Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Re-do has begun

Been waiting for this for quite awhile now and it has finally begun – I’m so anxious now.
We delivered our sofa a week ago Friday to the person who is reupholstering it for us.
I said in my last post that we were fortunate to have found someone close that does this kind of work.  It’s almost a non-existent art anymore.
Debbie has kept us updated with pictures of the progress.  There’s just one little part of the sofa that she has started putting the new fabric on and I can’t wait for a larger section reveal!

(click on pictures to view larger)

Sofa process 1

Sofa process 2 

Sofa process 3 

 Sofa process 4

This is the new decking platform
before the final cover 
Sofa process 5

This last picture is with the decking cover and the new fabric on the edge.
It isn’t tacked down yet.
Sofa process 6

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have been gathering up all of my craft supplies – wool felt included - to have a sale.
I’m not sure how much of it I will put on but there will be quite a bit.

I’m trying to get PayPal to recognize the items on my selling blog but so far it is not cooperating with me.  I hope I can get this to work because it will be so much easier on me if I didn’t have to put a first e-mail gets it.  It always leaves someone with a bad feeling thinking they were the very first for that item.  So wish me luck with PP.
I will have pre-washed pieces and bolt pieces/yardage.
The pre-washed pieces will be sold in bundles. I’m hoping the bolt pieces I can do 1 yard min. increments.

Here’s a little peek at some of it
Wool Felt bolts
Wool Felt pieces

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So be watching my selling blog for the sale:
If you start following my blog over there it will be much easier for you to find the sale.

~ ~ ~ ~  I still have my patterns on sale
– until the end of February  ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Working on a hooked rug piece that I bought at a flea market this past summer.
The lady had rug hooking items/patterns/fabrics/wools and also some Penny Rug items. I got lucky.
On the hooked piece I took out what she had started so I could use my own colors.
Here’s just a peek at it so far – I’m not good at it so the loops are not smooth. One day I will get the feel thought and hopefully do better.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have nothing more to share with you this week – wish I did.
It is very quiet and cold here as much of you are also feeling.
Went for a few grocery items this morning and also an estate sale down the street and that was it. Was anxious to get back to a warm house.

Stay warm, stay safe.



  1. Karen how fun to be redoing your sofa! My mom used to do this all the time,sure wish I had her talent for it.The fabric you chose is beautiful.Will have to watch for your sale.Stay warm if you can.Hugs,Jen

  2. Hi Karen! I'm sure you'll be thrilled with the new sofa as it seems to be expertly done and looking great!
    I also think you are doing an expert job rug hooking too!
    Best wishes

  3. Hi Karen,

    Look forward to your sale! ... Love the sofa..

  4. Where did you get your sofa's gorgeous. I have a lady in Lancaster who does my work and she's very reasonable. But getting the right fabric when looking for something prim sometimes proves impossible. How was your Christmas? I'm almost done with the painting. Thanks for your help!


  5. Hi Karen, love the fabric you picked for your sofa. Can't wait until your sale.
    You rug hooking is beautiful! hugs, Lecia

  6. Love the hooked rug!! Our minister and his wife upholster furniture in their spare time. You are right, its hard to find people who do it anymore. Can't wait to see when its done!

  7. Your sofa will be so pretty when it is done. Wish I could purchase some of your wool felt but won't be able to since I'm no longer selling either.

    Stay warm

  8. Loving the new color for you sofa. New looks are always so welcomed here.
    Good luck with all of the technology. I get lost with trying to figure out
    all of the new things. Hope that you are staying warm.

  9. Can't imagine how excited you are seeing the sofa being recovered. My aunt does beautiful reupholstering, but her hands are full now watching my uncle who has dementia. We do have 2 shops nearby though. Good luck with your sale..and Paypal!...Jan

  10. Oh I wish I knew how to do that because I need everything redone. She's doing an excellent job.

  11. I am going to love your new hooked piece as well as your reupholstered sofa! I can not wait to see them done! You always have something fun and exciting going on at your house. Your posts are fun to read.

    Take care and try to stay warm!

  12. Beautiful.
    I love that fabric.
    So exciting.
    Warm Woolie Blessings

  13. Love the fabric. I like the old one too :) Maggie

  14. Hi Karen, Just love the fabric choice on your new sofa. I know you folks are battling the cold weather, here in California we are dealing with the heat, just too warm for January. Sandy :O)

  15. Oh Karen... I just LoVe the fabric you have chosen for your sofa. It will seem like new:)
    Its cold here too. Nice to stay inside, with needle & thread & a warm fire in the stove & look out at the snow. Keep warm.

  16. Nothing like a new piece to get you moving. Know you are excited.

  17. Love the new fabric for the sofa. I love having something to "wait for" don't you!!! My somputer finally got fixed (almost) but I still can't get to my blog dashboard!! :-( Have lots to post about but having problems with Google and their solutions don't solve the problem! I will keep trying...right now choosing a color for the walls...can't stand those stark white walls. Hugs, Joy

  18. the sofa will be wonderful when it is finished, hope the sale goes well for you!

  19. Karen,

    OH MY!! How exciting!! I can't wait to see it all done! I just know it's going to look wonderful!! stay warm my friend!! OLM

  20. Thanks for sharing those pics of the reupholstering in progress. Hopefully it won't be long before I am in the same boat! I know you are excited to get it back.

  21. So glad to be back in the blogging world. Had a rough couple of years but have really missed all my blogging buddies. Looking forward to catching up with you. Hope your back is better.

  22. Your chair is going to be just beautiful.. It it going to look perfect in your beautiful Colonial home.....You are so busy as usual....I hope you get the paypal kinks out of your selling blog.. that has to be bothersome....Always a pleasure to visit with you.. Havae a great week. Blessings!

  23. Your new sofa is going to look great! I've been learning how to upholster from my friend who has a shop. I love it.


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