Wednesday, June 2, 2021


 I'm not sure how many of you follow my FB page but I posted this last week - 
it was such a heartwarming experience for me and my husband.

There was a Nuthatch that had a nest in one of our trees....30 ft. up!!!  Well it was a SMALL hole in fact - she had 5 babies and they didn't fit in that tiny hole so they fell out as soon as they started to wiggle about. One died, one had sores on its head and it died the next day -
3 survived. It was such a long way down to fall.
Here's their short story.

The first two stayed huddled at the base of the tree but now and then
tried to climb the tree only to fall back down.
We were so afraid of neighbors cats that roam so we built a little fenced in area for them
out of some birch logs - it worked and kept them corralled.
Mama always seemed to find them and fed them all day long!!

Then there were three!!!
We could pick them up and cuddle them and they were just fine with that -
never shied away from us at all. They were so very trusting.

This was their little corral for about 5 days
Every now and then one would find the trunk and try to climb and they just trembled,
only to fall back down.
Now we knew the weather was going to change.
We had several days in the high 80s but bad weather was coming.

And it did....the cold weather hit overnight!!!
We went from 85 degrees to a low of 39 and rain...we knew these little things would not make it with such extreme cold so we took plastic and wrapped it around the logs and at night
Doug put hand warmers in around the area they huddled in.
When we went to check on them now and then they would just look at us - I hope they knew we were trying our best!

They trusted us so much - they liked being held and I'd cup my hands around them and they would huddle in and close their eyes!!

Then one day they were by one they left....until this happened....
One of them, not sure which because all three let us pick them up and cuddle....we hadn't seen any for a day and a half...I was outside moving plants around for the sun and came back in, went back out same door to do something else and when I started to come back in guess who was right at the door prancing around and chirping? Yep....she came back for a visit and she let me pick her up and we chatted awhile before I put her in the mulch...then she went up the tree - ....bye bye again! She just melted my heart!

Hope you enjoyed this heartwarming story of
Mother Nature at her best!!!
Blessings to all