Monday, May 19, 2014

Kitchen re-do is finished!

If anyone had trouble commenting on my last post with a ‘no-reply’ it has been fixed.
For some reason Google+ changed settings.  Some comments were coming through – some not.  Please try again this week.

Pineapple line art

Have you ever waited and waited for something that you just wanted so much and when you got it it was a big disappointment?
Well  that’s how we feel right now with our counter – not the sink though…that’s perfect.
And what I mean by being disappointed is that the counter guy didn’t actually tell us about scratching!!!  Yep, it scratches easily and from almost NOTHING!

It has been in since last Wednesday and I think I’ve had tears everyday since then – it’s not horrible but it’s not nice either.
We picked out 4 different counter colors before we found one that was available – the others were discontinued so it seemed I chose this one out of desperation I think.
Hindsight says I should have gone ‘light’ – but I really like the darker colors.
Anyway…getting back to the scratching thing – not sure why we weren’t told about it until AFTER the install, if we had you can be sure we would have chosen ‘light’….BUT, when all is said and done, it looks nice and cleans up nice…BUT AT THIS POINT ‘IT IS WHAT IT IS’ and it is growing on me/us….every morning it looks better and better.

But oh how I love the sink.
So I’ll just show a few pictures here of the before and after…..if you don’t care for lots of pictures then this is not for you.

(Click on pictures to view larger)

A couple BEFORE  pictures
Original counter is deep red with some black
Before kitchen 1

Old Kitchen 1

Old Kitchen 2

And the AFTER
The tall man in blue is the owner and designer
Now mind you – we are happy with the work and the install, he did fantastic work – it’s just that it scratches far too easily.
New color is Cocoa – It’s a solid surface product – now some may not even notice that we got a new counter and that’s okay, I didn’t want something that was bright and bold and jumped out at you – I like ‘mellow’ colors.
Bringing in new counter 1
 Installing new counters 2
Kitchen total finish 1
Kitchen total finish 2 
Kitchen total finish 3
And the extra special splurge…my farm sink
We were fortunate that he found us a sink with a 6” apron so
we didn’t have to have any work done to the cabinet doors
Kitchen  total finish 4

I’m not jumping into dealing with what is on the counters right now as there are other projects that need attending to so different things will come in time…but for now the things that were on the counter went back on.

In time I would like a wood floor in the kitchen that matches the wood in the dining room – we put a few pieces down in front of the sink to see how it would look and it’s perfect…so in time I guess.

Pineapple line art

I was in the creating mood last week and made some Strawberries for the show I’m doing the Sat. after Thanksgiving.  I know they aren’t holiday but I need lots of ‘smalls’ – people like to buy lots of little things vs on large so I’m getting prepared.
I will also sell them on my site and on Etsy as well so watch my site for them to appear.
I have large and ‘normal’ sizes.
Finished Strawberries

 Pineapple line art

Last weekend (Mother’s Day) our local fresh market had a Cream Puff and Cupcake sale so Doug went and brought some home – they were gone in no time!!!
Cream Puffs Cup Cakes

Pineapple line art

The lady up the street had a huge cluster of rhubarb and she was moving last Saturday and told me to take as much of it as I wanted to – she knew ours wasn’t growing well this year – could be the crazy weather we had, not sure why though.

We cut it and put it in 3 cup amounts and froze it.
Rhubarb 1
Rhubarb 2
Rhubarb 3

That’s all I have for you this week!


  1. It looks beautiful. When we put in new counter tops we had the piece they cut out for the sink made into cutting boards. They are handy and keep the counters nice. Just a thought. judy j

  2. Beautiful! I looked at solid surface and they told me 320 grit paper would sand all scratches smooth. But I thought - that must mean it scratches often? Still not sure what to get but yours is very nice!

  3. I think your kitchen looks absolutely wonderful! Love the soft color of the counters!
    Yummy strawberries!
    Have a great week,

  4. Your kitchen looks wonderful! We have the solid surface counter tops too-they were already in the house when we bought it. I too wasn't to wild about them at first, especially since they do have scratches, but they do grow on you. I keep thinking that if they still made Jubilee Kitchen Wax, it would really be a good way to keep them looking nice. I'll to look and see what I can find!

    1. Vermont Country Store has just restarted carrying Jubilee, saw it in my recu catalog. Fyi

  5. Wow your kitchen is looking so beautiful..
    Yummy mouth is watering..
    Big hugs xxx

  6. Karen your kitchen update is beautiful and I love the color of the counter, sad that you weren't warned of it easily scratching before hand. The sink is wonderful!
    Still hoping for my little kitchen redo one day......when the time is right.

  7. Love the kitchen, especially the sink. .
    The strawberries are so cute, I can see a whole bowl of them going fast at your sale.
    Have a great week!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous Karen. I love everything..

  9. Karen your kitchen looks great and wish I had one of those big sinks!!!!!!

  10. Karen, you kitchen is a dream kitchen! I love that farmhouse sink, I rem. my MIL making rubarb crisp, do I ever miss that. hugs, Lecia

  11. Your kitchen looks lovely and I love love that sink! What a great crop of rubarb, love rubarb too. Can't wait to see the kitchen benches decorated. The strawberries are too cute!


  12. Lovely, Karen.. Your sink is wonderful.. Rhubarb is so delicious, eh?
    Take care, my friend.. xo

  13. Love the color of your counter..too bad about the scratches...I want a farmhouse sink so bad. Love rhubarb on ice cream and rhubarb strawberry pie is one of my favorites. Janice

  14. i have read your blog story, its very tremendous writing skills saw in your blog, just keep writing for us...dave burke

  15. The kitchen remodel looks really nice. The colors are very warm and relaxing. So sorry about the scratching. That farm sink is also a great addition. As always, your beautiful home is amazing. Great decorating skills you have. The Mother's Day cream puffs and cupcakes sound wonderful! Prim Spring blessings :)

  16. Karen,

    What kind of counter did you get... Seems scratching is something that should of been told... BUT... be still my hear your farm sink... with the apron so cabinets didn't have to be changed out... I didn't know there was such a think... OLM must have! LOL! So want a farm sink... didn't have the $$ when we did the kitchen oh so many years ago... but sometime in the future, I would like to change that out. OLM

  17. so pretty, love the sink, the counter color too, love your cabinets, and love your strawberries.....I have made so many regrets on decisions I and learn...I bet nobody will see the scratches but you....will you let me know when your strawberries are done???

  18. I think it all looks lovely! Your sink is glorious too! Love the farmhouse sinks! I couldn't do one since I have a corner sink. Always love your posts :) Maggie

  19. Love it Karen!!! I especially love the sink ~ I wish I would of put in a farm sink when we did our kitchen ~ maybe one day!
    YUM ~ bakery and rhubarb!
    Adorable strawberries ~ I've been trying to make items for a show in Oct.
    Enjoy your new kitchen redo!
    Prim Blessings

  20. Love it! It's beautiful! Nice color, amazing how just changing countertops do for the kitchen....nice.

  21. So sorry you are disappointed. Drats! It looks great though and I love that sink.Thought of you during my Amish trip.(on my blog) If we ever go we have to stay at the Carlisle Inn. lol That sink is terrific


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