Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Say prayers for my Niece and family

Sorry to put this on my blog but I'm asking for prayers for my Niece Tina and her family.  She's my brother's daughter.

This afternoon a pickup truck pulled out in front of Tina and Mark and Mark died instantly. Tina was flown by Flight For Life to Froedert Hospital with broken pelvis, broken ribs and many scrapes and stitches on her face and many bruises.

They are a farm family - from a large family and will get much support from them as well as their 'farm families' in the area...they will not go unhelped in that sense - but they will need prayers for Tina.

Mark on the left in Orange shirt, Krista in front, Angie in wheelchair (Krista and Angie are twins...just turned 25 on Monday), Jessica, Alex in back and Tina.
Know what else is sad...he finally has beaten Hodgkin sad.

Thank you everyone...this family is dear to me and so I ask for your prayers.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Just a few things

Good morning friends – goodness October is almost half over and didn’t it just start?
Oh my the leaves have turned such wonderful shades of Golds and Oranges – they are so vibrant this year. And the ones that fell into the courtyard just accent the Mums and Pumpkins but sadly they will be gone today…that mean ole ‘blower’ is going to chase them away!

I don’t have much to say today – just wanted to come and check in.

I put 2 new items on my website last night.

hope you go check them out but if not I’m putting a peek here.

I had some frames left over from other projects and they weren’t big enough for much of anything except this cute Snowman sporting a Black Top Hat.
It’s a 5 x 7 wood frame and sells for $12.00.  There are 9 available
Snowman in frame

And I brought back a retired design from when I first started making Penny Rugs.
Sheep and Tree.  14 x 20 and sells for $40.00
Sheep and Tree 2 

Here’s the original
Sheep and Tree in frame


I have to share with you something that made me feel so wonderful.
I am not able to do the Lititz, PA show this weekend but a friend who is on the board said if I sent her my products she would take care of my space for me.
But that’s not all…she has a friend who owns a shop on Main St….called Days Gone By Creations. Well she is going to take what is left from the show for her shop…that’s not all…she bought some items outright already! AND….she called me last night and wants to purchase from me for her shop.  I’m so happy and honored and it’s all thanks to Susan Burd…THANK YOU SUSAN.
Here’s a link to Days Gone By Creations FB photos:

Such wonderful people in our line of work – makes me wonder why everyone can’t be as sweet, kind and thoughtful…what a wonderful world this would be ( that’s from a song isn’t it! ).


I’ll leave you with a couple Fall photos…
Molds and Bittersweet

 Basket and Bittersweet



Monday, October 8, 2012

Last of the Fall decor - Lost in the shuffle

I want to make a huge apology to those blogs that were missed in the drawing for my Challenge.
Somehow they got lost in the shuffle or I didn’t get an e-mail with the actual link in them…it’s not an excuse, just the way it turned out and I’m so sorry.
Because of that I’m doing a separate drawing with these blogs…hope this is okay with everyone.

1. Dianntha:

2. Margaret:

3. Danice:

4. Lecia:

5. Robyn:

6. Pam:

7. Francine:
(Francine’s blog was on the original list but I put the incorrect name – I used the name on her e-mail but didn’t realize this wasn’t the name I was to use)

Thank you everyone who joined in and again sorry you weren’t on the list…but look at it like this…now you have a one in 7 chance instead of one in 47!  Better odds I’d say!!!

Congratulations Lecia:
Please e-mail me with your full name/mailing address.

You will receive one of my Mr. Jack Penny Rugs along with a surprise just like the other winners of the first drawing.
Jack Mat background smaller


I must admit I have not been visiting my wonderful friends blogs lately – at least not as many as I would like to visit, so this morning I decided to do it different and got on the blog interface blog roll to start visiting…I’ve only made it through about 6 of them and decided I have been doing it for well over an hour!  Yikes it takes forever to go through the list. Do you find it difficult to visit all your friends?  Please know that I’m not ignoring you – I just need to find a good method of getting through them in a reasonable amount of time. Any good suggestions would be welcomed.
I thank every one of you who are so faithful to me – you are really what this is all about.


So…I finally got the last of my Fall decorating finished.  Remember I said I was waiting for the flea market to find an old wood wagon or wheel barrow to put in place of the White Wicker chair???  Well…NONE – NADDA – well, there were two wagons but the price was so high and they would not come down to where it was acceptable to me.  So I guess I didn’t need one bad enough to pay $195.

We were there from 7:30 to 12:00 and had such a good time – it was the last one of the year and so full of wonderful Fall things – oh my the Bittersweet was EVERYWHERE.  What a great year for it.  Most years if you didn’t get to the 2 or 3 vendors  by 8 a.m. that had it then you were out of luck.
I bought from 2 different places plus some Pumpkins, Cale, some Broom Corn and a large gourd that I hope to dry after I’m finished with it outside (any suggestions here would be helpful too!)

The one bunch of Bittersweet was in a long vine so I used it on the coffee table in the screen room. (now it’s not like that – I put it in a  circle on top of the nest – like a ring.
Nest Bittersweet 1 

I’m sure all of you have this problem when you are doing ANYTHING….Baby has to be on or touch anything I’m working with – this time it was the leaf clusters that were going out to the front porch basket.
Baby in leaves 

I can’t ever seem to get my front porch like I want it – most years it looks the same

Front of house 1

The gourd we bought is the tall green one and then the white one in front (I have to go out often and pick up the small gourds because the squirrels like to play with them)
Basket on porch

Remember all the dried's I bought in PA in August…they are in this bucket on the front porch along with some wheat


The leaves have turned quickly this year and falling just as fast.  Doug wanted to blow these off but I like them – so I got a picture quickly before they were gone.  I like the look – but I don’t do the work so I guess I should not stand in his way huh???
That large cluster of Bittersweet on the door was from the flea market too.


I made this Penny Rug for a customer as a special order…normally this Santa is on a round piece but she wanted a 14 x 44 runner – I like how it turned out and I heard from her last week in an e-mail and she loves it!
Santa Penny Rug long


I’d like to thank all my Canadian friends a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Guess that’s it for me today.  Thank you everyone for being there – if only we could get a blogger convention going it would be awesome wouldn’t it!!!!