going with your rug hooking!

  21. Karen: So happy for Tina but I know it will take a long time. She must heal physically AND emotionally. I pray for her.
    Your post was out of this world...wonderful information and sharing of your goodies and your pictures are wonderful. Cute-y Aiden and kitty are precious! Amish pics make me want to go back there! {{HUGS}} Joy

  22. Karen I am so happy to know that Tina is at home and recovering.Have been praying for all of you.It is so hard to loose a loved one.Loved the wonderful pics and that gorgeous basket.Hugs,Jen

  23. I have not been on in a while - I'm so sorry I missed the post about Tina. I will pray for her continued recovery and for the family. You got some wonderful goodies on your PA trip. I love all the pictures - beautiful country.


  24. What an awesome basket! Love your goodies and seeing all the pics! Continued prayers for your niece. Take care, Janice

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  26. Hi Karen.. You are on my mind a lot.. I was here yesterday but could not post a comment for some reason.. Anyway, I love all of your pics and I read every word you write..
    Praying for you and yours.. xo

  27. Karen, I so enjoyed this post-I've been so out of touch with blogging for awhile! So glad and relieved to hear Tina is improving...says a lot about the importance of a loving family in a crisis like this. She is so blessed to have them. Of course all your pics are stunning--love the basket and table squares. Many of your pics are so familiar to me as we travel through the same areas like Sideling Hill. We did a show at Root's market a couple years ago--I wish we did more in that area. Aiden and Lola are so sweet together. I hope to get back to blogging very soon now--2 shows to go!! ---Jan

    Hi Karen:
    I'm back and have updated my old blog.. try this one.. the one on your list is no longer there. It has been a chore to try to straighten all this out , since I once deleted this particular blog.
    try this one..

  29. Thank you for the update Karen, even though I'm a little late reading it. I was wondering how Tina is doing.

    Looks like you had a wonderful time here in Pa. You should move here.
    Love all the stuff you got in Lancaster. I wish my finances were not so tight so I could go shopping more there too. Take care.


  30. I'm so happy that tina is doing better. We will continue to pray for healing for her, her family, and all those affected by this tragedy.
    I really enjoyed your pictures. Such beauty in the simple life.
    Your babies are scrumptious! So adorable!
    Have a great weekend!

  31. So glad to hear that your neice is recovering, so sorry for your loss.

    On some trip to Pa, you are going to have to call me and come and visit our Amish area. Not as populated as Lancaster but interesting Amish as they are Old Order Amish and different than what you see in Lancaster.

    Love all of your purchases!


  32. Hi Karen...fantasic post and pictures. Sounds likeyou were having a great time in Pa..I'm sorry your trip had to be cut short.
    Prayers sent up for you and your family!



  33. So glad to hear that your niece is doing better!

    Well isn't it funny that I stopped by today. I'm headed to Roots in Manheim and stopping it Lititz!

    Enjoy your week!

  34. Great pictures Karen. I have missed blogging so much especially your blog. Hope you and the family had a nice Thanksgiving. I am sure it was difficult and you were definitely in my thoughts and prayers!! Love the basket!!


  35. Oh my word, am I ever behind on what's going on in your life, wow! Your current posts didn't make sense so I had to scroll back and see what I had missed. So sorry to hear about your niece's husband, very sad.

    Beautiful countryside pictures of PA, what a lovely time you must have had even though it was cut short. You picked up some beautiful things! Loving your sheep hooked rug so far~


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