Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wanna See What I Bought?

I spent about an hour this morning taking pictures of what I bought and just am not happy with a couple of items – not sure why I bought the old tin kitchen thingies but I did and so now will have to decide where they go….or maybe sell them.

Oh it’s gorgeous here today…a cool breezy 71 degrees, partly sunny. Sitting here in the screen room is awesome although I can think of a dozen things I should be doing like cutting out my orders (which I will do after Doug leaves on his trip). Right now it just feels good to let this old body sit and regain some of its strength after yesterday’s first golf day in just ages. I’m feeling it in my lower back – which is a given considering I’m not supposed to be doing things like golf – and up the ribs in the back to the neck. Arms seem to be fine though….maybe they would hurt too if I had swung the club like I was supposed to!

So onto the goodies – it’s close to my last post but I know I’ll be away from the computer a bit this week so I’ll let you see them now.

I bought this because it was a bowl box, not a bowl rack. I already have a rack so this was really different. The color is kind of a blackish brown over oyster.

Bowl Rack 1
Here it is on my stove before putting it up – you can see the size of it better.
Bowl Box

Next is my wonderful Declaration of Independence – I’m going to get the large George and Abe framed prints next time to go with it and it will go on the wall up the stairs – it’s  14 x 18 inches.Declaration of Independence

These Red Long Johns are for  Christmas to hang on a peg so it’s going to be put away till then but thought it was rather sweet.
Red Longjohns

And here’s the Tin ware I wasn’t so sure about – I set it on my dough board just to get a picture of it (and no….the board isn’t dirty, just rather beaten up!)

It’s a little strainer and a sifter – I got the stuffed sheep too….please someone stop me next time…I’m not fond of any of it!

I had this wire basket that had some really cheesy flowers in it for fall when I bought it and put it away a year or so ago but when I found these potted flowers I thought they would work in it and they did.Flowers

And for some reason I couldn’t pass up this Confederate Soldier – I’m hoping to put him in with my Americana displayConfederate Soldier

CWI had a 1/2 price Show Special on these huge Tin Containers. I was going to buy a few to sell on my site but being so close to the 4th I thought maybe they wouldn’t move too fast with not much time left….so for $14 I got all three (and they are food safe)
Tin and George

CWI also had their long American Flags , I have wanted
one for my dining room table – 8 ft. worked perfectly!

Table with Flag 1
Table with Flag 3
Table with Flag 2

Now here’s my special find….I have been looking for these Snuffer Candle Hooks since last Christmas…we sold so many of these at our show and accidently sold our very own one we had….so I finally found them yesterday and bought enough for the dining room.

They come just plain and I added the battery candle and the little wreaths.

Front Windows - dark
Sconces on front windows Sconces on side windows Sconce closeup

I have been blog hopping a bit as well looking at all the 4th displays….very nice and great ideas!

If I come up with anything else this week you’ll be seeing me here, otherwise it will be to visit you!

Hugs, Karen

Monday, June 28, 2010

Wholesale Cash & Carry, 2nd Birthday

Last Sunday my youngest grandson, Aidan, turned 2 – I know, we all say this but it seems like he was just born a while back…how these two years flew by.

Darren and MaryAnn had just the immediate
family at their house for his little party and also Father’s Day.

I’ll just share a few photos of his day
and then tell you what I found at Wholesale!

When we first arrived no one was in the pool but that soon
changed – before Aidan went in he was wet from head to toe
from playing at the edge of the pool.

Aidan pool

Darren and Aidan
Darren and Aidan 

Grandchildren Joe (10), Darren, Aidan (2) and Emily (12)
Em and Joe went in the pool at 1:00 and came out for dinner at 5:00
They came to our house the next day and they were so
exhausted that all three of us read the entire day
3 grandchildren

Grandson Jesse (21) and Granddaughter Alexandra (17)
Jese and Alex

Aidan couldn’t take anymore after being in the pool!
Aidan Sleeping

Aidan cake

His cousin gave him the cutest pair of
black high top Converse Tennis Shoes
Aidan and shoes

(Darren and MaryAnn are as brown as little berries
from being in the pool all the time!!!!)
Aidan and gifts

Today was Wholesale Cash & Carry in Madison – we got there at 7:30 and got in line – doors opened up at 8:00 and the rush was on.

We found a wonderful Wall Bowl Cupboard, Long American Flag, set of Americana Tins, Confederate Doll, Dried Clove scented split Oranges, Snuffer Candle Holders, 12 x 16 Black Framed Declaration of Independence, 2 Potted Lavender Plants

There might be a small thing or two that I forgot about but tomorrow when I take pictures I will put them on here – just wanted to let you know I’ll be showing some American things tomorrow or Wednesday.
Plus, after going to the Wholesale Show we stopped off at a golf course half way home and did ‘9’ holes – that was my first this season plus I got to use my new clubs and shoes!!!
Guess I’m needing some lessons….

I’m going to have 4 full days of ‘ME’ time
this week….husband is heading for Alberta, Canada 
this afternoon ‘till Saturday –

Seems he’s never home anymore - ‘Snap-On Tools’ is doing great business for the number of trucks
they have been making and delivering!

I have a couple
new orders so will probably work on them to keep busy.

Thanks everyone who come visit me – I appreciate and enjoy your comments and visits.

Enjoy!   Karen

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wonderful Dinner

We had our ‘late’ Father’s Day dinner with my Stepfather and his wife last night and had such a nice time….I know I probably mentioned this before but my mother re-married 5 weeks before me and lived just 5 years after she married…she passed away from Lymphoma Cancer at age 49 but left a very wonderful man to carry on her memory with us – even though he re-married a few years later the both of them still make sure we are part of the family and we do the same for them…
and this has been going on for 42 years!

Boots is 88 and Virginia is 87 and both doing quite well I might say – nothing keeps them down and they go, go, go!

We went to one of our favorite places on the lake called the Buckhorn and as usual had a great meal. This place has been there for 50+ years and I say this seriously – the food has never changed as well as the service and that can’t be said for most businesses, especially a restaurant. The menu is still the same as when we first started going there and their motto is ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’….and that is sooo true.

6 of us

6 of us at table

6 of us at table 1

flagforsite flagforsite flagforsite flagforsite flagforsite

Now….quite awhile back I posted about a really
sweet, fun blog called Primfills

Jobeth is just the sweetest Southern gal I know and her posts are adorable and so endearing – please go on over there and visit her…she’s trying so hard to get into the blog world and is also starting up a new website (to open July 4th) and here’s the link: 
http://www.primfills.com/  Even though it’s not open yet you can still go check out and maybe bookmark it for next week!

Guess this is a short post today – not much happening in my neck of the woods so it’s a good day to do nothing but read.
Tomorrow I’m heading on up to Madison to the
Market Square Cash & Carry Show
in hopes of seeing some new and exciting products
for the upcoming holidays – if I find anything special
I will post it next week.

Until then, see ya!  Karen

Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Dough Riser Pan and New Products

I thought that going shopping just might make my ‘Heart Smile’,
but that didn’t work…do you ever have times like that?
This has been one of those weeks and nothing is working…
wouldn’t you think spending money would do it?
Oh well, guess there will be many of those days
before we are through, huh?

flagforsite flagforsite flagforsite flagforsite flagforsite

So….onto my shopping. I went to Richmond, IL (just a few miles away) thinking I’d get some really nice treasures – well out of the ‘used to be’ 22 Antique shops in this tiny little town there are now 5 but in a two block radius there are ‘3’ Italian Bistros!

I found another Dough Riser pan – which makes three now.
I really love displaying things in them instead of wood
bowls or trenchers. I don’t have it placed any where
yet but wanted to show a photo of it.

It measures a great 15 inches and it actually has a bluish/gray porcelain finish – I’m more into the ‘tin’ but this one was in such great condition I couldn’t pass it up….oh, and it’s a 15 inch bowl.

The lady had $65 on it and I asked her what her lowest price would be….she said $50 – I asked her if she’d go $40 and she said how about let’s meet in the middle for $45….
and I know I really got a good deal on this one.

New Dough Riser

New Dough Riser 1

Here are two other ones I already have – I think I will stop
looking now because three is enough.
This was my first one and it’s all tin and I paid $30 for it with a lid as well, and this one is 16 inches
16 inch Dough Riser

And then this one was my second purchase a few months back and I can’t remember what I paid for it but it doesn’t have a lid and it’s14 inches but in super excellent condition.
14 inch Dough Riser

flagforsite flagforsite flagforsite flagforsite flagforsite

Then I stopped at a rummage sale by my house and found these glass jars with zinc lids – actually they are spice jars and are 6 inches tall with the names of the spice in raised letters.

I liked the looks of them even if they aren’t old – but maybe from the 50’s???? Not sure just what I’m going to do with them but hopefully they will fit on a shelf of some kind.
Glass Jars

Lately it seems I’m doing everything alone – my husband has been on deliveries for the past two weeks and then several day/into night deliveries in between and then if that wasn’t enough being gone there was a full day of gold and a full day of the Brewers game! Now he’s on another run and Tuesday he leaves for Alberta, Canada. Yikes….and it looks like it isn’t going to end none too soon – they are extremely busy there.
Monday though he’s going with me to Madison to the Market Square Wholesale Show. I really don’t need anything for my business but I’d love to see what is new and upcoming for the seasons and possibly get some ideas.

flagforsite flagforsite flagforsite flagforsite flagforsite

I’m going to add a new item on my site today – they are Recipe Cupboard Prints and the photos I’m using are actually photos of my 7x Great Grandfather’s daughter’s…they are not pretty gals but they work for the project!

Both are printed on my own hand made parchment paper
and measure 8-1/2 x 11 black wood framed

Here is Althea’s Biskit Cakes
And this will sell for $14.00
(I forgot to change Althea’s dates – I have to do that for the ones I will sell)
Biskit Cakes

And this is Naomi Olin-Smith
with her Potato Pie recipe
And this sells for $14.00
Potato Pie

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of sunshine and fun
I’m going out to dinner this evening with my brother/sister in-law.
We’re taking our Stepfather and his wife out for a belated
Father’s Day celebration.