Sunday, January 27, 2013

A huge thank you but not much else!

Hi everyone…well it has been a quiet 2 weeks since I got home from the hospital.
I can not express to you all how much I appreciated all your wonderful comments and personal e-mails and even some wonderful cards from my blog friends.  You are all the greatest. 
I had so many that it was hard to answer them personally…so I thank you all here.

I wish I could say i was feeling 100% but I’m not.  Still lots of pain on the right side and down the leg…today is one of those days.  Some are good and some are like today.  Dr. apt. tomorrow and so I will see what he says.

We have had some wonderful neighbors and relatives who sent food over and that was just a god-send…Doug has been doing EVERYTHING here and the meals are not his favorite to do so it was wonderful

And there were some surprises in the mail too – my friend from PA sent me a huge box of chocolates and 2 big candy bars.  She said it’s Pittsburgh’s finest and I am a believer!
Candy from Linda

Yesterday Darren and the family came over for the afternoon…brought a huge Pizza – a super wonderful afternoon and I think that’s why I  hurt today…I spent too much time playing with Miranda – well not really playing but I was sitting in awkward positions so I could see her at different times and I just knew I’d pay for it.  But you know…she didn’t cry this time and smiled for me too so I guess she now likes her grandma.
Miranda on blanket

Grandma and Miranda

I haven’t got much else to say because I haven’t been anyplace or done anything new.
Blessings to you all for being such wonderful friends.
I hope by the next post I will have something fun and not about ‘health’….but questions needed to be answered to my many friends who ask.



  1. Karen,
    I am praying for a 100% healing for you!
    I am sure seeing your beautiful grandaughter helped put a smile on your face and hers...she does LOVE her grandma!
    Take it easy and relax. I will say a prayer for tomorrow that everything goes well for you at the doctors.

  2. Karen, I have thought of you so many times since your surgery, I hope you pain goes away very soon and for good news with your appointment tomorrow. Take is easy and look forward to the day when you can get up and do what you want. Take care. Kay

  3. Dear Karen, I wish you a full and complete recovery and hope that the pain will soon go away and stay away. You have been through a lot and your body needs TLC. I hope all goes well tomorrow when you see the doctor again. Continue to get your rest and take care in the meantime. In friendship, Connie

  4. hope you get to feeling better soon. denise

  5. Hope you fell better soon,,
    Lots of love for you xxx

  6. Been thinking about you...lots! Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest...hope you will be pain free before too long. Beautiful baby girl!

  7. I've been thinking of you, too, and wondering how you were getting along.... Sorry you are still hurting, but praying for your pain to go away soon....
    Beautiful baby granddaughter! I'm sure she brings you much joy...
    What wonderful friends and neighbors you have to bring you meals and help out your hubby! Good luck at your doctor appt. tomorrow... hope he can help.

  8. Hi Karen...sorry to hear your still hurting....hope you will feel better soon.....lovely Grandbaby, what a sweet face she has,,,,,,,That is wonderful to receive yummy gifts, those chocolates look so good, Enjoy, Blessings Francine.

  9. You are in my thoughts and prayers Karen. xxx
    Your grandaughter is adorable!
    And YES - Sarris Candies are THE BEST!!!!!

  10. Hi, Karen,
    I am remiss in not wishing you a speedy recovery earlier, I guess I have just been caught up in all the farm work in this awful cold. I am sorry to hear that you still have pain, I hope the doctor appt takes care of that. What an adorable little granddaughter you are blessed with. Is that chocolate box empty yet? :)


  11. Karen, I was sorry to read that you're still in pain. It will be good to get your Dr.'s feedback.
    Looking forward to your next blog and I hope it will bring better news.

    Sending you a hug and a prayer,

  12. oh my... I am so sorry I am so late commenting, dear Karen..
    I do not know how I have missed the last couple of posts but we did have that bad flu here for 2 weeks and I only posted and did not catch up much.. So sorry for all of your pain.. Praying that you continue to heal and get back to your old self..
    Your grandchildren are so beautiful.. Take care, dear heart.. xo

  13. Karen, it is good to hear from you. I continue to pray for your complete recovery. Miranda is adorable- I know you enjoyed spending time with her.

  14. Hi Karen, glad to see your smiling face in blogland again. Hope you get a great report from the doctor! Feel better, Dawn

  15. So glad you are feeling better! You do look much better. That Grandbaby is enough to make anyone happy. Praying they can find out what is going on so you can be rid of all that pain. Blessings!

  16. Karen, I am praying for you to be blessed with complete healing...please declare it and believe is headed your way! Dianntha

  17. Hi steps, baby steps! You look so much stronger than in the last's good to see that. Back surgery is not easy. Sarris chocolate..Mmmm....savor every is SO good! Amanda is as adorable as'll be chasing her in no time. I hope the doctor has a solution for the pain you still have.---blessings, Jan

  18. Karen,

    Bless your heart...I will keep you in my prayers for a speedy 100% recovery!

    Take care of yourself and thank the Lord for family and friends!

    Miranda is precious!


  19. So good to hear from you and glad you're doing better. Hopefully, the doctor will be able to do something to help with your pain. You should have invited us all over to help with that box of chocolates!! Hope you have a great week and tell Doug we're all very proud of him for taking such good care of you. Believe me, the caretaker's job is not an easy one. Ask me how I know that!

  20. So glad to hear you have so much help Karen..what wonderful neighbors you must have. I will be happy if we can move near some caring neighbors this spring since we have No one if we need help.
    Take care and hope you get a good report from Dr tomorrow

  21. So glad you had a fun day with your little baby! Dealing with constant pain can be so wearing ~ I hope your doctor has some encouraging news for you tomorrow. Glad to see your smiling face! I'm sending healing thoughts your way!

  22. Bless your heart, Karen! I hope the pain soon subsides for you. I can totally relate, it's not fun:( Hugs....K

  23. Showing that sweet baby is better than fun stuff! All we care to read is that you are feeling better and continuing to recover. As my mom would say, fun can wait!

  24. Oh my, Karen! You sure have had "enough" pain! Hope your doctor visit will find the magic button to turn it off! Sending you BETTER days and lots of sunshine for your soul! Faith

  25. Karen hope to goodness sake you begin to really heal well and the pain lessens totally and then there is NO More Pain. The baby has grown, she is beautiful. Still praying for you!

  26. Hello dear Karen, Honestly, it is just so good to hear from you. I have been wondering and worrying about how you are doing. I wish things were a tad bit better. Give it a little more time. Most patients start to really improve in the next few weeks. I think you look really great in the pic with your baby granddaughter.Blessings to you. I am praying everyday for you. Take care....

    Peace and happines,

  27. Praying for quick healing and contentment while you have to rest. Blessings~Sara

  28. Hope you feel better soon and heal fast!
    Keeping you in my prayers!

  29. Hi Karen! You are looking so well but I truly sympathise with you in your pain and hope it goes soon!
    Miranda is such a beautiful baby, no wonder you wanted to enjoy her!
    God bless

  30. Hi Karen, she's a cutie:) Enjoy the chocolate, yummy.

  31. Hi Karen: Wishing you a speedy recovery, my sweet friend! God Bless and keep you!


  32. Miranda is just precious! Hope you have a fast recovery! Janice

  33. Hey there Pretty Lady. :) So wonderful to see you here on your blog...miss you terribly in the forum. Precious Grand you have there. I'm sure you've enjoyed her as much as she has you. Tell Doug to hang in there...I know it's hard, but Love alone will pull him through.

    Complete Recovery is on it's way Karen...keep the Faith, Believe, and Take your time.

    Really Miss You...Alot! :(

    HUGE HUGS over and over. :D

  34. Hi Karen, been thinking of you. Glad you're feeling better but know you have a long way to go. I know you will make it with time and healing prayers.


  35. Hi Karen,
    I sure hope you are feeling better by now. I think about you and hope you are on the mend and not in too much pain. I send you very warm thoughts and prayers.

  36. So hope your pain is better.... You look great. take care and REST.

  37. I have been thinking of you Karen. I hope you got a good report from the DR the other day.

    Glad to see and hear that your beautiful grandaughter is getting more comfortable.


  38. Hi Karen, it's good to see you up and about and enjoying your little Miranda. She's a big little girl! Sounds like you're being well taken care of in the food department :) Wishing you a speedy recovery luv.


  39. Hi Karen,
    Sorry to hear you are still in pain. Think positive and relax.

    Keeping you in my prayers,


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