Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Such a full week

Last week that is – we left last Saturday for the Woolenwillows ( ) rug hooking/quilting retreat in Davis, WV at the Blackwater Falls lodge ( )Oh the scenery was fantastic – lots of gorges and a couple waterfalls and friendly deer that grazed in the courtyard behind the restaurant….who could ask for more?  Well, there was more – a wonderful gathering of like people, enjoying their craft.
There were more quilters than rug hookers but some of the quilters did some rug hooking as well.
I have many pictures and had to go through them to get the most out of just a few, but ‘just a few’ will most likely will turn into a lot once I get going here!

It was iffy whether I would go in the first place because both Doug and I got some kind of bacterial thing and we were both down for a week – in fact the day we decided to head out we were already 2 days behind schedule but we both felt good enough to make the drive.  Tired but still feeling a lot better.

Our first stop was in Powell, TN, we met up with Betty Crowe from and I must say she is just as bubbly in person as she is in her blog posts – what a great lady and friend.  We were to meet at her house for supper but because we got a very late start I surprised her when we got on our way with a call and we met for breakfast.
What a dear lady!

(click to view pictures larger)
Betty at restaurant 1

Our first meeting
First meeting with Betty 
Saying goodbye!
Betty and Karen restaurant 1

Then it was on our way heading to Ashville,  NC to visit our very dear friends Bill and Linda Nottingham – they finally sold their home in St. Kitts and relocated in NC.
We spent 3-1/2 days with them before heading northeast again to the retreat.
Bill met us at a parking lot to lead the way to their house…it’s up the mountain.
Bill 1

Doug and Bill

Karen and Bill

If you all remember my last post with the mushrooms…well, we took a
box down to Billy – he was like a little kid setting the kit up.
Bill mushrooms

Ms. Linda got gifts of WINE!!

Cocktail time and enjoying the view from their porch – one could get used to that view quite easy!


I won’t bore you with more pictures of scenery because one is the same as the next going through the mountains but I will show you what the roads were like leaving their place and heading to the retreat.  We were a solid hour on roads like this up through the mountains.
Lots and lots of winding switchback curves…up and down as well.
Switchback roads in mtns 1

Switchback roads in mtns 2

On to the retreat!!!

If it wasn’t for my husband I would not have gone to the retreat – you all don’t need to hear ‘again’ the why’s – but  it’s the same ole story about my back/hip so I’ll leave it at that.  So bless his heart he said I was going no matter what.
I think he actually enjoyed his time there as well although he didn’t participate in the retreat he did peek in every so often between nature trails, reading, napping and golf.

This is just a bit of what he saw
Blackwater Falls scenery 1

 Blackwater Falls scenery 2

The retreat room was huge – not sure how many participated but I think Sally said there was room for 50 people but there may have been one or two more or less.
A few early birds – we were one of them.  The room had  the same amount of tables on the other side of the room plus 2 large round tables in the center.
Teresa Miller and Lisa George came in about an hour after us.
retreat room 1

And then when it was full….looks like a mess but it is all an organized mess!
I took this when most everyone was out for lunch.
Full room 1
There was even one gentleman who participated only he designed and built ‘rotot’ things.
He brought his last years project – a dog that would do all sorts of things.
photo (3)
Man with robot dog

photo (13) 

Teresa Miller and her work in progress

photo (8) 

Teresas Rug

Lisa George – her first ever rug hooking….great job!

Lisa Georges rug

My sheep work in progress.  I pulled the wool 3 times before I could get the look I liked.  Ended up taking some of the lettering pulls out too.

Sheep in progress

photo (9)

I also started this piece – it’s huge so I probably won’t finish it for quite some time
Mitten hooked rug

We also played Bingo for ‘wool’
Who ever wanted to play had to bring a fat quarter of wool to use to purchase your bingo card.
I won it all on a 4 corner bingo!!
Karen wool 1

The three of us with our projects
Me, Teresa and Lisa
Three of us finished projects

Teresa presented Lisa and I a cute little gift
A hooked pillow tuck or pin cushion and a magnet for our scissors (I love how it works) Keeps the scissors right near your work. It’s in 2 pieces – one goes on the underneath of your work, the other on top.
Gifts from Teresa


The little group of hookers – there were a few more as well

Back row: Genny Wadel, Linda Evon Keller, Diana Gilroy, Joanne Walker McIllmurray, Margo Harley.
Front row:
Lisa George, Karen Martinsen, Teresa Miller.
Hooking group

Some of the girls projects
Rug hooker 1 

Margo Harleys rugs

Diana Gilroys rug

Cabin rug

 photo (7)

Wheat rug 

There were so many quilters and I just didn’t get around to taking more pictures but they sure were lovely.
Quilt top 1

photo (4)

This particular one is laid out on leather and the blocks are Harley T-Shirts

Harley quilt wip

That’s all I have for you – hopefully my next post will be the kitchen redo.
Troy the countertop guy was here yesterday removing the sink and counter…so we are without much to work with in there, sort of like camping…lol

Blessings and see you later



  1. Wow so much fun :)
    I love everything so much ...sending you big hugs and love xx

  2. Seems like you had a great time on your trip! So lucky to have met Betty... I follow her blog faithfully, and I bet she is every bit as sweet in person as she is via the internet!! The rugs are just beautiful... looks like a fun time. Sure do wish I knew how to hook... I just love the look of primitive rugs hanging on old cupboards and walls... TFS your trip with us!!

  3. I am so happy we got to meet (and it won't be the last time) but it looks like the retreat was just what you needed after the horrible winter. You are so talented. BTW how was the play? I hope ou had no trouble going over the mountain.(no wrecks, rock slides, etc) Loved our time together, it was just too short. Can't wait to see pix of the kitchen.

  4. Fun times!!!! You did have a full week!!! I'm so thankful Doug was so willing to bring you!

  5. Good times! What beautiful projects! We have been in Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina this week and it has been wonderful. So many beautiful places. Heading back home to Texas tomorrow.

  6. Looks like great fun! Your husband is a real trooper.

  7. Hi Karen, how wonderful to go on a quilting/hooking retreat, how much fun. I went to Blackwater Falls last fall, it is probably 90 miles from our farmhouse, it sure is beautiful there. How wonderful to meet so many wonderful ladies at the retreat. hugs, Lecia

  8. Such a lovely post with all of those gorgeous rugs and quilts.. What a wonderful week you had.. You always looks so beautiful.. xo

  9. It looks like you had a fabulous time, Karen !
    Who wouldn't want to play bingo with wool at stake !!!

  10. Oh my Karen what a busy week! So nice you and Betty could meet! How fun! Great scenery and visit with friends too! And the retreat! What a guy getting you there! Love the rugs and wool!! Enjoy your day Karen!

  11. Looks like so much fun! So wonderful of Doug to make sure that you made it there.It is always such a treat to meet a fellow blogging friend.Have a wonderful day.Hugs,Jen

  12. Karen,
    What a wonderful trip! I'm sure glad you got to go. I'd love to sit on Bill & Linda's porch!! Looks like the retreat was really fun. I recognize a couple of the gals. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Lori

  13. So sweet of Hubby to take you and busy himself. Sorry you were sick but it looks like everything worked out and you had a great trip.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  14. Looks like a nice full and fun trip! I had to laugh when I saw the GPS map of the roads. I travel those type of mountain roads all the time and think nothing of it. Western NC is a treasure of beautiful mountains and places to visit. Hope you come back again sometime to explore. Maybe you will get a little farther north of Asheville into my area.

  15. Hi Karen :) My apologies I haven't checked on you in awhile. Wow, that's a winding road! I'll bet the scenery was very beautiful. You're so brave to get out and go like you do. I love all the hooked rugs and it's good to see the gals. Thanks for sharing darling.

  16. Winding roads for sure, but the scenery is so gorgeous as I have been in the mountains of NC. So glad you were able to go on the retreat. Looked like everyone had fun and some beautiful projects! Janice

  17. Looks like you had a wonderful time, catching up with friends and all of those amazing pieces of work everyone is making! The scenery was beautiful!

    Take care.

  18. Well Karen, just catching up on reading favorite blogs. You already met Betty! I am jealous! I love your new heading on your blog. How lucky you were able to attend that retreat and more so to WIN the wool; I know that made you happy. Great pictures of you as are our "poster child" of beautiful bloggers!

  19. Karen, I can leave comments here, but when I try to reply to your comments on my blog, I can't. You still come up as no-reply and it won't go through. Try leaving another comment on one of my posts and I'll see how it comes up.

    1. Okay, thanks Marly - it finally worked on my end though because your comment HERE came through as a regular e-mail, not in the 'spam' folder as a no-reply like it did before.'s fixed on my end at least.

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