Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A little ‘Retro’ here – Some rather Prim!

And I don’t mean in decorating!

Thought I’d take you on a trip to the past…follow me through my growing up years and right on into today!

I was organizing my folders on my computer and putting some files that are huge with photos and documents from family genealogy onto CD’s– and for safe keeping and when I got to my family I thought what a fun idea to put me growing up…wish I had more in-between photos but what you see is what you get.

And NO giggling!!! Not Allowed!

I was born July 10, 1944 to the name Karen Sue…supposed to be named Lindy Lou..OMGosh can you imagine…lol
Mom said she was so out of it from the medication that she blurted out Karen Sue…OH THANK YOU MOTHER!!!

So here I am at age 2 – 1946
…had to fight curls then and now! Having short hair keeps them away.
karen baby

Me an my cousin on my 2nd birthday
- he’s trying to get some of my ice cream cone
Karen and cousin

Still 2!
Karen fixed

Let’s move on up…this is getting too repetitive!

I took Tap and Ballet classes…the day of the recital – I was 5 here
Karen 1 
Karen in tutu

Christmas with my brother and sister – age 7, 1951 – yes, that’s really way back!
3 of us at Christmas

 Again look at those hideous curls! Age 7
Karen plaid dress

Growing up a bit…age 9…the sweater I’m wearing is a funny story…it was my mothers – but it was pure wool…she washed it and then it was mine! lol   And I just loved it so – I had to wear it for school pictures.
Karen with parrot pin

Age 10 Mom took me to the Carnival this day and we each had our picture taken in the photo booth. Always remember this day!

Me at Sweeneys

This is when I start to get the years mixed…but I do know it was when I was between the ages of 12 and 15
Oh My Gosh….look at that slicked back hair!
Karen in skirt

Karen in peddal pushers 1957

If only I had known then that I’d only have my mother with me for just a few more years.

Karen and Mom 

One Christmas morning – Dad got a Parakeet as a gift and I’m holding it for all I’m worth so it doesn’t fly away Karen Christmas on sofa 1956

Easter morning in my new Spring outfit ready to head to church
Karen by car 1956

Well here’s where the really short hair comes in and stays for almost the rest of my life – hated those curls!
It grows out a bit here and there but always I go back to short somewhere along the line.
Karen 12 years

Remember the birthday picture with my little cousin…this is him.
We lost Gary in the 70’s during the Viet Nam War…he was a Machine Gunner in the front lines
Karen and Gary 

Now why did mom always have me ‘pose’?
Karen by door 2

Am I praying…Nope, wasn’t praying…I’m posing…guess she like that!
Karen front yard

Eeee Gads….more posing…lol  - what is it with the hands for goodness sake1
Notice that ‘Capris’ were big back in the 50’s??
Karen backyard 

OMgosh I just found this one – it was in my sisters ‘picture’ folder….tooo funny
No I’m thinking I’ve got a problem here…it might not be mom making me do this hands thing and looking down….
I just might be praying that someone would stop taking pictures of me!
Karen by wheelbarrow

Holy Moly – time for a break here if you need one…this one hurts my eyes, what is is doing to you….LOL,
What in God’s name was I thinking!
Karen swimsuit

My gosh it just keeps getting worse!

 Karen by door

This was at a family picnic and I do believe it was in 1959 – I was in Jr. High end of the 8th grade
This is the one photo that I look like our two sons Darren and Brett…well, they look like me!
Karen Picnic

Okay now we’re on into high school…this one was just before I turned 16 – went up north to visit a friend for a week and there were mosquitoes everywhere…wouldn’t ya know she snapped the photo just when one bit!
Karen itching neck

More beauty! lol
Not one person can say after this that ‘I take a good picture’ NOT SO….
Karen by tree

Graduation 1962
Karen graduation

On into adulthood…getting bored???? 
It’s almost over…

1983 – Sister, brother, me
Karen 1983

This is 1994
Sister, brother, me

3 of us 1994 S

Karen Fishing S


2010!  And you know the rest of the story!

Karen 1

So how about you all showing us a blast from the past!
I’d love to have you join me

Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

A few of my shopping purchases and Friends Gifts

Whew, where do I start…I might have to do this in two different posts because I really did purchase quite a few items.

Also, if you read Lori’s blog:  you can see our entire day – I forgot my camera and Lori was nice enough to let me take pictures with it and then she posted them…so go take a gander over there and see our day!

But first…we exchanged gifts at her beautiful home – and had a wonderful breakfast that Lori fixed and gave us a chance to get acquainted which really didn’t take any doing – we felt we already knew each other through the boards.

Lori gave me a gorgeous Topiary she made and it’s going in my screen room for the rest of the season – then in my bathroom
Karen with gift at Lories 

Here’s Lori (face covered) with the Pineapple Penny Rug table runner (which is terribly creased from being in the gift bag in the hot car for several days)
Lori with gift

Now on to the shopping!

Some were for us and some for my business so let’s start with ‘my things’ now remember I just took photos as I unpacked…nothing is in its place – that will come sometime later when I get ready to put out our Fall things and re arrange…Ready!

This was my very first purchase when I went shopping with Lori (the black crow) – It’s really quite large and I thought it would look good on the bench on our front porch and it was only $45.00 and SOLID! It measures 27 inches long and 14 inches high…a big one. (hand made in the USA!)

And this is a table top board I wanted for hot dishes – but for now it has a few of my table items on it – measures approx 15 inches square and was $14.00 (hand made in the USA!)
hot board
Table Top board

New bedspread from Family Heirloom Weavers for the guest room

Fabric yardage for curtains for the guest room – matches quite well with the bedspread too Strip fabric

At the Lititz Craft Show a lady was painting ‘children’s items’ and so we bought a little stool for Aidan Aidan stool

Old Tomato Knife
Steak knife

Found this at Maple Croft…made in the USA – all tin and is about 8 inches around
Tin wall flower
Tin wall flower 1

Thought this little Americana doll would look good in the guest room – she was $4.00
Americana Doll

Tin corner wall sconce (a tad dusty don’t ya think…guess it was sitting around for a bit!)
It’s approx 14 inches tall and 8 inches wide
Corner Sconse

Got these at the Craft Show too – and I got a bargain.
There are 3 clusters of Wheat and a large cluster of Sunflowers
The lady said it’s so late you can have them for 50% off….THANK YOU!!!!
Not sure what she meant by ‘late’ cuz it was only 9 a.m. – the show just started  ???

Pillow from Family Heirloom Weavers to go on the guest bed
Red pillow 

2 Table squares
And a set of pillow shams (which are for the guest bed)

A Pineapple crock from the Clay Craftsman in Littlestown, PA when I was with Lori
It’s probably going to hold some kitchen utensils

Old Salt bag I got for $7.00 at an antique shop – maybe will make a pillow, not sure
Salt Bag

Wonderful woven rug for the guest bathroom which is still done in a seaside/beach theme…and time for a change but it isn’t going to happen none too soon so got the rug for now.

And a Needlepunch pattern
Needlepunch Kit

I was going to put the rest in a different post but what the heck…there’s so little left it going on!

More battery candles for my website
Battery Candles

Stubby battery candles for my website
Short candles

Flag runners – I have one hanging by our back door and one on my dining room table
(for the website – 3 of them)
Flag Banners

Table with Flag 3

More flags

Santa hats – wish I had purchased more of these…they were only #2.00 each! What was wrong with me!!!!
Santa hats

At the Lititz show I bought this tin dough riser – my 4th in the collection
Tin Riser

Some fabric stars I’m going to stitch something on for my website

More Silicone bulbs…never have enough of these…got 12 pkgs.
 Silicone bulbs 

We stopped on Friday at IN GRANDMA’S ATTIC and purchased some Pewter Porringers and some tin containers


When with Lori we stopped in Gettysburg at a cute shop called  FIDDLE FADDLE and got this adorable Cutter Quilt for $27.00 which is going to be displayed in the guest roomCutter Quilt

I had ordered some months ago a cabinet for my bathroom to hold my cosmetics and also a desktop desk and I picked them up from her at the Lititz Craft Show…awesome work…very sturdy.Bathroom cabinet

Inside of cabinet 

Desk Top Desk

I also want to add that I received a wonderful belated birthday gift from a dear friend ‘Linda Moczan’ from Ellwood City, PA.
She had sent me a birthday card for my birthday on the 10th of July but it never made it for some reason – but it did arrive after we got home from our trip last week…THANK YOU LINDA it will be put to very good use.
Joann gift card

So, was that enough photos????  Kind of overload don’t ya think?
Well everything is put away until I get the house in order for Fall then it will all find a home and the other merchandise is going on my website.

Oh I gotta tell you – I had 8 of the Jack-O-Lantern Jar Toppers made, put them on my website this week and within one hour all 8 were sold. Wish I had more!!

P.S. please check out my website for our huge sale that just started yesterday….many of my Fall items are on SALE right now…not sure when it will end but it’s really being taken advantage of – many orders came in just yesterday so I’m going to be busy for awhile.

Hugs, Karen