Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A post challenge that will have a winner!

That’s right…just for posting you will be in the drawing.
And this is for my 4 year blog anniversary.
You DO NOT need to post about a craft, a recipe, travels, family…nothing like that…just something simple that we all will be able to post about.

Here’s the challenge and rules:
1. Sometime within the month of September I would like you all to do a post about ‘HOW YOU CAME UP WITH THE NAME OF YOUR BLOG”
2. When did you start blogging
3. Leave a comment here on my blog that you posted
3. Send me an e-mail with the link to that post and you will be entered
4. Deadline for posting is September 28th (my 49th wedding anniversary) thought that was a good deadline date!

Prize will be shown at a later date.
See how easy that is!
I started my blog on August 31st of 2008 – just 2 days away from being 4 years.
I came up with ‘MY COLONIAL HOME’….not because of MY HOME but I had serious thoughts of posting about the Colonial era…how the families lived, their homes, their jobs outside the home.  Showing you tools of the home and work. Furnishings of the era.  How children lived during these times.  Even foods and recipes.

Very simple blog to do but for some reason I lost track and started posting all about me and my home after seeing what all of you out there were doing. It was a ‘fever’ that caught on to many of us.
Hope you all take the challenge.
And don’t forget I have my JAR TOPPERS available again
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$8.00 each
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Mr. Jack Jar Topper
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Lots of happenings

I thought after the Lititz, PA craft show that things would settle down and I could get my body back to normal…but being I’m ME…that doesn’t ever happen…I just can’t seem to stay still.  And I do pay the price for it but sometimes it’s worth it (well, the hurt isn’t worth it but the outcome is).
That being said…I guess we didn’t get enough of doing a show so we had a Craft Show and Rummage Sale at the same time on Saturday.  Now I think we are loose in the head because we forgot how much work the shows are – even though it was here at the house the only difference was we didn’t have to drive…but we did set up two different areas.

We set the show up in the driveway minus the backdrops because they are way too much work to attach and then put up the curtains around them.  But no one knew the difference and they bought anyway.

Home show 2

The rummage was in the screen room so in case there was rain we were covered in both areas.

sale 1

sale 2

It all went well…weather was fantastic until noon and then it turned hot!
One of my blog/website followers came all the way from IL. Thanks so much Connie for making the drive and I hope you were able to go to Dan DiPaolo’s place and Finder’s Keeper’s.  I look a bit frazzled from the humidity!
Meet Connie Moore
Karen Connie

Doug went out to do some grilling the other night and he found this little tree frog (think that’s what it is because it has the suction cups on its feet) and it lives all day long on the siding behind the grill and towards night he goes in behind the window casings….look at those little bug eyes! Normally you can’t see him because he tucks himself way in.
tree frog 1 

Yep…remember the jar toppers from a couple years ago…well we made them again.
You can find them on my other site:

$8.00 each plus shipping
We have Mr. Jack; Snowman child; Snowlady; Snowman and the toppers fit on any pint or quart jar
Jar Toppers

On Friday night we went out to Dan DiPaolo’s Barn party. Besides the goodies to buy in the barn there’s drinks, food and music. KR Bluegrass played on the porch of his log cabin. People bring lawn chairs or sit on blankets or hay bales and many bring picnic food or snacks and drinks of all kinds. It’s two hours of beautiful Bluegrass music.
One of his specials that night were his Sunflowers for $5 a bunch.

Sunflowers den

There were a few that were just buds so I cut them short and put them in my Pewter pitcher and by morning they had openedSunflowers dining room

I have never been able to grow Geraniums…ever!  But I bought this large potted one from Dan’s place in May and it was huge and full….finally they died off as they normally do.  Well I figured it was finished and would just leave it for the time being…well over a couple weeks it grew 30+ buds and about a week before we headed to PA they blossomed…I was amazed that this is the 2nd go round for this plant.  The flowers aren’t as full but there are just as many.
Geraniums 2nd time

Last Saturday night was my brother/sil’s 50th wedding anniversary and they took their family plus Doug and I, our sister and our step parents out to dinner. I believe there were 15 of us.
Family at anniv 2

 Family at anniv 3

These are our Step parents…Boots and Virginia and she turns 90 tomorrow (28th). Boots is 88.
If you don’t remember the connection…Boots married our mother and after 5 years she passed away from Cancer and 3 years later he married Virginia (moms friend) and they both have been family from day one. My sister is next to me.
Boots me shirley

Again a long post…I never start out with the intention but it just happens.  Bet you wouldn’t want to be in the same room with me and have to listen to me.
And if you get a chance…say a little pray for healing for one of our blog friends Margie from Hungry Hook Primitives – she hasn’t been feeling well the past few weeks. Sending prayers your way Margie.

Blessings to all…enjoy!


Monday, August 20, 2012

Are you ready for some pictures/treasures!


Anyone living close to me you are welcome to come to my show
and sale…lots and lots of treasures.
You all know how I like to change things out so there’s lots of

show ad

I did have a little bit of time when in PA last week to buy some wonderful Fall decorations.
I knew I didn’t need any Prim things but I did buy pumpkins…they are just irresistible?
Who can turn down a Golden Orange Pumpkin or even a Green one! Maybe throw in a grungy White one and you have a Pumpkin patch right in your own home.

I won’t go into a lot of detail as I had a long post earlier…just some pictures this time (I think….loll)

Pumpkin Towel
I have seen this towel just about everywhere but it was calling my name…I love the whimsical look of it.


 Pumpkin pouch and paddle
And who could resist this adorable Pumpkin pouch – I actually got this at the booth next to me at the Lititz show.
Being I hurt so bad I couldn’t walk the show so fortunately this cutie was right next door!!!
The paddle board behind it I got someplace out there…can’t remember where


This ball of wool isn’t showing up too well…but it’s a lovely aged look.
The shop is called Thymes Remembered and it’s just outside East of Gettysburg in New Oxford
You must go to this shop…it’s awesome

6385 York Rd
New Oxford, PA 17350
Thymes Remembered


I bought this reproduction jug to put a fall arrangement in along with a bunch of lighted twigs

Star pitcher

Oh and Mr... Santa Clause….I had to replace this guy – my husband broke mine last Christmas
when putting things away so I was glad I found another one.
It has the look of the old fashioned paper Mache Santa’s form the 40’s

(Remember you can click on the pictures and see them bigger)
Resin Santa


And who can resist fabric…certainly not me!
The Two cotton ones are in a green to use on Mache boxes
and the other are wool
Green fabric


Who needs more Mercury ornaments…I DO!
I got these at the Candle Barn in Intercourse…that shop is jammed full of Prim goodness!

Mercury Ornaments 


Now these may not be very fun to look at but I bought them and so here they are…
Lots of Fall foliage – I snipped the tags off and forgot to write down what some of them are
Flower 1

Flowers 7

Flowers 6

 Flowers 5

 Flowers 4

 Flowers 3

Flower 2


I was at Olde Mill House Shoppe in Lancaster and they had a table set
with large candle wreaths and Pumpkins so I bought my own versions of them
.I put the rings on the Pewter plates and set the Pumpkins in the center.
These Pumpkins are actually paper – very light weight.
Pewter Pumpkin table 1

Aren’t they neat!!!
Pumpkins on pewter

I bought two different kind in green and tried them but
I decided I’m leaving the Orange Pumpkins on there.
Green pumpkins and pewter table
 Green pumpkin on plate

And these Two beauties – not sure what they’re made of but they’re heavy
White and Orange Pumpkins


At the show last Saturday I said I met Margie Santos and she gave me a gift…well here it is
Margie I absolutely LOVE my Santa and the other wonderful gifts.

Santa closeup

Included was this cute long bowl, Wax Acorn ornies, 2 sets of mini mitten ornies and a battery candle
Misc items from margie


So there you have it…all my wonderful treasures

Today I received a package I ordered from Carol of 
and she put in an adorable Fall Mouser for me…she is such a sweet lady and so generous.  Again her work is incredible. 
Just look at that adorable Mouse peeking out of burlap sack and he’s even wearing a witches hat!



Today I met up with Marie
to give her back the remainder of the products of hers that I took to the Lititz show.
We both brought our husbands along and had a wonderful lunch and lots of interesting conversation.
Marie gave me a set of 3 Wool Pumpkins – like I said this is the season of Pumpkins for me!
Too adorable aren’t they!  THANKS MARIE
Wool Pumpkins

Wow, I thought this was just going to be a post of treasures
but get me going and it doesn’t stop…loll


Well last Sunday the 12th our new baby granddaughter Miranda was baptized
and as you all know we were in Pennsylvania so we missed this wonderful event. 
But we did get some great photos from the kids.
We also missed Darren’s birthday the day before too…
There she is making scrunchy face again! loll
Miranda 2

Darrens family at baptism

Mr... Aidan!  Isn’t he getting big!!!

These two were taken later that day
Miranda 1

Aidan 1

That’s all folks…I have kept you all long enough!

THEY’RE SERIOUS SHOPPERS…wishing I could have been with them! LOL


I also activated the categories on my other blog with my products

you go on over and see what’s available


Friday, August 17, 2012

Back from the show!

What a show….I’m so glad I did this one – although it was a very long way to go I’m not sorry I did it.





car 3

 car 1



Now our van was NOT very happy  - it had to carry a very heavy load up and over the hills of PA and it paid the price.
Saturday morning at the show was kind of a nightmare for Doug (
well me too because I felt so bad for him – he had to deal with the results!).
Our van for some reason decided to die as we were unloading at the show site – long story short…we had to have it jumped to get it out of the street so others could get in – tried to start it later…same thing although we were able to park on the grounds right behind our site (we would not have been able to move it if we wanted to being dead!)

All in all after the show we got our van and Doug’s cousins jeep loaded up quickly just to get out of there…jumped our car and off we went.  Sorted out the mess at his cousins house on Sunday afternoon.
We sat at the Toyota dealership for half a day on Monday getting things fixed.  As you can see all spots were filled!

I was in awe at the size of this show – waaayyy bigger than the show I was at 2 years ago.
At this point I am  very sure I will do it again next year.

It got so busy right away that we didn’t get many pictures – people come in from all sides of the town so I didn’t have to worry about the location of my booth – lots of traffic.

I do not have very good pictures of the booth – we started setting up at 5 a.m., by 6:15 people were already shopping!!
There were so many people in my space I could not get my areas set up, couldn’t get my purchase table set up so many areas are not as they should have been…THERE WERE PRODUCTS I NEVER UNPACKED because I couldn’t get at them.

BUT….that being said….THERE WERE MANY SALES DURING THIS RUSH TOO!  I’m not complaining at all – just got a bit frustrating to not be able to set the space up…so what you see is all I could accomplish because all of a sudden it was 8 a.m. and the show was officially on.
Goodness I sold my 6 of my 8 pillows before the show opened…WISHING I HAD MADE MORE!  But who knew…

I also met several friends from blogs and forums…some I didn’t know but knew me.
I never got a chance to walk the show either – I wanted so badly to get up to see Teresa (Teresa’s Primitive Treasures) and she wanted to get down by me but it never happened.

I know I will be leaving some names out here so forgive me if I’m not mentioning you – there were so many people I met.
Margie Santo’s was my first visitor – she has been an internet friend for a couple years now – she and her husband are such nice people and I also received a darling Santa and a few other special gifts from Margie (photos at another time – they’re still packed).

Karen and Margie Santos

I do believe this is Rachel – if not forgive me!
Karen and friend 

And Laurie…she’s from Lititz – I would loved to have been able to visit with her more!Karen Vickie

A forum friend Elaine and her husband stopped by as well
Karen and Elaine 2
There was also Judy, and a sweet little gal who I had never met but she said she always follows my blog and mskate from one of the forums I’m on…and I just know there are a couple more I can’t remember.

show 1

show 2

 show 9

show 8

show 7

I was not satisfied with the fabric headers…couldn’t get them even and time was running out!  Next year something different or a different way of attaching them.  Learning process….

show 6

Notice how open the space is behind us and to the one side….NICE BREEZE ALL DAY LONG!
And look at our blue ban  to the left there all snug under that huge shade tree….Could we have been more fortunate!

show 4

show 3

This is just on Main St. where I was located…it also went down Broad St. (Rt. 501) and in the park. This was around 8 a.m
It went both directions on Main Street….

show 5

show streets 3

show streets 2

show streets 1

I know this was full of pictures but that’s what this post was about…show n’ tell….

This is one of my favorite houses on Main Street near our booth…I never get tired of looking at this home.  One can dream, right!!

Log house lititz

Sunday we headed out to Roots Market – IN THE RAIN – but we had umbrellas so it wasn’t too bad.  Oh if only we were heading back right then we would have bought lots and lots of produce – somehow it always looks better at a farm market. 

Monday we rode around Lancaster and did some Antiquing just for a break and came upon this wonderful Antique shop – White Horse Mill – I’ve seen it in the flyers but never got there.

White Horse Mill Antiques 2

White Horse Mill Antiques 1

This is right behind the antique shop – wish I could have gotten closer for a picture to show up better because for real it was really quaint and the garden was wonderful.
Farm House  

I’ll leave you with this picture - one scene I never get tired of seeing….
Amish buggy

I made some Fall purchases on Friday, Monday and Tuesday – lots of Pumpkins, Fall foliage and not sure what else…photos at a later date…still packed away!
We stopped at Cocalico Creek shop which is right on Rt. 30 by the Target store…it’s in a shop facing the highway (right by Amish Stuff).  It’s nice and Prim and loaded with lots of treasures…you have to go there!
Got up to Blue Snickel…very nice shop but EXTREME PRIM…I’m not extreme…I’m more Colonial so things just didn’t jump out at me.

Blessings to all and thank you everyone who shopped with me on Saturday and for those who came in to introduce themselves to me…how blessed am I!