Saturday, October 5, 2013

No more craft shows…please!

How are all my wonderful friends this Saturday afternoon?
Wow is it storming here – it’s right over top of us and dark – and the thunder and lightning is awesome. We certainly do need the rain though.

This morning we went to IL to a craft show – okay, now if at some point I say that we are going to a ‘craft show’…TELL ME I DO NOT NEED TO GO…they are pure junk.
The typical craft show anymore has nothing but jewelry and cheap wood crafts.

I guess we have evolved and certainly don’t need all that stuff they offer.
Our tastes have changed so much that now I just want to go to the Early Wares/Primitive shows and they are few and far between.
Although the end of the month is the Simple Goods show and it’s on our calendar and we have reservations – only when the time gets close will we know if we want to go for sure.

Last week we went to a couple flea markets and farm stands.
I love going to them even if we don’t buy anything – seeing all those Fall colors, Pumpkins/Gourds and squash besides all the wonderful drieds.

When we went to Cranfest 2 weeks ago we also stopped at Whetstone Antiques in Wisconsin Rapids.  I was there just once about 25 years ago and it has changed considerably.
A wonderful place with lots of goodies.
Doug took this picture of me and Cal the owner to send to my friend in AZ who is good friend with Cal.
Karen and Cal

Isn’t this this old buggy wonderful?
Cart at cals
We did find this old wood laundry cart (there’s a basket too) so we put it outside and added some potted plants we bought at the flea market.
It looked a little bare so I put the twig wreath in front of it.
Eventually when it stops raining and dries off
I will arrange the Pumpkins and Gourds around this area.

 laundry cart 1

 laundry cart

At Cranfest up at Warren’s we bought 5lbs. of fresh  Cranberries
I wanted a lot so I can make sauce and the freeze it.
And to string some to have for Christmas.
Also I wanted to make more Green Bean/Cranberry garlands.
Fresh Cranberries box

 Fresh Cranberries

And for the garlands I bought 3 lbs. of Green Beans

green bean bunch

I got enough to make 2 garlands with 3 lbs. of beans.
green bean clumps

At last Sunday’s flea market we bought more old Mercury ornaments.
And 2 of the ‘End of day’ ornaments from the 1800’s.
I love the one in the center/top – see the little glass bubble from being hand blown.
old ornaments

One of Doug’s friends gave us some Bittersweet from his property.
It’s very sparse with berries but nice none the less so Friday I picked all the leaves off and broke it all down to manageable pieces – didn’t glean very much at all but enough to put in a twig wreath.
Bittersweet pile

Not much after picking off leaves!
Bittersweet no leaves

Bittersweet on wreath 

This is all that’s left after finishing the wreath
Bittersweet after using

Apples = Apple Crisp
Love this even more than Apple pie!
Had to buy Apples at the farm market.

Apple Crisp 

 Apple Crisp. in bowl

Our new settle we bought from Linda in Michigan has become part of the house now.
Love it and we’re so happy it came home with us.

new loveseat

The basket and gourds on the bench we bought from Linda as well – I like how it all turned out.

pillow on loveseat 

 basket and gourds

Since I started this post the storm has worked its way out of our area – the sun is even shining….but oh my goodness it poured!

Before I leave thought I’m posting the Ohio show graphic
Destination Ohio

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.



  1. oh wow...Karen you have so much go girl.....I love the wreath and your new settle.....and that cart.....looks great.....I so wish I could go with you on all your ventures....maybe sometime I will make it to Wisconsin to see you.....I so enjoyed meeting you in person.....just wish I would of felt better that day

  2. be careful with your kitty being so close to your bittersweet ~ it is from the Deadly Nightshade family and can be severely toxic to our fur friends!

  3. LOVE the old laundry cart and of course the Christmas ornaments.
    Unfortunately even craft shows that used to be good are going the way of jewelry and tacky items. I was going to go to a local fall harvest show today but it rained here, too, and we also needed it. Hopefully the weather will clear and I will go tomorrow.
    Hugs :)

  4. Wow I love the wreath so pretty
    And the Christmas ornament is so cute...
    I am so much waiting for the rain here :)
    Sending you lots of love xxx

  5. Hi Karen! Wonderful fall has arrived in your home I see!
    I LOVE the pillow on your new settee and your wreath is just beautiful.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend

  6. Nice post Karen. I can so relate to not needing anymore stuff. I went to a local fair this morning and there was jewelry, soap, wood, photos, nothing I needed. We had gone to Walker Homestead last week and I scored a couple nice salt glaze crocks. I was so happy with that. I guess I just don't feel the need, or should I say the need I feel is to purge. I love your laundry cart and your bittersweet is just right.

  7. Hi Karen,
    It' so nice to see your feeling better! I love your new sette, it's beautiful. I agree with you on the craft shows, most are so crummy these days. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Love all the pictures!! sure miss craft shows....not much in this now we have to travel far to hit any good antique shows and those get pretty pricey! but i guess its all in the fun of your new settee

  9. Evening Karen
    We had terrible storms last night with 2 inches of rain. Today it has been cloudy and muggy all day.
    Your garden cart has a perfect spot.
    I am going to Simple Goods this year. Are all those other places close to each other?
    loved you post today

  10. Loved the post!
    You found some goodies,

  11. I feel the same way about craft shows anymore Karen. I was at a fall festival today and nothing interested me.

    Love your new settle. Wish I lived closer that I could have went to Linda's sale.


  12. I know what you mean about the jewelry at the shows, we have 3 left, one next weekend, and one the following weekend. Both will be pretty good on crafts, but still lots of jewelry. The last one is ion Nov. i rarely go any more, the same jewelry from both of the other 2 shows will fill up the gym there. I do love going out to other places, I love the things you bought. Everything looks wonderful. happy October, I can't believe how fast it has flown by this week!

  13. Hi Karen, I so fell in love with the Christmas ornaments you brought back home with you. Vintage ornaments are amazing, aren't they? I love collecting them too. I have a feather tree that I love displaying them on during the holidays. Enjoy our beautiful Fall. Blessings, Sandy

  14. Well Karen, I feel the same way about some of the craft shows in my area...pure junk! It's getting harder and harder to find real talent and artists. People are just re-selling stuff that is made in China. Love the mercury glass ornaments you picked up ! That new sette of yours is it black or blue? It was hard to tell on my computer. I've always been interested in stringing cranberries for garland...hopefully you can post some pics so I can see how to do it correctly. Enjoy the Fall..:) Jeanne

  15. Karen, Love the cart and the Wreath
    with Bittersweet !
    Your new Settle looks Perfect, with
    your Fall Goodies.
    Gave up Craft Fairs years
    ago, no good ones in our area.
    Thankfully I don't need much anymore
    but when I do all the Wonderful Gals (like you) sell on-line.
    Have a Blessed Sunday.
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  16. Karen, looks wonderful and I could just reach in and grab those beautiful beans.

    I have to agree, as far as the shows. I just went to two fall festivals here in Oh, one at Malibar farms and Pine Tree Barn and was disappointed. Many vendors not there and lots more of the jewelry and soaps, etc. I have seen many of the reliable and old shows disappear and the quality of others going on changing. I often wonder if it's because I do so much of the work myself that I stand back and say should I spend or can I do it, or if I stand back and say where would I put that, do I want to replace what I have. And then I also think I can go online and get it later. But, I do love going into shops across the country and see the prims, etc. so...

    Anyway it's fun to go blog shopping! Have a great day

  17. Sometimes things change for the better and sometimes for the worse and I agree with you on craft shows. Lovely decorating! I'm catching up on some blogging friends but am really inspired to finally get my fall stuff out after seeing everyone's beautiful arrangements! ~Roberta

  18. So much fall loveliness. I used to set up at those craft shows and sell out, tried one a few years back and no one had a clue what handmade american prims were. Now it's all tupperware, scentsy and jewelry here and imports galore.Warm Blessings! Amy

  19. Karen,
    A fun post as always! Sorry the craft show was a bust. I love the early primitives shows although I haven't made it to Simple Goods yet. Maybe someday. Love your laundry cart. And your new settle looks perfect. Love the pillow by Bobbie on it! Take care. Hugs, Lori

  20. How was the Cranfest craft show? Did you go to it? My sister and I were going to go but then her MS acted up so we didn't get to go. It is upsetting when you can't find good things at craft shows. I have never been to a good prim show...not sure there are any close to me here in Minnesota. In Nov. my sister and I are going to the Canterbury Downs craft show in the cities so hopefully we will find good things there.
    Be blessed,

  21. Hey Karen.....Love the wreath you created! very nice...I'm anxious to see what you do with the Green Beans. I totally agree with the "junk" you now see at Craft Shows, it very shameful to the "real" Craft!
    Have a good week, hugs!

  22. I do love your settee and table!

  23. A great post - lots of wonderful pics and inspiration. I agree with the craft shows - and would love to make it to some of those wonderful primitive shows - maybe someday. Your new settee looks wonderful.
    Hugs - Karen

  24. I know what you mean about craft shows. Even in our area - the Western North Carolina mountains which has the best of the best, I am tired of "craft" shows. I think I am burnt out after working in a gallery and seeing so much of it.
    I think it does come to the point where you don't need anything else unless it is really special and it is time to start paring down.
    If I do go to a show I avoid the ones with all the jewelry and ticky tacky dog outfits etc.
    I really like the new settle. It looks great. My husband hates them so I don't think I will ever have one! LOL!

  25. Oh how I love your new settle! I know exactly what you mean about craft shows....they've gotten so bad around here that they now call them "vendor" shows. I am going to the Gathered Treasures Show at the Richland county fairgrounds which is the same day as Simple Goods. I really enjoy the GT might want to consider going there too. Love your laundry cart and all your bittersweet...lovely!

  26. You are one awesome lady.. Your decorating is just so inspiring and makes me want to go out and buy something.. grin..
    Think of you often, Karen.. xo

  27. The first craft show I ever took part in was like that. Unfortunately, I didn't do my research very well and I was out of place there.

    Like you said, lots of jewelry, "bottle cap" necklaces and things like that.

    Love your fall home!

  28. love the laundry cart!!! I too hate craft shows, because they are more junk then true know I live out in the country and bittersweet is soooo hard to find, it is a treasure if you find some!!

  29. Hi Karen ~ I very rarely go to craft shows in Pittsburgh anymore due to the fact they are mostly Steeler crafts, jewelry and knitted items. Not that there is anything wrong with these, I'm just not interested in them. :/ There will be a nice big craft show the next 2 weekends at the Washington County Fairgrounds where I usually do find some prim crafts, so I look forward to that one.
    Love how you decorated the laundry cart! The settee is just beautiful!!

  30. Oh Karen I always love your posts. You have so much going on. I feel like I accomplish nothing after reading all you are able to accomplish. I don't know where to start!? Love you new sofa, my favorite print.
    Apples, bittersweet, pumpkins, it all says fall. I love the change in weather and all of the fun foods associated with it. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Karen, I just loves all of your pictures. How unique is that laundry cart. Your seat from Linda look great.
    I sure do hope you make it to Simple Goods. I think there will be a lot we know there and I want to finally meet you!
    Hope to see you soon.

  32. You have the prettiest posts around... love your pics and your blog. I 'almost' bought cranberries the other day when I saw them on sale. I looked around for green beans, but didn't see any. :(

  33. Hi Karen. I love your wreath and your settle. Your pictures look wonderful. I totally agree with you on the craft show thing. I stay away.....they are always a disappointment.
    Have a great weekend.

  34. What a gorgeous post, as always, Karen. I had a great Apple Crisp recipe years ago that I lost somehow. Now all of them seem soggy and uninspiring. If yours is really "Crisp-y" I'd love the recipe!

  35. Karen,

    You Settee looks wonderful! I am so glad you found it worked for you... Though..LOL... Ed not so much, since I turned into a dog with a bone for one too! Though, I am thrilled with mine and it was the exact fabric I wanted, so lucked out!!! hugs! OLM

  36. Karen,

    You Settee looks wonderful! I am so glad you found it worked for you... Though..LOL... Ed not so much, since I turned into a dog with a bone for one too! Though, I am thrilled with mine and it was the exact fabric I wanted, so lucked out!!! hugs! OLM


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