Saturday, June 8, 2013

Where oh were has it gone!

Where has Spring and even the
approach to Summer gone!
It hasn’t found its way here yet – our mornings have been so chilly we have turned the heat on for about a half hour to take the chill off and the nights really cool down although I like having the bedroom window partly open for fresh night air so that’s okay but normally one can be enjoying the evening air this time of year…not here.

The day’s have been just okay, nothing to jump for joy about so it makes me wonder if we are going to have a crazy cool summer.
And rain…seems it sprinkles or
rains at the drop of a hat.

Okay enough ranting – I’m not a summer gal so not sure why I’m grumbling…(smiles!)

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The other night our granddaughter stopped after work for a little visit…oh my goodness she is really carrying baby Zane LOW….and he’s going to be a good size too.
She  is such a trooper though – never stops smiling and never grumbles about how uncomfortable she is and she has exactly 4 weeks to go yet.

Here’s a couple family shots…we get so few of her anymore with home life, her 2 jobs and school – which by the way she changed her major and is now going for Business – Criminal Justice will be later.

 Alex and gramps

 Alex and gram

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Even though the mornings have been down right cold we still got out to a couple rummage sales on Thurs. and then again on Fri.  Had to wear coats!!!
Didn’t find anything good (but I never expect to at a rummage sale – but you just never know do you?)
I did find this old Disney sand pail…it has seen some rough days laying out in a sandbox filling with wet sand and water over the years – I can just imagine what it has seen over the years and wonder what little child had this toy.
There’s a lot of rust on one side so you can tell it was buried in the sand for quite some sime….and there are pin holes in the bottom but I’m  okay with that – I just may put a potted plant in it for the screen room – what do you think?
It’s a good size too – 8” round, 8” tall.  The red handle cleaned up real well and still has its bright red coloring.
What appealed me to it was the colors…aqua, red and gold – perfect colors together.
mickey mouse sandpail

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For those that don’t follow my other blog for my business
I’m having a sale right now through the 14th only
on the Medium size Army Blanket
Traditional Penny Rugs
You can find all the information here:

There is about enough of the blanket wool left
for about 4 or 5 more runners
They are really selling – which did surprise me!
But the ones purchasing them said not only did they like
the runner but the Army Blanket had a
nostalgic memory for them.
Army blanket runner

Nothing much else happening here so I will close now.

Thanks for stopping by to visit me on my last post
and for all the nice comments.

Blessings to you all


  1. Hi Karen,
    What a sweet granddaughter you have. And what a trooper, Kelsey is barely showing and her grumbling has been going on for weeks. He hee. I keep telling her, oh child. You haven't see. Nothing yet! Wait till your last trimester. ;)
    Love your old Mickey pail. Great find.

  2. Oh and I agree about the weather. It has been the same down here in Southern IL.
    We may have had a few Hot days, then cold or rain.
    Very little perfect Spring today.
    Even though, today is pretty nice. Nicest one this year.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. i love the disney pail! denise

  4. J'aime beaucoup le petit tapis ! Et un futur beau évènement à venir .... marylin de FRANCE

  5. Hi Karen! Just sent you an email regarding your army blanket penny rugs.... love them!!
    Your granddaughter is SO cute!! My daughter is just entering her third trimester (due at the end of Aug. with our first grandbaby... yay!!) and she has been grumbling a bit since the beginning!! But she loves being pregnant.... just wants the little guy here!!
    The sand pail you picked up is great! Love the muted colors, and of course the Disney theme is always fun! It will look great with a potted plant on your porch!
    Hope your weekend is going well...

  6. Afternoon, love that sweet little pail, don't see them up here to the penny rug too, beautiful colors, Francine.

  7. Hi Karen.. Always happy when I notice that you have posted.. Love your pail and it would be lovely with a plant in it..
    Dear Grand-daughter looks lovely and happy.. So pretty.. Just like her Grandma..
    Take care and enjoy the cool temps..
    I don't like the heat.. smile.. xo

  8. We are also having cooler weather and rain here in Alabama. Lovely family photos also. Blessings to you and yours Karen :)

  9. Karen. what a beautiful girl she is pregnant. Just gorgeous. I wish her luck. Sorry about the weather there. It is wonderful here. Maybe you need to come south. It was gorgeous in Fla last week too. Not too hot, just right with a breeze.

  10. Such an exciting time Karen, Awaiting the birth of a precious little one. Such a sweet smile your granddaughter has. Can't wait to see the little angel. Love the pail. A great find. I agree, a green plant would be beautiful in it displayed in your sunroom. Love the mat. You do grea work. It has been wonderful here. You should just take Betty up on her offer, and come on south to visit. We are suppose to reach near 90 tomorrow. Personally, I would love for the weather to stay in the 60-70 range during the summer. Not fond of bugs and hot weather. Take care

  11. Hi Karen! Alex is just so cute and looks so happy carrying Zane. I hope it all goes smoothly and easily for her. I can't imagine being that busy while being so close to her due date...kudos to her! I love the sweet pail...just rusty enough to show of it's vintage good looks!...Jan

  12. Your granddaughter looks absolutely radiant! Two jobs, school and soon a baby! How does she handle it all?
    What a great sand pail!
    The weather hasn't been any better in northern Ohio. I have had the heat on daily.
    Hugs :)

  13. Karen, Family is the best!

    The Disney Pail is cute....fantastic find.

    We have had a cooler than normal Spring....but here in Kansas Summer is always way too hot. Shall see how this all goes.

    God bless and may you have a terrific wk-end,

  14. It is a beautiful table mat. Hope you are doing well. Dianntha

  15. Hi Karen, sounds like we have the same weather here in Minnesota as you do. the last two days have been sunny though and 70 so it is getting better.
    Alex is too cute (must take after you) Love the name Zane.
    Have a great weekend.
    Be blessed,

  16. Hi Karen, Your granddaughter is a love..... and soon there will be a baby to love, too. It really looks as if it won't be too long. I know everything will go well. I think our baby days in our family are over with for a while but I know you will enjoy this little one. Just think....your granddaughter having a baby!!!!! How wonderful. I hope I get to see that someday.

    All my blessings, Karen...


  17. You and your granddaughter are beautiful!

  18. It is said over here that a lot of people in the US have 2 jobs and go to college at the same time. I can't imagine how busy that is? Thumbs up for her that she can manage it all.


  19. How sweet your granddaughter is, all smiles being so close to her due date. I was so uncomfortable and crabby...
    I love that pail! It would look great with some flowers in it!

  20. What a lovely granddaughter, Karen. So exciting to have a new baby around. Love that little sandbucket..judging by the graphics, it is a really early one. Will be cute anywhere you put do such a great job of decorating.
    The weather here has been very nice except for all the rain. I'll take it, though, if it means no hot, hot, humid days.
    Hope you are having great days with no back/leg pain. Blessings!

  21. Hi there Karen - such a sweet granddaughter! How exciting that she is expecting. I think your Disney pail holds alot of potential! Did you make it over to Hippie Tom's sale this weekend? I did not - I don't usually find anything when I go to his sales, but it is always fun to poke around. My parents used to have yearly antique/junk auctions on their farm near North Cape and Tom was a regular buyer, so I knew him before he was a "star," lol. Have a great week! Jane

  22. Karen,

    Your granddaughter is so cute and she really is carrying Zane low which I bet can be uncomfortable, bless her heart!

    We just remarked that for this area, we have been having windy milder weather, although we are to hit 97 on Thursday so I have a feeling things are changing...

    I can't imagine wearing coats this time of year!

    Love the pail, by the way!


  23. The wool blankets certainly have a memory for me, but I'm not sure how nostalgic it is. It's amazing how you can do such a wonderful and beautiful thing with a wool Army blanket.

  24. Beautiful photos. What a wonderful time for your family. It's ben raining here a lot too. Spring never quite made it to Long Island! Love the photos! Maggie/Maggie's Lil' Fixins

  25. Good Morning, Karen! Your grand-daughter is beautiful and such a lovely smile! How exciting for you all! I love the Mickey Pale....I agree it would looked nice with a plant in your sun room.

    The weather here has been nice on and off. Today is beautiful, tomorrow more rain :(

    Have a good week.....hope your feeling well :)

  26. Your granddaughter looks great! And oh I love that little bucket! Your new penny rug is beautiful!

    Enjoy the sunny days! They are far and few between aren't they!!!

  27. your grand daughter is beautiful! I love those baby bellys! nice pictures of you all! love the mickey pail! the colors and graphics always get me! I love hunting for wool at sales.. among other things.
    I love your army blanket penny rugs! glad they are selling well for you im not surprised tho! enjoy!


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