Sunday, February 10, 2019


Wow, Blogger sure is changing and not for the better,
or maybe I should say Google is making the changes.
Seems we may lose our 'followers' and comments and some of the sidebar widgets.
This happens the first of March!!!

Not sure what this is going to do to our blogs but I will not stop posting regardless.
I don't post that often but I do like to get on and visit you all
and enjoy peeking into what is happening in your world.

I have been busy making new punch needle and patterns and
getting ready for my upcoming Punch Needle class.
There are 10 wonderful and anxious ladies signed up and I'm so excited to be doing this for them.
I also made up fabric bags for each of them that will hold all their supplies.
I hope they like them! (picture shows them not finished)

This is the pattern they will all be working on - nice and easy for beginners

I'm also in the process of making EGGS again
So if interested go to my selling site to see details
This year I added FARMHOUSE (light gray w/white designs ) and PASTELS

I know this isn't anything special to read about but there isn't much happening in
my little world being the weather was so horrible there for a week - snow, sleet,
lots of ice, -24 below zero temps with -55 below wind chill.
All in a weeks time!!!
Glad to day it is sunny and mild(er)

Blessings to all who read this!!