Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas is finalized and the recipe for Toffee Bars

I’m so enjoying my free time this month.  It has literally been years since I have had the entire month of Dec. FREE and nothing in the works…it’s such a good feeling.

I finished my sheep hooked rug…if I ever get it put on my stool I will take a picture of it – I love how it turned out especially with the Colonial Blue background.

I also ordered some wonderful checked wool from Cathy at:  and her regular blog is:
It’s just beautiful – the thickness and quality is fantastic.  I plan to use it as the background for my Pineapple hooked rug I started a couple years ago when I first got introduced to it by Lauren from Rugs and Pugs blog.
Cathy lives right here in Wisconsin but unfortunately she is 6 hours north of me and that’s a loooong way to go for wool.   But…we have a cousin who lives there and one of these days when we take a ride up there you can guess I’m going to Cathy’s studio…so one of these days Carol I will show up.
Thanks so much Cathy for the quick delivery of it – I will be back for more wool at some point.

(click on pictures to view larger)

Wool from Carol 

Here’s what it will be the background for…hope I have enough.  I may take a few of the leaves out at the bottom and re-work them – this was my very FIRST attempt at hooking and it’s rough – but it is my starter piece so I’m okay with the quality.  After looking at it I just may take the whole thing out and start all over again - lol.
Pineapple Hooked Rug 

A friend of mine asked for some of my Cookie decorations so I made them this week and she picked them up and loved them – I think I need a set too!
cookie decorations 2

And…a very special customer had a ‘special request’ for a candle hugger with a sleigh and tree on it – I came up with this.  I’m now going to make some Penny Rugs and other things with this design.

Sleigh Candle Hugger 2 

So what is she going to do with 16 small bottle brush trees….well, every year I make name cards for the Christmas dining table and so this year I thought I might put bases on them and paint their names on the base…or something like that.  If you have any ideas please let me know.  At this moment my mind isn’t in the crafting mood.

bottle brush trees 

I have absolutely finished my decorating – you all know it has been a very slow process and taken in stages.
I will leave you now with some extra shots I took this week – some are probably like my prior ones but I did a few close-ups.
kitchen tree 1 

Sheep on tree 

Olde World Santas on tree 

Red stocking 

Foil Santas 

Santa molds 

Sheep by kitchen tree

Red pewter cupboard 2012


















snowman on pie safe 

stockings on chairs

pewter settng


santa on table

gingers and popcorn


snowman in bathroom



 snowman in frame

Thank you again for all your wonderful comments and prayers the past few months – I love the friendship we all have here – I only wish I could meet all of you at some point.
I also have enjoyed looking at all your wonderful posts and especially your decorating. It gives me inspiration. I may not have the same things to work with but I alter it to fit my space.

Oh…I almost forgot…I told ‘Judy’ I would post my Toffee Bar recipe.

Makes about 3 dozen
Preheat over 350

1/2 cup pecans – chopped and toasted
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup butter or margarine – softened
1 cup firmly packed dark brown sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 16oz. bag Nestle Semi-Sweet morsels

Lightly grease jelly roll pan
*In medium bowl cream butter and sugar
*Add the egg, flour, vanilla and salt, beat until smooth
*Dough will be a bit stiff – dollop onto the pan and press dough into pan
*Bake 20 minutes or until dough begins to pull away from the sides of the pan
*Turn oven oven off
*Sprinkle chocolate pieces over top evenly – return to oven for 5 minutes
*Remove from oven and immediately spread chocolate evenly over cookie and sprinkle with chopped pecans
*While still warm, cut into 2 inch strips, then diagonally into diamond shaped bars
The bars can remain in the pan – just cover with foil or let cool and put in covered container

toffee bars

And Audrey – I am working on the Angel Food Strawberry Cake – still can’t find my recipe or pictures.  They were posted on my website but I must not have saved the images….I will diligently keep looking though.

Blessings to all,



  1. Well, that sleigh is something I will want by next year on a penny mat! I love that. I am also copying your stocking. I have one hanging on my door and I am going to fill it with greens, candy canes and either a tree or a teddy bear. I am a copy cat today. Your decorating is beautiful as always. Glad to see you are pushing forward.

  2. YUMMO! Karen, I will be adding this to "baking" list this year!

    your cookie cutter ornies, love them! and a most adorable candle hugger too. your decorating as always Karen is wonderful and I love visiting! Enjoy the time off. I think I am taking January off. OLM

  3. Hi Karen,
    I LOVE the sleigh and tree candle wrap!! Like Betty, I will want something for next year with that on it!! It is a great design.... And oh, those cookie decorations! They are so cute... maybe I'll have to put in an order for those as well? :)
    Your home looks just wonderful... love your decorating style, and you have so many great Christmas items!
    Have a nice day, Karen!

  4. Hi Karen...I think you should leave the pineapple as is....I keep some of my early paintings as it is a pleasure seeing how I am progressing over time....and the pineapple is wonderful as is! I always enjoy seeing pics of your home,you give us all such inspiration.---Jan

  5. I love seeing all your decorating! You are so talented! Enjoy your December!

  6. Karen,my very 1st thought for your cute little tree place cards was STARS,cause you are very lucky to have so many "Stars" in your family. Well then my mind went wild with ideas as it always does,of what to use to make the stars!! So many ideas I had!!! Like a manilla cardboard folder to cut out the stars from and then use a permanent marker to write they're names on the stars & attach them to the tops of the trees with a dab of glue.You could use SOOO many things to make the stars.Contruction paper,there's small unpainted paier mache stars,a plain old folder. Also instead of using a permanent marker,you could write them names in glue & then sprinkle glitter. Oh I have to stop myself,I'm getting just too many ideas LOL!!!
    Hope this helps!!!

  7. Karen your home is lovely! I am love with the candle wrap,very pretty.I would keep the pineapple and just finish it,nothing is ever like the first one that you ever did.Thanks for the recipe,yummy.Hugs,Jen

  8. Hi Karen.....your pineapple looks wonderful......your home is so beautiful, cozy, comfy and all the Christmas goodies are adorable.....always a pleasure to see your home........Blessings Francine.

  9. hi karen....i pinned your toffee recipe for does it ever look good...and your home has always been one of my fav's...thanks for sharing it with have done a great job putting the christmas spirit in your house....

  10. Hi Karen, your home looks so lovely all dressed up for Christmas...truly inspiring! And don't you dare take apart your hooked pineapple...its charming just the way it is! Enjoy this joyous Christmas season!

  11. Everything looks so nice Karen! The toffee bars look delish! Hope you enjoy the rest of the month, blessings!

  12. Hi Karen, I have loved all of your recent photos of your home. Your pineapple will look great with that background wool. I have the same wool. It works up so nice. So glad you are enjoying December. You work so hard at everything you do,you deserve a break. How is your weather, did you get a bunch of snow? Talk to you soon.
    Oh, going to make those toffee bars for sure!

  13. Love your decor Karen and I think your pineapple is scrumptious! Keep it as it is. Janice

  14. Karen, your home is gorgeous. I love all of your Christmas decor. Love that sleigh candle hugger too - it would look great on a penny mat. The toffee bars sound yummy - I will have to give them a try.

  15. Wow! I've been out of touch for awhile and read your last few posts! Your life reads like ours ~ crazy!! So sorry about your sweet kitty, your sons' surgeries, and your poor dryer!! That sounds like something I would do ~ if you run it to warm up, would that stuff come off any easier??

    Love your decorating ~ it all looks so serene and beautiful . I hope this week goes smoothly for you! Alice

  16. Just love all your wonderful Christmas decorations ,Karen. Hope you will take a look at my blog again,Country Collectibles and our facebook page. I'm actually beginning to get some pictures on by myself! Hooray! Recipe sounds gret..think I will try it this week. Thanks. Have a wonderful holiday season. Faith

  17. Just beautiful Karen, I especially like the idea of the stockings on the back of the chairs! Have a great week!
    Be blessed,

  18. I love seeing all your decorating..
    You are so sweet.
    happy december xx

  19. Karen~ It all looks beautiful.The sleigh candle wrap I love! Yummm on the toffee bars.Glad you are able to enjoy the season.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  20. Everything looks so beautiful, Karen! Your home is so warm and charming...and filled with Christmas spirit! The sleigh candle wrap is so sweet and your pineapple rug is wonderful just the way it is...all it needs is the great background!
    Glad you are enjoying some well deserved down time!

  21. That snowman with the little head in your pewter is just adorable! I LOVE it!! I also love MY cookies made by you! I have them on my little table with a faux glass of milk by my fireplace, just waiting for Santa! ;)
    Beautiful decorating!

  22. Hi Karen~

    Love that candle hugger you made!! I think it would make a wonderful candle mat!! Love the photos of your home. I could look at them for hours.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  23. Can't wait to see the finished rug! Love the hooked rugs... Maybe I will learn someday;) that toffee recipe is dangerous! Just had a big cookie exchange this am out at church after Bible study.. Wish i would have brought your toffee instead.... None there!

  24. I'm glad you're enjoying your me-time. I get so much energy out of it. The cookie decorations and the red stocking are my favourite.


  25. Hello my friend.. Love all of your decor and handwork.. Such a talented lady.. So glad you are enjoying the season.. It is so good not to have to do it although we still do...
    I am going to try your bars.. Looks delicious..
    Take care..

  26. Karen, always love looking at your creations! I love those bottle-brush trees and was thinking how cute they would be with "gift tags" attached at the top with your guest's names on the tags. Maybe use small, very light-weight tag and string so the trees won't be top-heavy and tip over. I'm sure your creative juices will soon flow and those trees will be perfect! Blessings...

  27. Your decorating is wonderful! I especially love the sheep (I want to start collecting those!) and your pewter place setting. So lovely! I've been wanting to make toffee this year so your recipe is perfect! ~Roberta

  28. Wow, i love the cookie ornaments too! those toffee bars look wonderful! Dianntha

  29. Oh Karen, how lovely. You home deocr pictures are soooo beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  30. Thanks for the recipe!!! I'm making them on Friday. I am in love with all your mercury ornaments! Great collection. I, too, am gonna want the sleigh candle wrap. Your decorating is beautifully done.

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