Sunday, October 20, 2013

Quilt – Babies – Etc.

Nothing much has been happening around
here lately….nothing fun anyway.
And I think that is good with as much as we had been going all
summer and into the Fall.

But that being said we are taking our last trip for
the year starting tomorrow.
(We have someone here taking care of things and the kitty –
so all is well and safe
Heading to PA for the wholesale show and then spend a
couple days with our cousin.
I still buy small things that I know my customers would like – and then sell them  on my other site – yes, I quite making my Penny Rugs but will still try  and find fun things to share and sell to you my friends.
I like to pass on my bargains.

(remember to click pictures to view larger)
tea affair 1

I’m also very excited because I’m having lunch on Thursday  with a blog friend.  K (Kathleen - )  and I have known each other for several years now from forums and now blogging.  We have tried many times to meet up but always  something on my end stopped it from happening.  This time it will happen.
Anyway we are going to A Tea Affair in Lititz 
We decided on the High Tea menu – K said the food is wonderful and  you get lots of it and they do it up just right– just what gals like!
I’ll post pictures next week of the real setting/food.

 high tea

Last Sunday the Ladies Guild at church displayed the quilts they make for the  different hospitals/veteran’s/children’s hospitals.

Quillt 1
They placed one over the back of each pew – anyone could purchase  one if they wanted to so I did – the money also helps with the shipping  and other things pertaining to the quilts.
During the year I give them as much fabric as I can and I saw lots of it in the quilts.
Wish you could have seen the church that day – so bright and cheerful.
The quilts are simple but made with lots of love – they aren’t  like the quilts of ‘yesterday’ but they have meaning and I’m happy I purchased one.  It’s going to go on the bed in the 2nd guest room….there is quite a bit of Red in the quilt  but difficult to get a good shot of it.
 Quillt 3

Quillt 2 

This week I also made a wonderful Apple Pie – we bought
some Cortland Apples – my favorite for baking.
Needless to say it didn’t last long.
Apple Pie 

Got a picture of little Zayne off of Alex’s FB page – wanted  her to send a larger one for me to get developed but haven’t  seen it yet so had to use this one here…he’s sporting his  new sweater and hat.  Look at that little round face…
Zayne in blue 

We went to visit Darren and MaryAnn last Friday and finally Miranda let me hold and play with her – never thought that would happen.  But – mommy and daddy were gone so she had no choice…LOL
Miranda toys 1 

She loves to dance to Barney
Miranda dancing

Aidan Miranda

Bought some more wool a few weeks ago at Cottage House Primitives in Lodi.
I hadn’t been there in a couple years so it was a fun visit.

Wool from Lodi
I’m working on building my wool supply so I can have enough to
make the large MITTENS pattern I bought this past summer.

That’s it for now – I’ll check in this next week if I can while on the road.

Before I leave you though, I’d like to ask for prayers for our pastor.
We were told today at church that he is in St. Luke’s hospital with a brain tumor that came on him
suddenly – at least the bad effects of it came on quickly.
It is about the size of a baseball and pushing the brain to one side.
After they find out the source of the bleeding from the tumor they will do surgery, hopefully on Tuesday.
Please send prayers his way for him and his family.

Thanks to all for visiting and following me – old and new followers alike!


  1. Karen hope you have a fun and a safe trip ~ how exciting to meet up with a blogging buddy too!
    Beautiful quilt ~ so nice that the monies go to a worthy cause.
    So sad to hear about your pastor ~ prayers and thoughts going out to him and his family ~ hope everything goes well for him.
    Prim Blessings

  2. Hi Karen, I sure will say prayers for your pastor. That is a very hard thing to deal with but miracles do happen and let's hope our prayers produce many miracles!

    Your have so many irons in the fire. Grandchildren, making pies, collecting wool...going to many things but I LOVE THEM ALL! I hope you have a safe trip and I really pray that you and Doug enjoy yourselves.

    Next it will be Christmas! Our kids say we should draw names and I don't know if I want to do that with the grandkids. Maybe we should just buy for the grandkids....oh well, it will all work out!

    Your pie looked so good. I am planning on making one for us tomorrow and if I don't get too tired out ...I will make one for our daughter and her family, too.

    Blessings and have fun on your trip!

  3. Hello dear, I hope you have a fun and safe trip...
    It's a very sweet quilt..I love it ❤️
    So sad to hear about your pastor....I am praying for him and his family...
    Sending you all big hugs

  4. Praying for your Pastor.

    So good to see the babies pictures, they are precious. Hope all goes well with your trip, I love the quilt, what a great way to showcase them on the pews! That is a wonderful ministry! Looking forward to seeing the other photos! hugs!

  5. My Dad used to bring Cortland apples home after he visited his family in New York state.. They are wonderful apples. Don't know if I could get some in Virginia.
    So sorry to hear about your pastor.. He will certainly be in my prayers..
    Have a safe trip and lots of fun.
    Your Grandchildren are so cute and I know you love them to pieces..
    Hugs, Charlotte in Virginia

  6. Have a wonderful trip to Pennsylvania. Enjoy your special lunch. Your quilt is so pretty...and that sweet baby boy is precious!
    Have a great week,

  7. Wishing you a fun and safe trip to PA. Sounds like a lot of fun.
    So sorry about your pastor and praying everything goes well.
    Sweet quilt and sweet babies!
    You are so lucky to have them.
    Now I am thinking about baking a pie after seeing yours!

  8. Have a good time - sounds like fun. What a great idea with the quilts. Your pie looks super! Yes, I will pray for your pastor - I know Jesus heals as my youngest daughter is a cancer survivor! Blessings from Ringle, WI.

  9. Have fun on your trip and meeting K. It will be fun having High Tea. Lulu's has that too. I have a friend who used to do High Tea for one of the Historic Homes here in Knoxville. she also used to have them for holidays at home and what a good time we would have. Didn't realize I missed them!. The babies are growing like weeds.Can't wait for pix

  10. Prayers to your pastor and family.
    Love your quilt. Beautiful colors!
    Your grandkids are adorable!! Love the picture of them dancing!! :)
    I have been craving an apple pie, gonna have to get one now! ;)

  11. Hi Karen, Sorry to hear about your pastor... prayers for him and his family...
    Hope you have a wonderful trip to PA. I don't get there nearly as much as I would like! Looking forward to seeing pics of tea with your blogging buddy!
    Your grands are just adorable... spending time with the little ones is so special.
    Great quilt for a great cause! The one you chose looks lovely on the bed... Apple pie looks yummy... I can almost taste it! I'll have to make one soon.
    Safe travels, have fun!!

  12. Love the quilt. The wool is beautiful! Prayers for your pastor.

  13. Oh my goodness Karen, you have lots going on, both good and bad. I'm so sorry about your Pastor.
    Homespun Elegance

  14. Hello Mrs. Karen~
    Oh...we all will most definitely be praying for your pastor; what a horrible thing to have to happen!

    Miranda is so cute!
    The apple pie looks yummy!
    You have a lovely "home" here on the web!

    I am coming on as a new follower!

  15. Have fun on your getaway Karen, looks like a great place to meet you blog friend! Yum! Your apple pie looks yum too! Great photos of those babes! Enjoy!

  16. So sorry to hear of your pastor's illness. Will be holding him up in prayer.

    Your quilt is so pretty.

    Hope you have a wonderful journey.


  17. I've added your Pastor to my prayer list and have asked my Mum to add it to theirs.

    I LOVE to go to Lititz - have a wonderful time!


  18. Hi glad you are taking a nice trip. I hope there is a way for you to contact me...I have info about your sofa fabric!! Donna...the Tin Rabbit/Country Keepers

  19. Hi glad you are taking a nice trip. I hope there is a way for you to contact me...I have info about your sofa fabric!! Donna...the Tin Rabbit/Country Keepers

  20. Karen,

    You were at Cottage House too? When did you go! I had never been there until bags...oh my!!! Have a safe trip!!! Grandbabies are getting so big!!! OLM

  21. Sounds like you've been a busy lady! And high tea with a kindred spirit sounds heavenly. And what a SWEET little one you've got there!~ :)

  22. Ah! I have wool coming out my ears but every time I see a wonderful wool I just can't leave it there and it has to come home with me LOL! I love Cottage House, if you are not on their mailing list you should get on there, she sends notices out for their open houses and typically offers a discount with the post card and a donation.

    The babies are beautiful.

    Love the church quilt, it looks perfect with the coverlet!

    Enjoy your trip!


  23. Hi Karen, Those first couple of pictures have just put some weight back onto my thighs! I'm trying to lose some weight from all the 'comfort eating' I was doing these last few months.
    I wish your pastor all the best and I'm one who can tell you about miracles, as you know. Prayers and thoughts will be sent for him. Hugs Sue

  24. Hello dear friend. Yes, I will pray for your pastor.. God is able that is for sure.. Love the pics of your dear wee grandchildren.. They keep the world going around, don't they?

  25. Hi Karen, love the pie safe, beautiful cozy home you have.......prayers for the Pastor and family.........sweet Grandbabies, how cute are they.......Enjoy Francine.


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