Wednesday, April 14, 2021


 I can't believe I haven't posted since the middle of January!

Well here I am finally - but not much has happened, maybe that's why I haven't gotten on here.

Have you ever gotten on the bandwagon? I did it this past month. One lady on FB posted that she purchased a metal Windsor bench from Tractor Supply Co. and the craze started!!!

I don't know the exact number that purchased them but at one count there were 110 that I could find...I wonder what TSC will think when they look at the inventory the end of this month 😂😂

We bought two of them - the funny thing is that most of the stores got in just one, possibly two if they were lucky so anyone wanting 2, like us, had to go to another town to purchase the second one.  But it was so worth it - they are a very very heavy metal.

I've been busy the last couple weeks getting into the designing mode and will be just as busy for the next several months till the show in October.  Our dining room table has been full - although I had to clear it off for Easter dinner - but it went right back on.

A friend here in town raised bees and I asked her if she had any filtered beeswax I could purchase - she said she did - I got 20 lbs. of it from her for my poured beeswax shapes.
I should have enough for what I need once I start pouring.

Oh and I forgot that I purchase some new molds and now I'm anxious to get pouring!!!

And....because we don't have fabric stores near us I buy what I can
 when I can so here's my latest stash!
Some I used already to cover a set of Mache boxes for a customer
 and some I have used as backings for my penny rugs.

I hope you all had a great Easter - we did - we finally had some of our family for dinner.
Being Doug and I had both vaccine's we felt good about having the kids here for dinner.
But for breakfast Doug and I had 'fried bread dough'.
I grew up having this as a special treat when mom and or grandma made bread - they would save some and fry it. I love butter and sugar on mine.
It's way better than pancakes or French toast.

I finished punching this sweet pattern this week.
I love the mellow colors

I'm sure there's more I've missed but that's it for now!!