Saturday, February 19, 2011

What do you get when….

you drive 98 miles one way just to get to a store?
(I made a goof in linking to someone’s blog and it messed my post up for those following me so I had to repost…disregard if you have already read this…nothing new has been added…just needed to get back on track – AND I SEE IT’S STILL LINKING TO HER BLOG….darn…don’t know how to get it off the heading)

A fantastic experience in a most wonderful Prim shop. Yep, we finally got to go to Yore Country Home in Gotham, WI. Oh my what fun. I no more got my head in the door and Theresa all bubbly said “I know who you are”…lol  I completely forgot that I had left a comment on her blog that we might drive over there on Thursday and she remembered my face from my blog.
Here’s her blog link:
Yore Store 
The store is so big it took awhile to take it all in and let me tell you the prices are wonderful.

Theresa just started carrying rug hooking wool and patterns so I took along two of my rug hooking projects so we could determine a color for some areas and we did…I bought some fabric which she immediately cut into strips for me as well as some I brought along.

I could have set up home in that place and Theresa is like a long lost friend with here wonderful personality.

Thanks Theresa for such a wonderful couple hours.

Besides the wool fabric we purchased a great old grain hopper that I think we will use in the screen room with Geraniums in it – she had it displayed that way and I liked it.

Theresa and Karen
 Karen and Theresa

Grain hopper top
Clipper Grain Box

Now I am not sure how many photos I took there but there are many – so I put them in albums.
Click on albums to view larger

Hope you enjoyed your tour…it’s a huge store.

We also went to Country Sampler in Spring Green and I found some more Mercury Ornaments. Mostly large ones but a couple of the small ones…at Christmas time I was on a mission to find them.
Click on album to view larger

My goodies from Country Sampler
Bellsnickel Chocolate Mold

Love Monahan Papers – got another sheet

Mercury Ornaments and glitter garland that I’m going to use as the ornament strings
Mercury Ornaments

That’s the road trip 240 miles later - I hope you enjoyed it!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I won….and a new Shower Enclosure

First I want to say thank you to Jacki for picking my name in her wonderful give-away…I won some beautiful hand made/hand painted salt dough Quilt Tiles. I love the colors in them…beautiful work.  Visit her wonderful blog:  The Olde Primitive Barn

She also included some sweet little salt dough hearts and some wonderfully scented heart melts. I’m leaving them in my kitchen because any movement sends off a beautiful aroma…they are just great. What is the scent called?

Saltdough quilt tiles


Heart Melts

And now onto our new tub/shower enclosure…I had posted a bit back that we used to have textured/gold rimed shower enclosure several years ago and had it removed when they re-surfaced the tub/sinks/walls…and didn’t want those old grungy things back on.

So now that we are getting ‘old’ we decided rather than always going up stairs when we wanted a shower (in place of a bath now and then) we’d have a new enclosure installed….to the tune of $$$$ it’s in and what a huge difference it makes in the room.  We went the extra $$ to get the frameless and I’m so happy we did.

Now we just need to get those new doors/drawer fronts and then paint the cabinets and we’re good to go again for a few years – saving us many $$$$’s on a remodel.  Well, maybe a new floor too but it’s really very nice yet.

Here’s the before:
Tub no surround

And the after:
Tub with surround

Old View from the mirror:  I think maybe new paper too! lol
Bathroom cabinets 3

New view from mirror:
Full bathroom

Oh my gosh…I can’t wait for the 4 & 5th of March – we’re going to IL for an Primitive/Antique Show.
Country Spirit in Arcola, IL where you will see the editors of the newest Prim magazine…A PRIMITIVE PLACE

Country Spirit
And also in Arthur, IL is Homesteaders on the Prairie Show
 Homesteaders on the Prairie show

Have any of you been to Yore Country Store in Gotham/Lone Rock, WI????
I have been told about it but never gone and we are only about 1-3/4 hours away so Thursday we are taking the day trip – how fun….I know I will find lots of goodies.
They also have a blog:
Yore Country Home Store

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day…our day was just the norm – but that’s okay!

Oh, before I sign off – THANK YOU EVERYONE who took advantage of my Inventory Reduction Sale.
It really surprises me how things sell when you put them on sale…there are still a few items left and there will be more things a bit later. I have boxes of inventory to go through so be watching.

Thanks for visiting today


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Items For Sale

I just added a couple TABS at the top of this page (click on them to open new page)

One is for some items I have FOR SALE...I'm selling them through my blog right now - I'm doing an Inventory Reduction on some misc. items and supplies....when it's gone there is no more.
On my website I will be carrying just my Penny Rugs and some Primitive items that I will be making more manufactured products.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Something the rest of you have too!

I know we are in the same situation as half the US - but I’m one who LOVES it…as long as I don’t have to get out to get to a job - back when I worked it was a headache but now it’s just plain fun!

Doug started clearing at 6 this morning and it’s 11:30 and he just came in.
I took so many pictures but I promise I won’t bore you with ALL of them.

We also prepared for power outages with enough propane for the screen room heater and grill and the fireplace is ready to go…but fortunately we weren’t in the area that lost power…some of Burlington did though.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Last night shortly after the blizzard started we got a little silly - around 6 pm we bundled up and headed out on a walk and my gosh the wind blew so hard and going into it my face froze! It felt like sand pelting it.

At first I had my scarf up by my face but the scarf got wet from breath so my cheeks got very icy - time to come back home. We were gone 25 minutes - that’s all my hips could take too trying to walk through drifts but it was still fun. And it really wasn’t all that cold in temperature, but the wind made it feel that way. It was 23 degrees when we left.

Karen on walk

Doug on walk

The old water tower at noon and then at 6 p.m.

Tower at noon    Tower at 6pm

I woke up at 3 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep…I looked outside and was in awe of the snow and the wind…goodness it blew.

Courtyard at 3 a.m. and 6 a.m.
I used the fence and the birdhouse as my guide for snow height
3 am courtyard 6 am courtyard 4

Front yard at 3 and 6 a.m.
 Front yard 3 am  6 am front

Front entrance and yard light at 6 a.m.
Yard light

Garage at 6 a.m.
Snow at garage  Doug by garage door up to hip

Garage 2    Blowing driveway 2

Starting the front walks
Front 1   Coming up front walk  

Front Walk   Coming up front walk 2  

Man Down!!!
Man Down

The finished product
Front of house 1
Front walk 1

I think we’re going to have the white stuff for months to come!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wishing the Green Bay Packers a Super Bowl win!

Thanks for visiting!
Stay safe and warm