Thursday, October 16, 2008


I’m putting my accounts of our Eastern Trip in small posts so as not to bore you with tons of photos so here’s my 2nd posting.

After doing our ‘thing’ in Valley Forge at the show we headed for Lancaster for some personal shopping - and a wee bit of wholesale shopping too!

The weather was so perfect we just couldn’t believe our luck. It was supposed to be rainy most of the time but I guess PA knew we were coming so the whole time it was in the high 70’s and sunny…JUST PERFECT.

We headed through winding rolling back country roads where trees in full color dotting the countryside welcomed us with their glowing reds, golds and oranges. It couldn’t have been more perfect.

We stopped in little bergs with quaint shops, ate lunch at historical restaurants and feasted our eyes on the most beautiful scenery we have ever had the pleasure of viewing….is there any season more beautiful than FALL?

We saw so many of these beautiful stone houses everywhere - aren't they just beautiful?

A typical Amish farm - notice all the additions to the house. Families of the Amish community take care of their parents in their senior years. The children live in the main house and they build on for the parents and grandparents. Somehow this seems SO RIGHT.

We saw pumpkin stands everywhere throughout the country side during our drives

Many shops and restaurants are in these old Colonial looking buildings

Another old building

Robert Fulton Restaurant and hotel...Robert Fulton was born in Lancaster County, PA
I could go on with photos but will save more for later in the week. I'll be posting pictures of some of the shops we went to and some Amish country and some beautiful fall colors on our way home.

Hope you are enjoying our trip as much as we did.



    I am so glad the weather was nice for you guys! I was hopin' the rain would hold off!! Don't ya just LOVE those old stone homes and the old buildings?
    We live near some Amish families, everyday I see them goin by the house here, in their buggy!
    Your pics are great, Karen...thanks for sharing!


  2. The stone houses are beautiful! Love the Amish farms - I hope to be able to visit one day!

  3. Love those pics, thanks for sharing! Beth

  4. great pics~i want to take a road trip like that one day!

  5. Thanks girls!!!
    I think everyone should take a fall trip east at least would stick with you forever that's for sure. I feel so at home out there - very comforting surroundings.

    Don't forget to watch for part 3!

  6. I swear, just may find me at your door!! I love the photos, they are wonderful. We live in such a beautiful country! Thanks of sharing!

  7. Karen, looks like you are having a wonderful trip. I think the fall colors are the prettiest in the eastern states, and I LOVE the stone houses!! Makes we wish I had lived in that time..

    Have a Great time and ejoy the sights.

  8. Thanks Jan and Bren!
    We do live in a beautiful country!

  9. Karen,
    I would love to visit there one day. I don't think I would want to I have enjoyed the pics so much.
    Blessings, Linda

  10. Linda, I guarantee you would want to stay as long as it wasn't during tourist season - it's a zoo in those areas. As it was this was Columbus holiday and it was a madhouse in most places, but usually we go early Spring or late fall/winter and it's very peaceful


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