Monday, April 23, 2018


FINALLY the bathroom remodel is is NOT Primitive and just shy of Colonial - we had a rather dark bathroom before and didn't want another one if we were going to go through all the work. We kept it light but tried to keep some Colonial influence.
The color palate is white, light gray and aqua - colors I never thought we'd have in our home...these are in my opinion a farmhouse palate but it works!
I do need to make some white curtains though. Made the gray but we don't like them but they are there for now until I can get some white ones made. I really want ruffle edge like Country Curtains had when they were in business....we have them in our family room and den but I've looked on line and just can't find any similar.
We hadn't intended to do anything with the tub/shower because of the horrid tile and it would have meant tearing out all the drywall on walls and ceiling and we weren't sure if we wanted that kind of mess right now. So I said I was painting it with an enamel paint and I didn't care if it peeled monthly, I would repaint it as I needed BUT we found and epoxy tub and tile paint and so I painted it last week and we are sooooo happy with it.
There are before and after for each view.

That's all I have this time around....
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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Getting so close now!!!

Oh this bathroom redo is coming along just great!

Today the floor tiles were laid and Monday he will
come back to do the grout.

I started to stencil the walls but ran out of time yesterday
to get more done, now I have to wait a couple more days
to try and finish it up...I'm so anxious I'm antsy LOL

Doug's work is done until the cabinet doors and drawers go back on
- but I think I can find something for him to do  😊

Counters/sinks/faucets installed last week.
I think my biggest problem will be what kind of curtain
to put up. Possibly just a plain white sheer on the rod kind....
nothing fancy - it's a small window.

Doug put up the wainscot and chair rail Thursday
and it just brought things together!

Yesterday I tested colors and design for the stencil.
Some of you may or may not recognize some of it....
I used 'parts' of the stencil from our bedroom.
We liked it so much and besides why waste them and
buy new ones for what they cost.
I didn't use the 'leaf' parts of the stencil because I didn't want 
to introduce a 3rd color. I wanted just the gray and aqua.

This is what I came up with for color

....and this is the design

And of the floor was laid - grout comes Monday.
We chose a very light gray - didn't want the tiles to be too defined.

In a way when this room is finished it will be a let down.
Doug and I both love projects - big and small.
So I think possibly the next one is the
crown molding for the dining room...
told you I would think of something for him to do!!!