Friday, October 29, 2010

Short Trip to PA

When planning my trip to Pennsylvania it had such steam and then quickly the air seemed to go out of it.

Between the ride out and then standing all the next day (Monday ) for the Cash & Carry Show my body said STOP!!! So we spent Tuesday wrapping up loose ends and headed home.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

But let me start at the beginning….As we got closer to Lancaster, we got off I-76 and came into Lancaster from Gettysburg but first we stopped at the Dobbin House for late lunch/early dinner and went into a couple shops.

Dobbin House 3 

Karen Doug Dobbin House

All the years going to PA we never have walked the streets of gorgeous Gettysburg. So this time we did – one shop was the Gallery of American Crafts full of Family Heirloom Weavers products (it’s their  retail store under a different name) this beautiful shop makes you want one of everything!
Gallery Klien

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Monday was the day of the Cash & Carry – we got a few things for the business and some things customers wanted us to look for.
We left there around 11:30 and stopped at a few shops on the way back to Lancaster and tied up loose ends on Tuesday.

Oh…for those of you who said the Candle Barn is full of wonderful products…RIGHT YOU ARE! Again, another shop we always avoided – guess we thought it was full of candles and touristy things.

Here’s just a few of the items we bought here and there in our meager 2 days in Lancaster.

Devine Cross & Papers Table Square (from Family Heirloom Weavers)Devine Cross & Papers Table Square

Anna’s Beauty Table Square (from Family Heirloom Weavers)
I have this same one with red in place of the black also
Annas Beauty Table Square

I think this tree pillow is going to be for a gift
Tree Pillow

These two items are made like the floor cloths
A mini tree skirt and checkerboard w/checkers in the box.
(The reds are darker than they show here)
Link to their site:

Tree Skirt (floor cloth)
Checkerboard (floorcloth style)

Got these 3 plates at CDM Wholesale.
Donna White the designer of these plates was there signing all purchases of her products.
This plate is about 15 inches long and hangs with a leather tie
Tree Plate

Oval plate is about 13 inches tall

 Flock of sheep plate 

 This little plate is about 6 inches – thought it would make a nice holiday soap dish
Sheep plate

4 fabric stockings

4 Stockings

Wool felt hat from Homestead Furnishings
Hat Hanging 

Got a few of these Holly bunches at Homestead too
Holly picks 

ARE YOU STILL WITH ME???? Only a few more to go!

These bags are so cute – they are waxed fabric with the design printed on them and you put a cluster of mini lights in them or a stubby battery candle and it shines through.

Light bag 1

Light bag

This is possibly a gift as well – 8 inch tall candle in paper bag.
Cranberry scented and dusted with Cinnamon

Candle in bag

Fire starter bunches for the Christmas Tree

8 Inch tall Paper Mache Santa – doesn’t he have a stern look on his face????
Mache Santa

Christmas at Williamsburg Bowl filler – smells so like Christmas

Finally found the tall Battery Candles I have been looking for
Tall Battery Candles

And last – the bolster pillow covers for our bed – got them at Family Heirloom Weavers.
And I decided today that I wanted the red stripe spread in there instead of the brown stripe so I changed it out this morning…I bought a new lamp shade as well but it’s not showing. It’s the black and gold Lovers Knot pattern.

Sideview bed

Bedroom 1

There are a few more items that I didn’t take pictures of – stubby battery candles, more Tobacco Cloth panels for the upstairs bedrooms, and a few other misc. things I can’t think of right now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On the way home we headed over to Littlestown to Lori’s (theblackcrow) to deliver something she ordered from me. Lori and I were supposed to spend all of Thursday shopping but I had to cancel on her (sorry Lori!).

On our way to her house we went to HOMESTEAD FURNISHINGS (right off the highway we were on)…Homestead used to be in Mt. Joy now they are in a refurbished and beautiful old barn and re-opened last Saturday the 23rd. What a magnificent place. You must go there if you can.

I took photos with the flash off so not to be rude so they aren’t very clear.
Homestead 1


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On our way back home we had time to stop off at friends of ours in Ellwood City – Linda and Joe Moczan. I had an order to deliver there as well – we had a wonderful 2 hour visit during which time they treated us to a delicious meal of wonderful Italian Subs and homemade Apple Crisp!

Karen Linda 2

So there you have our very quick trip out and back in 3 short days!

I’m now resting for several days – told to use the heating pad on my lower back to help the medicine so that shouldn’t be a problem being I had two orders come in while I was away so that will keep me planted!

I also have a new item I’m working on – Cookies for Santa – so be looking for them soon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A couple weeks ago a customer sent me a picture of the special order Piano Runner she had ordered. I loved how it turned out and it really looks nice on her piano.
This is the runner in full view before I shipped it to her.

She had e-mailed me a picture of the border paper in the room – she wanted something with these elements on it.

This is what I came up with - It measures 46 inches long x 24 inches wide
Piano Runner 

And here it is on her Piano
Piano Runner 2

Hope you all had a wonderful week and now it’s Halloween already…enjoy your Trick or Treats – then it will be Thanksgiving…where has this past year gone? Way too fast for me!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Pictures That’s All!

Decided you all don’t need to read on and on about something that isn’t very interesting SO JUST FALL PICTURES IT IS…but then you all know me better than that – I just can’t stop myself when I get started so there’s a wee more than JUST FALL PICTURES!

Oh…but first…my husband finally decided to semi-retire from his part-time job.  He will only take deliveries if the company is in a bind or if he gets bored...Guess what will come first!)  Bored will win out I’m sure.
But I certainly won’t miss those phone calls in the middle of the day or when we are doing something or heading out someplace and they need him to make a day run someplace…not very fun!!! You drop everything you are doing so he can leave. NO MORE OF THAT ANYWAY!

See…I just can’t shut my mouth!!!

So on with the pictures. They aren’t much different than most years but I do have more Bittersweet around because of dear Kathy!!!!

Click on picture for each set to see ALL that’s in that album – then click on  SLIDESHOW…it’s easier to see them in full size

I may have repeated a couple – sorry but doing them in these albums isn’t easy to change out.

If anyone hasn’t heard about the Simple Goods Show here is the information...this will by our first time going and I’m so anxious. It’s very Antique & Prim
Here’s the link for the exhibitors and there are more:

Simple Good Show

I totally forgot that on Friday night we went out to Dan Dipaolo’s farm for his Fall Open House – and I found Trixie! He was selling his originals so I finally bought one.
She stand 33 inches tall and the only one he had – and signed!!!
Trixy Witch 

Look at that adorable face and who’s she kidding hiding behind that mask!!!
Trixy closeup

Dans place – the old rough sawn beams are an old building that was taken down board by board and numbered and has been erected on their property for Dan’s studio. Came from back in the early 1800’s  -  Click on picture to view and then click slideshow.

Have a fun Fall Sunday


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bittersweet and Friends

…But NOT bittersweet friends…

Yesterday was such a wonderfully warm Fall day and to make it even better a friend and her husband )from the forums and blogging) came for a visit and she brought me tons of Bittersweet  - and they came all the way from Sheboygan…which is about two hours from here! Thank You Kathy!
Kathy and Karen 

I don’t have words enough to say how much I appreciated this – while they were here we visited a bit, I gave Kathy a little gift and then I took them to Lunch at my favorite place The Cottonpicker.  We all decided on the same thing…The Black Forrest Sandwich - Ham/Turkey/Cheese and grilled on Dark Rye…Oh My Gosh…melted in your mouth.

The gift was one of my Pumpkin pictures and I wrapped it in one of the hanging tab towels I make and then tied a cluster of Sweet Annie to it.

Gift for Kathy
Pumpkin picture

Cottonpicker rest. 
Cottonpicker inside

Then back home and I offered them some fresh Apple Pie but we were all way too full.
Pie 1
Pie 2
Pie 3
Pie 4
Pie 5
Pie 6
Just thought I’d tease you a little bit…my goodness it was good!

After they left I emptied the bags in the driveway and started pulling it all apart and seeing just what I have to work with – I’m so anxious now to get it around the house which will be tomorrow sometime because today I’m sewing on orders.
Bags of Bittersweet
Bittersweet on driveway
Bittersweet on line

My back/hips/legs are feeling somewhat better after my 2nd shot on Wednesday – I’m soooo hoping the third shot is the charm…that it all goes away (at least for a few months anyway) it’s really wearing me down…but that’s life when you get old!!!

During the week I’ll take pictures of the Bittersweet all out in its glory where it belongs. I’m glad I left it in the screen room because just over night most of the berries popped open and there are yellow shells everywhere…they kind of fly a bit when they open.

Oh and if poor little Lola doesn’t have enough going on with her – now she must have a cold or something because since Thursday she has been sneezing and not just a little. Sometimes she starts and it’s like she can’t stop – so tomorrow she’s going to the vet. Beginning to feel like my ‘business income’ is mainly to pay for her treatments.

I received an e-mail from one of my customers and she sent a couple pictures of the chair backers she ordered on her chairs..looks nice huh?
Carlenes chair backer 1
Carlenes chair backer 2

Thank you for joining me on this gorgeous Fall Sunday.
P.S. how do you all know almost instantly that someone posts…do you get an e-mail saying so…if so how do you set that up?