Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Finally an easy way to be notified that your favorite bloggers have posted a new post!

That’s right…blogger recently added a new gadget…you can now get an e-mail to notify you.

Email gadget

Maybe some of you know of this by now…I just found it yesterday and I love it…I added it to my sidebar so if you want to know immediately when I make a post sign up…hope you all put one on yours too…makes it so much easier than going into the dashboard.

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I got me a nice set of cookware this weekend…couldn’t pass up a 30% Off Coupon from Kohl’s.
My pans were getting horrible inside and out from metal utensils and the dishwasher…I let it be known that these will never see the inside of a dishwasher – ever!

New Pans

New pans 1

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I had a bit of time left over this weekend so I made a couple new items – some Candle Mats…been going to do this forever but it’s a ‘time’ thing…
I wanted something that the design wouldn’t get covered up with what ever was put on the mat and came up with this….I have Candle Huggers to match.
The Pineapple one will be remade…I don’t like the black around the edges of the Pineapple…I’ll make it like the Flower one.

Flower Candle Mat 1

Pineapple Candle Mat

I also made some new Mug Mats…for a wholesale order but have put them on my website as well.

mug mat group

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How’s the week going for you all….kind of quiet here. Snowed this weekend…cold and windy but yesterday it was in the 40’s – no telling when and if Winter will come to stay.  Spring should be very interesting.

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I will be doing the LITITZ, PA craft show this coming August 11th.  I will be located on Broad St. (Rt. 501) right at the beginning in front of the Police station.  So if you are in the area I hope you stop in and see me.

I’m also doing the Lititz Artisan’s Porch Walk October 12 & 13 so maybe I’ll see you then too!
There will be 6 locations you can find the Artists/6 at each location.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

A THANK YOU to berryhomespunsprimitives!

I saw on Angie’s blog  http://berryhomespunprimitives.blogspot.com/2012/01/quilt-squares.html  that she purchased some awesome quilt squares – lots of them - and in this box were two pieced quilt tops and they caught my eye…well, being the sweetheart that Angie is she offered them to me…now I was delighted….I think they will make some wonderful items for my show – not sure what just yet but you can be sure they will be made into lots of wonderful items.

I expected a kind of bulky bubble envelope containing these quilt tops…nope…they came in a large box!
So being I was still in the Christmas spirit of OPENING GIFTS…you can imagine how I tore into that thing…oh ya, goodies packed in between the quilts.
Take a look at her generosity…


Quilt 1

Quilt 2

And – in between the Two quilt tops were these adorable waxed fruits that she makes….4 bags of them…Pears and Apples!
And – the most perfect Prim Ditty Bag filled with her own grunged candles…..

I wasn’t going to open the bags…they were packaged so nice but this morning I thought it best to show them up close. Beautiful job Angie!
Bowl of fruit 1 
Fruit alone

That’s all I have for today – I just wanted to get this thank you out to Angie and tell you all to go on over to her blog for a visit…she’s always got some great things to share with us.   http://berryhomespunprimitives.blogspot.com/


Monday, January 16, 2012

70 Years – Selling Blogs

Yes, that’s right…my husband turned 70 on Saturday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOUG. I can honestly say he does not look or act 70…he’s still going strong!

BUT FIRST….about my site POPULAR SELLING BLOGS…I apologize for the last several months that it has not been showing up as being updated – I assure you that all new members are added and that I click ‘publish’ – but as most of you know…BLOGGER has lots of glitches so it never updated.
Friday I RE-MADE the entire blog and this time it updated current.
Now, for any member…IF YOU WANT TO UPDATE YOUR PHOTO just send me a new one…OR if there are any who want to be deleted just e-mail me.  I thank you all for making it such a great blog of talented artists.
And…if you aren’t a member and want to join just send me an e-mail with the selling blog link and a picture you want with it.

On with the birthday…we/he decided that all he wanted was our family together to celebrate…pulling off a surprise might have been a huge task as we don’t live close to any of our relatives and friends – so getting things done in a different town than we live in would have been next to impossible and having it at our house would have been a give away to the surprise …. AND… now I’m happy we didn’t have one as I caught a raging cold on Friday and never left my bed until 4 in the afternoon on Saturday to get showered and dressed to go to dinner – my head was stuffed…sneezing…coughing…just what everyone wants to hear in a restaurant huh?

Well fortunately the restaurant we chose was not really busy Sat. night – not sure why either because it’s a very popular place, anyway – we had the side room all to ourselves and that was a blessing. Not only for me having a cold and offending customers – but our boys could be themselves…FUNNY DUDES THAT THEY ARE. They had us laughing the entire dinner – sometimes almost too loud. I love my boys – they make me smile…they make me laugh.

Doug enjoyed his evening and that’s all that counted too!  Prime Rib was his entre of choice

Doug with dinner 

Family birthday 2

Family birthday 1

Sunday I relaxed all morning…very nice morning I might add.
But soon that ended because I needed some groceries bad – so off to the store. Decided it was going to be a DELI MEAL – not much fussing over the stove for me. I also baked a few Chocolate Chip cookies…you know, these are good for a cold!  Either someone told me that once or I TOLD MYSELF…(smiling big).
We had Rib Eye Sandwiches, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw and a mix of Tomato and Cucumber.
Thought we were going to eat it while watching the Packers win….NOT IN THE CARDS…goodness they played horrible! Terrible way to end their season.
Rib Eye Steaks 

Deli dinner 1

Kind of a boring post today I know but I have been up to NOTHING..sewing orders but that’s about it.

FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO LEAVE A COMMENT – I JUST MADE IT SO THAT ‘ANNYMOUS’ COMMENTS ARE ACCEPTED NOW…let’s see what happens this time. I disabled it quite awhile ago because of horrible spam comments.  Linda T. I hope this helps you post a comment now!!!!

Enjoy your day!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Blemishes – I will keep them!

On a day to day basis I look around my home and see so many things I could change/fix…but I don’t/won’t – why?
Because they are the little things that don’t bother me – I see them everyday I clean – I see them when I walk into the room…I KNOW THEY ARE THERE….but do you? NO…So why fix them – they are unimportant to the overall picture which is my home.
When you step inside you see the BIG PICTURE…not the little things I see everyday so they are probably there to stay until the next family lives here or if I get a bug one day to get out all the things it would take to fix the TINY THINGS…that don’t even matter.

~ Will I ever remember to NOT get the vacuum close to the base of my Armoire? No…every time I push that thing right up to the edge and I know every time what’s going to happen.  Would you be likely to see this – I doubt it.

~ And my kitchen cupboard – got hit with something heavy one day – should fix it…probably NOT. For some reason it doesn’t bother me…they are Pine cabinets…Pine will get bumps and bruises…so do I.

~ A chip of wood came out of the edge of my closet door years ago…guess we could piece some in there – do a little surgery on it…I’ve had surgery…all it does is make a scar.
closet door

~ When we moved into our home 32 years ago there was a plant hanger in the bathroom…still there…why?  I don’t know! It has been a part of my home…

~ Wear marks on my pantry doors where we open and close it everyday…these are signs of use and age…I have many of these on me…will they go away…NO…neither will these wear marks…they ARE the pantry.

~ Paneling is pulling away from wall in family room…it’s not real noticeable to most people…I know it’s there and when I clean it bugs me…but will it get fixed soon…NO…there are a few of these cracks in the walls…even though they bug me at times…I rather like them. They show the age of the room.
paneling split 

it’s not a new house…it is almost as old as me - it has seen many color changes to its look but never changed what it really is – the bones of it are still in tact…and so the same goes for me…I have blemishes - many little things I could change/fix…but I won’t…why?
Because you don’t see them – but I do…but they are unimportant to the overall picture which is ME.

Oh yes, there are two teeth that would be nice if they were straighter…my left leg not so bent at the knee…a scar that goes from mid thigh to mid calf – do you see it…NO. I have troubles and bad thoughts some time…but do you see them…NO. 
If I were taller then clothes would look better than they do on me…and my age…goodness if I were younger my crease lines around my eyes wouldn’t show…and my hands – well, you can tell they have been around for many years.
BUT THESE ARE THINGS THAT MAKE ME who I am and I’m okay with me…no one else sees these things generally so what you see is ME…not all my blemishes…I WILL KEEP THEM…because they are me.  Fixed…I would not be ME.

I hope you are all thinking about who you are and what you want…just be happy with who you are regardless of all the blemishes – if we didn’t have them we wouldn’t have character – so be happy and just be YOU and I will be ME.

I am going to leave you with one of my most favorite pictures of Lola – so far anyway…she’s always getting into places…and right now this is the cutest.
And she knows she’s cute too!
Lola on hutch
Lola on hutch 2

Enjoy your new year everyone.