Monday, June 3, 2013

Surprise in mail…family fun

    I received a very special package in the mail Friday and it brought a huge smile to my face…it came from Sara over at Salmon Falls Prims

    I won her Independence Day Giveaway!!!  I never dreamed the board would be as big as it was – goodness Sara does beautiful work.  I am so happy and proud to own one of her creations. 
It has a place on my family room wall cabinet
along with the jar of American Flags.

Patriotic board 2

Patriotic board 1


    Last weekend I worked outside as much as I could while feeling relief from my injection in my hip – I know I should not do that but when I feel GOOD I take advantage of it and pay the price later…which is happening this week!  
But tomorrow I get 2 more injections so it should keep me going for about a month – can’t ask for for I guess.


    Last night we had our first sweet corn of the season and it was fantastic. It came from the south I’m sure as the corn here is only a few inches high – I don’t think we’ve had that good tasting corn even when ours has been in season.
Tiny light golden color and it snapped when you bit into it!!

sweetcorn 2


    Been busy working on an order for the gentleman that is making our two chairs – he asked if I would like to make a even up $$ trade – my merchandise for his shop for one of the chairs…heck yes!!!!  I think it’s a win/win for both of us.  We pick them up the end of July in MN.

    These Penny Rugs are finished – I still have a Christmas one and a Traditional one to make yet and the Mug Mats below are almost finished – one needs a flower and then the backs attached.
windsors order

windsors mug mats


    I have been asking Doug to make me something to hold my DMC cones for my stitching and he hasn’t gotten around to it yet so yesterday we stopped at the thrift store and I found 3 of these things – I think they held coasters at one time. I got all three for .69 cents and they work perfect – don’t think we could have made anything to work as nice.
I can just take the thread and pull and it spins on the rod!!!

dmc spools 2

 dmc spools 1 


    Went to a rummage sale and found this Pewter creamer and sugar for .25 cents. Couldn’t leave them…not for that price.

 new pewter c and s

    Also found this large framed picture for $3.00…John Trumbull’s print of ‘British Surrender at Yorktown, Oct. 19, 1781.   I’m going to have to reframe it as it’s loose in the frame.  It’s quite a large size print (20 x 26) so not sure where it will go, maybe in the family room.
 John Trumble Print


    Picked my first Rhubarb and it was very disappointing – very thin stalks.
Not a good year for it so I didn’t yield much at all and probably won’t get another picking from it….but what I did get was enough to make my yearly Rhubarb Cake.
Hopefully later today I can get the recipe on my ‘Favorite Recipes’ tab on my left sidebar.
Rhubard cake 2 


Saturday we went to Janesville to my nephew’s house for their daughter’s graduation party – didn’t get any pictures of the graduate as she was flitting about with her friends and never in one spot!

    So here’s a few of my family – I know – way too many pictures of them, but I sure do love them all.  Alexandra wasn’t there because there was a baby shower on the other side of the family (Dan and Jamie were leaving this party early to go to it).  And Brett/Heather and kids arrived just as we were leaving – but we at least got to see them all.

Father and Son…Dan and Jesse
dan jesse  

 Jesse 1

Brothers…Darren and Dan (wow…they even relax themselves alike…lol)
dan darren 

Aidan (right) chilling after a long bouncing session…he wore himself out.
aidan 4 

Needing something cool to drink…his hair is wet and sticking to his head!

aidan 3

Grandma and Miranda
me and miranda 4 

miranda hat 1 

MaryAnn - Mommy and the kids
MaryAnn kids 

Grandpa and Miranda


    I will close now by asking for PRAYERS for one of our blog friends.
Margie of Hungry Hook Primitives:   
She’s struggling so hard with pain and has been for several years. 
She doesn’t say anything on her blog about it but I’ve been e-mailing with her and as of late it is getting the best of her.  My heart is hurting for her right now.
So if you can add her to your prayers it would be so much appreciated.

Blessings to all and thank you for all your wonderful comments and for all my followers.



  1. I always love to see all of your pictures! What beautiful penny rugs and what a great deal! Your grandbabies are so adorable - just like their grandma! Have a great week, Dawn

  2. 'Love the penny rugs and the DMC spool holder. All of the photos are awesome too. Great giveaway wins from Sara. I will pray for Margie also :)

  3. So many great things! Including some awfully cute kids. Love your win, and your chair, and your finds! What bargains. Please don't overdo - take care!

  4. Love the sweet penny rugs sweet
    All the pictures are so sweet..sweet giveaway win
    Big hugs x

  5. Sweet Margie has been in my prayers. Lucky you bartering for your chair.When I did wholesale I bartered some too.Was rewarding earning something nice for your hand work. The picture is wonderful.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  6. Miranda is such a pretty little girl :-). I'll be thinking about Margie!


  7. Hi Karen, love the giveaway you won from Sara, looks great in your cozy home......beautiful penny rugs, adore them......Such sweet Grandkids, all so cute.....and the food, too yummy......Hugs Francine.

  8. Hi Karen, Congratulations on winning the beautiful sign from Sara, yes, Sara does beautiful work. I think the guy is coming out ahead with your beautiful penny rugs, I love them all, your work is awesome. Boy does that rhubarb cake sound yummy!
    You have a lovely family, looks like a fun get together. My heart breaks for Margie, prayers are being lifted for her. hugs,

  9. Hi Karen! Sara does beautiful work..lucky you!! Oh my, how I love to barter! We very often trade at shows with other vendors..makes you feel like you got something free! I'm sure the store will be thrilled with the penny rugs..they are all beautiful. You have a beautiful family...and isn't Miranda getting big! I will keep Margie in my prayers...I started following her just recently and I know she is hurting but doesn't talk much about it. She seems like a very sweet person and I hope she feels better soon.--Jan

  10. Karen your penny rugs are just beautiful. Love the photos, how cute are those kids! Hope you are not suffering with too much pain.

  11. Hi Karen,
    It sounds like you had a really fun weekend spending it with family. Your grandkids are just too cute! As you know I love, love all your penny rugs! I never knew you could buy DMC in those large spools...great idea. The sign you won fits perfectly on the hutch. I will pray for Margie as I do for you.
    Enjoy your week,

  12. Sara's sign is a beauty and looks great where you placed it. Love your penny rugs as usual. Thanks for sharing your family pics. Great family.


  13. Oh Karen I am drooling over your penny rugs! Where in Minnesota are they going? Maybe it is close to me and I can go and buy some! Keeping you in my prayers and Margie too!
    Be blessed,

  14. Sending Prayers to Margie!
    Karen your work is so Beautiful.
    I have always admired your penny rugs, maybe some day I will own one.
    Love the family pictures. Your grandchildren are adorable and growing fast.
    I hope your pain eases, also. Take Care and have a wonderful week!


  15. You have been a busy lady! Yummy food, family visits,shopping....that is what keeps us going. I love the treasures that you have found.
    Your creations are always wonderful. So glad that you were happy with the sign. I looks wonderful in your beautiful home. Glad you are feeling better each day. Blessings~Sara

  16. Karen I enjoyed your post and pictures.
    Hope your hip injections help longer for you. prayers for Margie.

  17. What a beautiful home you have.
    You are so talented. I love your penny rugs.What a great thing to barter.
    Praying for Margie.
    Oh you have a beautiful Family too.
    Woolie Blessings
    Praying for Margie

  18. ooops awesome win from Sara our other very talented friend!

  19. Karen, everything is so pretty! How neat that you found the spool holders for .69 cents. Your penny rugs are so beautiful and I'll bet they are fun to make. I've never tried those. Take care of your hip!!

  20. Karen, your penny rugs are just wonderful! Such beautiful colors and cute are so talented!
    Your grandchildren are adorable! Feel better!

  21. Karen,

    I love your win! It is wonderful! I have never seen DMC floss on such big spools, where did you get them? Miranda is getting so big, wow! Time is just flying...
    sigh... I didn't know Margie was under the weather so, prayers for sure! OLM

  22. Woohoo on winning Sara's giveaway. Looks awesome next to your patriotic! Have a great week. Janice

  23. Great thrift finds! Cute grandkids. Your penny rugs look awesome! I love to barter too - good job with that too.

  24. First of all, congrats on your win Karen! You made some beautiful penny rugs and I love that framed print you found. Enjoyed seeing your family pictures too! I will certainly remember your friend in prayer.

  25. Karen,

    First of all, Ms. Miranda is growing up so fast...she is just beautiful! :)

    And wow...what deals you found...the picture and the pewter! I would have been excited over either of those.

    Love all those penny rugs...such colors. Made my heart skip a beat!

    And you know how I feel about that giveaway of Sara's...just might be a little jealous! lol! Seriously, you displayed it so well and it is awesome in your home!

    Have a great day, Karen!


  26. You have been busy! Love the prize you won, but your work is absolutely wonderful! What sweet grands! ~Roberta

  27. What a wonderful sign you won! I love your flags in the jar. It looks like you found some bargains.

    I noticed Margie hadn't posted lately. Saying prayers.

  28. Hi Karen

    Glad that you are getting some relief, I'm like you when I feel good I go all out. Because when I feel bad it usually knocks me out.

    Those rugs are great as is your winnings! Love that!!!

    Enjoy your weekend!


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