Sunday, January 27, 2013

A huge thank you but not much else!

Hi everyone…well it has been a quiet 2 weeks since I got home from the hospital.
I can not express to you all how much I appreciated all your wonderful comments and personal e-mails and even some wonderful cards from my blog friends.  You are all the greatest. 
I had so many that it was hard to answer them personally…so I thank you all here.

I wish I could say i was feeling 100% but I’m not.  Still lots of pain on the right side and down the leg…today is one of those days.  Some are good and some are like today.  Dr. apt. tomorrow and so I will see what he says.

We have had some wonderful neighbors and relatives who sent food over and that was just a god-send…Doug has been doing EVERYTHING here and the meals are not his favorite to do so it was wonderful

And there were some surprises in the mail too – my friend from PA sent me a huge box of chocolates and 2 big candy bars.  She said it’s Pittsburgh’s finest and I am a believer!
Candy from Linda

Yesterday Darren and the family came over for the afternoon…brought a huge Pizza – a super wonderful afternoon and I think that’s why I  hurt today…I spent too much time playing with Miranda – well not really playing but I was sitting in awkward positions so I could see her at different times and I just knew I’d pay for it.  But you know…she didn’t cry this time and smiled for me too so I guess she now likes her grandma.
Miranda on blanket

Grandma and Miranda

I haven’t got much else to say because I haven’t been anyplace or done anything new.
Blessings to you all for being such wonderful friends.
I hope by the next post I will have something fun and not about ‘health’….but questions needed to be answered to my many friends who ask.