Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wanna See What I Bought?

I spent about an hour this morning taking pictures of what I bought and just am not happy with a couple of items – not sure why I bought the old tin kitchen thingies but I did and so now will have to decide where they go….or maybe sell them.

Oh it’s gorgeous here today…a cool breezy 71 degrees, partly sunny. Sitting here in the screen room is awesome although I can think of a dozen things I should be doing like cutting out my orders (which I will do after Doug leaves on his trip). Right now it just feels good to let this old body sit and regain some of its strength after yesterday’s first golf day in just ages. I’m feeling it in my lower back – which is a given considering I’m not supposed to be doing things like golf – and up the ribs in the back to the neck. Arms seem to be fine though….maybe they would hurt too if I had swung the club like I was supposed to!

So onto the goodies – it’s close to my last post but I know I’ll be away from the computer a bit this week so I’ll let you see them now.

I bought this because it was a bowl box, not a bowl rack. I already have a rack so this was really different. The color is kind of a blackish brown over oyster.

Bowl Rack 1
Here it is on my stove before putting it up – you can see the size of it better.
Bowl Box

Next is my wonderful Declaration of Independence – I’m going to get the large George and Abe framed prints next time to go with it and it will go on the wall up the stairs – it’s  14 x 18 inches.Declaration of Independence

These Red Long Johns are for  Christmas to hang on a peg so it’s going to be put away till then but thought it was rather sweet.
Red Longjohns

And here’s the Tin ware I wasn’t so sure about – I set it on my dough board just to get a picture of it (and no….the board isn’t dirty, just rather beaten up!)

It’s a little strainer and a sifter – I got the stuffed sheep too….please someone stop me next time…I’m not fond of any of it!

I had this wire basket that had some really cheesy flowers in it for fall when I bought it and put it away a year or so ago but when I found these potted flowers I thought they would work in it and they did.Flowers

And for some reason I couldn’t pass up this Confederate Soldier – I’m hoping to put him in with my Americana displayConfederate Soldier

CWI had a 1/2 price Show Special on these huge Tin Containers. I was going to buy a few to sell on my site but being so close to the 4th I thought maybe they wouldn’t move too fast with not much time left….so for $14 I got all three (and they are food safe)
Tin and George

CWI also had their long American Flags , I have wanted
one for my dining room table – 8 ft. worked perfectly!

Table with Flag 1
Table with Flag 3
Table with Flag 2

Now here’s my special find….I have been looking for these Snuffer Candle Hooks since last Christmas…we sold so many of these at our show and accidently sold our very own one we had….so I finally found them yesterday and bought enough for the dining room.

They come just plain and I added the battery candle and the little wreaths.

Front Windows - dark
Sconces on front windows Sconces on side windows Sconce closeup

I have been blog hopping a bit as well looking at all the 4th displays….very nice and great ideas!

If I come up with anything else this week you’ll be seeing me here, otherwise it will be to visit you!

Hugs, Karen


  1. I love everything but really, really , really love the battery operated candles over each curtain, brilliant!

  2. Me too! Love everything. The long flag looks perfecton your table. I would have never thought to do that. And I also love the candle hanging over each curtain. I'll have to look for some of those.
    Hope you feel better!


  3. Karen,
    I love all of it! That soldier is awesome, the flag is perfect on your table, the candles are perfect. Your taste is exquisite. I know how you feel about your back and neck, I was out mowing for about 2 hrs today. I feel so young but my old bod tells me different, lol.

  4. Hi Karen! I'm laughing because I'm always picking up things "in the moment" and get them home and wonder why!!lol I think these items are perfect for your home and I can see that adorable sheep sitting in one of your beautiful boxes with your displays! I too LOVE the flag runner; perfect with the geraniums too! Very Americana and perfect for year round! Just think of the golfing pain as you must have done something right and woke up sleepy muscles!!lol Happy 4th - Sincerely, Jeannette

  5. Hi Karen~
    Your new found items are wonderful, even the tin kitchen items. I know you'll find just the right spot for them in your beautiful home.
    I have to add my agreement to the candles over the curtains. I never would have thought to do something like that but I just love it!! You have such a unique style and great eye for decorating.
    I hope you tired, achy body gets the rest that it needs. Enjoy that screen porch. ;)
    Blessings ~ Birgit

  6. Hi Karen, you sure did get some great goodies at the show. I can't hardly wait to go to Columbus! Love the confederate soldier! Have fun finding homes for everything, Dawn

  7. I love it all especially the look of the windows..I also love anything patriotic..Both of my porches are done in that way..Love your site and you have a great week..

  8. Karen,

    I absolutely love your windows, everything about them. You really bought some nice treasures, I would have bought them all too. Thanks for sharing, have a great evening.

  9. Oh I love the things you found and LOVE how you have them displayed..I would love to come and sit awhile and tour your home..;)

  10. I would say that you struck it rich!!!So many neat things....I do the same thing and you know what its ok....you will find somewhere to put these as you already have!
    Have a great day!

  11. Karen~

    I just love everything you bought. I wish I had been able to go to that show. Now I really wish I had taken the day off work to go. Oh well, there's always next time. I love the flag runner on your table.

    Have a wonderful week!!


  12. Love those hooks Karen! In fact I like almost everything you got...I'm not fussy on the tin items either...LOL We must have the same taste!


  13. It all looks wonderful!!! Puts me in a Patriotic Mood!! Thanks for sharing!!! Hugs, candi

  14. Your table looks gorgeous. I love it! I love all the cute things you got :) We all pick up a few things here and there and ask why but somehow we always find a place for them. I love how you have the curtains pulled back and the lights with it, perfect touch. Great job! ~ Laura

  15. Karen, love the goodies you bought home with you!! The bowl "BOX" and flag table runner are my favorites....always love to see new pictures of your home. Thanks for sharing with us.


  16. The tin "milk skimmer" (what you call strainer) is really cool (sells here for $18-$22.) I have one in my bathroom that holds "pretty" soap ! ..or the soap could be prim !!! (big smile) You found great goodies!!! XO, Judy

  17. Karen, Love the hooks with the battery candles on the curtains!! Take that little sifter, put a small knob on it, now you have a cute little shoo fly screen! enjoy this great cool weather, we're in the low 70's too! OLM

  18. Karen, it sure was nice of you to visit my blog.
    I enjoyed reading yours and what great finds!
    I noticed a milk skimmer among the items that you weren't too sure about. We have a collection of them hanging on the side of our kitchen cabinets.
    I bet you'll find a place for all of your goodies.


  19. Karen,

    Your new finds are just perfect in your home. I agree that the candle hooks over the curtain rods in your dining room look great and are so creative! I always love visiting your home. Thanks for all the pics. If you stink at golf I'll play with you anytime.

  20. Thank you for sharing your wonderful finds....The bowl box is so cool...I don't even have a bowl rack yet...you are so far ahead of me>>>lol Love it all...the curtains are just my style! Dianntha

  21. Karen ~
    I do love the dough box - it's so much bigger than I first thought. Love the flag table runner, too. And like Dianntha, I think your curtains are wonderful.
    Pug hugs :)

  22. Hi Karen

    Your goodies are wonderful! Love the olde bowl box!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your week

  23. KAREN:


  24. Love the candles & still love those curtains too. Never gave a flag a thought for a table runner. What a wonderful idea. It looks so amazing. I had to chuckle when I seen your bowl box. A few months ago I tryed to make a shelf that did not turn out as expected but if I turn it upside down it is shaped like your bowl box. I think I will go to the basemant and reclaim it. I will need to put a hole in the top like yours and paint it. You saved a piece from the scrap pile. Thanks! Feel well and rested soon. Blessings to you.

  25. Karen~

    I love everything you bought! You did a wonderful job placing everything in your house!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!


  26. Karen, Love that flag tablerunner! It looks perfect on your table. And those candles in your windows, love those too! You sure did pick up some great finds. That bowl box is so cool! I just like everything you got! LOL


  27. Karen

    As always you find the best stuff!! I love it all! I too love the tin cream skimmer. I have a whole collection of these that I decorate a mini tree with.....the twinkly lights shine through and it makes such a great scene on walls and cupboards! You will have to try it out! I think you might end up wanting more!! Saw your comment to my post on APP that you are coming my way in August and want a tour of the FARMHOUSE....I say come on over!!! As long as we can get in some shopping!!!LOL Just let me know when. Have a great day!

  28. Looks like you had a great trip! :)
    I went golfing the other day, and know your pain lol! I do love it though!
    Thanks for sharing all your great pics with us!
    Happy 4th!

  29. Oh yeah!!! You always find the best stuff. I really like the color of the bowl box. That flag fits perfect on your table. Your displays are just fabulous!


  30. you certainly have the touch Karen I love the flag and the snuffer hooks, and 14.00 for 3 tins
    that are amazing.. Your home is so inspiring.

  31. Karen, You sure know how to decorate!!! I get alot of GREAT ideas from you and the idea I got this time is the flag on the table, I have the same flag and when I come back from vacation i am going to do what you did and put it on my table. You need to write a book of ideas, they would sell like HOT cakes!!!(with picutres of your home of course)!!!

    Your home is breath taking and I do NOT need to tell you that, you are #1 in decorating, now I wish i could come and stay the week or two, LOL, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Doug and my husband Ken can go golfing while YOU and I shop till we DROP. Doesn't that sound like a plan!!!!! It sounds GREAT to me!!!!!

    Love and hugs,

  32. Hey Karen~
    Just wanted to say I love your purchases as well as how you displayed them!! I do the displays at the shop where I work and am always looking for ideas and inspiration.....received both today!! I really LOVE the flag on the table and those candle holders at the windows..so awesome! I collect old tin and think the little strainer and milk skimmer are so sweet too!! Great job and feel better soon!!


  33. Karen - My favorite is the bowl box, perfect for someone who doesn't have a lot of wall space. Although I do like the candle hooks as well!!!

  34. Hi, Karen,
    That's actually a soap strainer you have (the tin circular one) I have one I use it to keep my S.O.S. pad on I think you did ok, the vintage cup shaped strainer is cute,too. Love your dining room, the window treatment especially; just so simple yet so elegant. The dining room table display is perfect,the geraniums with the flag really pop. Try a little big bigger size pots in your wire basket. My friend taught me to eye proportions and I think that might be way you aren't too positive if you like it or not. I think the basket is great, you can use it for a caddy, too. I used to use thingys like that to pick up after my little one to cart things up the stairs at night to her room (or anyone's room). Endless possibilities for your stuff (I'm learning all over again discovering the world of blogs from people that like the very same things as I do). So many of us prim and country lovers aren't there?
    Have a Happy 4th, talk to you again.

  35. Absolutely love the table with the 8' flag!!

  36. Hi Karen, wow...I didn't see ANY of those things at the show!! (except I do have the little potted lavender in my shop!) I can hardly believe how busy/crazy that trip is.

    I love the candles on the windows in your dining room. Were they from Pine Creek? I think I will order them. Love the little wreath you added too. You do it so well!

    Glad we got to have a "real hug" instead of a ((hug)) online! ;)

  37. PS. if you had some spare time (lol, I know) it would be cool if you made a post with links of 4th of July displays. I wouldn't know where to look for them, but it would be fun to see.

    Or maybe someone who knows how Mr. Linky works could set something up.

    Just a thought....anyone?

  38. The flag runner, a WOW factor! The candles a cozy touch! I love it all! Joan

  39. Glad you were able to get a round of golf in but sorry you are feeling it the day after.

    You crack me up Karen! I have so been there before... buying something then getting it home and wondering why on earth I bought it? I usually have to move it around a few times until I'm satisfied. I really like the tin pieces and the sheep is cute. I hope you found a good home for them. =]

    I'm loving your Americana pieces. I have a copy just like your Declaration of Independence. I haven't framed it yet. I also have Lincoln's Gettysburg address, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and a poster of all the presidents to frame still. My family loves our American history which is why I'm turning our living room into a piece of history. I love that confederate solider you have. I wouldn't be able to pass it up either.

    The flag runner works perfect for your table. I am SO thrilled to see a picture of your dining room windows. I have the exact same set of three windows and I can't decide what to do with them. I really love what you've done and will be stealing.. I mean borrowing this idea from you. I'm assuming they are tobacco cloth panels. It is lovely!

  40. Love this dining table and what a beautiful curtains too.

    Paula M

  41. Awesome items you have here! Thank you very much for sharing! A very interesting topic.


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