Thursday, May 27, 2010

Seeing Red…again!


I had a free day yesterday and so I finally had a chance to bring up all my flowers and get them out – not that I have an array of different ones, you all know by now I’m a softy when it comes to Geraniums … it’s one of my favorite flowers to decorate with next to Lavender – which I totally forgot to bring up.

Yesterday it reached 89 degrees and no air con. and the humidity was 55% – not bad but if you knew me I can’t stand heat or
temps over 70/72 and no humidity … but that said, I put on as little as I could get away with for clothes and went about
putting out the flowers.

Don’t have much as far as information to add today so hope you enjoy the pictures.

Here’s the stash before I put them around!
I had 11 pots and 6 clusters to work with
Wishing I had more white after using the two I had
Geraniums 1

 Geraniums 2

 Geraniums 3

Now here’s where they all ended up

I think this turned out great….it’s my Americana display – I bought an old box last Winter and love the printing on it … and it’s Blue so it worked great for this in our screen room
In Screen Room 2 
close up of box
Blue box closeup

In the kitchen by the side windowKitchen table

In a Salt Glaze bowl in the den
On blue table 

In a crock under a table in the family room
Under table

On the fireplace

One I do every year….in my large trencher in the dining roomOn dr table

And outside on the courtyard
On Brick 1

And last - in a basket above our bed
Over bed

Now just a couple pictures of some flowers I set outside
These are by the garage
By garage

Back door area
I use the large Redwing crock for my displays all year long.
I keep the birch twigs in there for fullness and just add my flowers
for the seasons and at Christmas we put a lit tree in itBack porch

Courtyard area – finally got my flowers planted and it stormed that night and knocked off most of the little pinks!
courtyard plants
side garden Plants 1

On the front porch
This actually looks better than it is showing – picture doesn’t
show how very nice it really looks for some reason
I bought this tall bucket at a shop up north, it’s about 36 inches tall
Front porch 

I’ve been trying to visit all of you as I can this week – have to be gone all of tomorrow to my aunts to help there so won’t
have access to a computer but will be back for the weekend and will check in on more blogs – I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!

I think my girls liked their winnings from my giveaway! Hope so!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Where have I been!!!!

Well let me tell ya!

The past couple weeks have been very busy
and hectic and I haven’t been around much…..let alone on the computer catching up on everything
you all are doing and I miss you guys – sorry
I haven’t posted or commented.

My last surviving aunt is ill and I’ve been helping my brother and sister in-law with her….I won’t go into detail but I haven’t been home.

My last day there this week was Sunday and it was soooo hot – and when I had left to go down there (it’s an hour away) I had all the windows open and didn’t get home till around 7 pm and it was like an oven in here – so I closed up the house, turned on the air and it ran and ran but not much change…it was 87 in here when I got home and after it ran all that night it still was only 78 by morning.
Needless to say the Freon is gone and needs a charge…pray I don’t need a new air conditioner. We’ve been babying this one for so long now
I think our luck has run out….but still hoping
that’s all it needs.

So yesterday I ran the air but no change in the inside temp…registered 77 all day then I realized the air con wasn’t running, just the fan…yikes! What now. So I turned it off and let it rest and then before I went to bed I turned it back on….sounded like it was running but this morning it was still 77-78!
So now it’s off and just the fan is running…I’ll just wear less clothes….ya right!

Here’s the temp yesterday at noon….still reading 77 indoors! It’s not unbearable by any means, but with the house closed up and the fans on to keep the air moving and the humidity out…it’s darned stuffy.
So today I’m sitting in the screen room with
the fans on and it’s kind of okay…but the temp
right now outside is 84 so I guess it’s going to
be one hot day here.

I just took these pictures of what I’m seeing while sitting here doing nothing for a change!

They’re through the screens so won’t be clear

Not a breeze at all….my new flag is sadly hanging
I love hearing a flag flap in the breeze don’t you?
New Flag

My Pineapple water fountain in the side garden…one of my favorite spots to look at.

The view whenever I’m in the screen room.
Still no flowers on my plants but soon I hope!
View 2

And look who’s totally enjoying all this heat! 
Lola sleeps here from the time we let her
out there till bedtime
Lola sleeping

View 1

Guess I don’t have a lot to say today but wanted
you all to know why I haven’t been around.
I’m going to be checking in on your blogs today
and tomorrow when I get the chance… be watching for me to pop in on ya!

Oh, Darren sent me a picture he took with his phone yesterday of Aidan….the green pool is giving a green reflection so it doesn’t look too clear
He has wet head from dunking!
Aidan in pool


I’m having a sale on my Americana items
from now through June 15
Just for my Blog Friends!
This is the only place I will advertise it.

Old Glory Picture
Old Glory Flag
Was $18.00
NOW $12.00

Ticking Towel
Red Ticking Towel
Was $12.00
NOW $9.00

Hanging Towel

Hanging Tab Towel 
Was $12.00
NOW $7.00

If anyone wants one….just e-mail me

See you later everyone – stay cool!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Week of Eating Out!

Well since Mother’s Day it has been almost non-stop eating out – I got such a taste for the wonderful place we went to for Mother’s Day that I had to take my husband there (he was out of town and couldn’t make the family dinner).

It’s called Fork In The Road and it’s awesome…and very reasonable so anyone living within the area you really must go. So on Tuesday night we went!


And then yesterday we went to
The Gingerbread House
for lunch and I WILL GO BACK!

I was told about this place by Ann from

She was at my Home Show this past November and said I must go there…well it has taken me this long to finally get there…the one time we went, they were closed for the holidays…imagine! lol

We ate our lunch  in this cozy restored farmhouse in one of the little rooms all decked out with beautiful Spring flowers set in enamel Coffee Pots of all different sizes and colors for each table…how cute is that!
Each table is different as well – we sat at a huge wood antique off white farm table. It was a table for 6 but they put us there anyway – right next to the fireplace. The table next to us was a cute round bistro table with two of the most scrumptious Colonial upholstered chairs – they were perfect for dining and done in a dark gold and black mini check…oh to have those
in my house! yummmmm.
Here’s an example of the pots
Blue Enamelware Coffee Pot

The menu was wonderful…mostly sandwiches, salads and soups, and the desserts are – well, let’s just say you can’t resist any of them….and we didn’t….we split a ‘warm Blackberry Torte Cake….oh my goodness – that’s all I can say!


Well it has been raining here for the past few days and now I’m tired of it….the ground is wet enough for the plants and trees so NOW IT CAN STOP! Plus it’s so darned cold.

I don’t have much to say today so my post is a bunch of rambling
I wish everyone could have been a winner – I know I’m a winner just by having so many wonderful friends and followers.

Hugs, Karen

This Graphic from Holly Berry Corners

Sunday, May 9, 2010


She has been gone for many, many years (41 years)
but after reading Lisa’s
post today I have this horrible missing going on inside me!
She is who made me who I am today

Mom by willow tree 1955 





Yep, the time is here everyone….and I really took a lot of time getting the names on paper and cut them out and drew….

167 entries…
Lots of crossed fingers and whatever else you could cross….lol
Well wait no longer….but first
here’s what the TWO winners will receive

A framed Old Glory
Black Crow Tandle
this is awesome and it’s in the Herb Cottage scent
smells like Spring and a Colonial Summer Kitchen
plus a fabric pouch with a Willow Tree and Sheep stitched on the front and stuffed with excelsior and a grubby candle

I hope you likeeeee!

Giveaway for followers

Boy did we have some cold weather last night…
it got down to 34 degrees.
I went out to dinner last night with two of my sons/families to this wonderful restaurant in Mukwonago called
The Fork In The Road….
I just have to go there again…everything was wonderful!

Got to see all but my one son Dan/Jamie because they had prior commitments then when I got home I rounded up
all the old sheets and painters cloths to put over our plants – what a job at 8 pm!
It looked like a sheet factory exploded in my yard
and you saw how many gardens I have!

So this morning I’m out there rounding them all up – now they are damp so it’s in the washer with tons of sheets!

Oh my….I digressed didn’t I….I forgot to mention who won!
Guess it’s the devil coming out in me again.
Okay – I guess I’ll tell



I just e-mailed you that you won and so
I can get your mailing addresses.

Thank you one and all for being such wonderful followers and for posting such wonderful entertaining posts on your blogs.
Thanks you to my NEW followers…hope to see
you here again now and then.

Blogging has been a wonderful outlet for me.
Being a home based business I don’t get out much
(now is when you say awwwwww!)
what I mean to say is I’m always in the house sewing and don’t socialize as much as I really want to so having this outlet is wonderful…it keeps my brain working in a social sense

Hugs, Karen

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Americana and something else

I was so busy last week creating and I had so much fun with it.
Remember the teasers from a couple posts
ago – well I have them finished.

Here is my favorite!
It’s Old Glory in black wood frame w/glass
and a perfectly grunged flag – Like it???

It sells for $18 plus traveling fees
Old Glory

I love this’s my new hanging Tab Towel
that measures about 26 inches square and has either
a red or blue ticking tab hanger and sweet little patch
and all grunged up for hanging perfectly in any space

And they sell for $12 plus traveling fees
Hanging Towel

Folded Towels

How about an Americana Ticking Towel
Love the little flag pocket filled with
wonderful smelling preserved Sweet Annie – gosh it’s fragrant!

This beauty sells for $12 plus traveling fees
Ticking Towel
Pocket Closeup
Pocket closeup

And, I have an over abundance of little candle paddles
They come in distressed Red, Black and Gold
and even have a tin candle cup
to hold any size taper or battery candle

They sell for $4.50 each plus traveling fees
Candle padles
Here’s how sweet they look in a setting
Candle by plates

So what do you think??? Think they will sell?

Just maybe some of these
will be in that Mystery Package…
but you all gott a be good!!!!
Gosh I like to TEASE!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Time is drawing close!

Okay everyone…are you excited about the
Mystery GiveAway???

Well I am – I’ve been drumming up ideas for it all last week and over the weekend wondering what to give away and not only that…have you seen the entries??? Oh man….there are a lot of you out there just so curious. I guess a good mystery gets to almost everyone doesn’t it?

Well I’ll keep you in suspense no more…here’s what’s
going to happen…being there are (to this point anyway)
151 entries – WOW!!!

So that being the case it sure doesn’t give you good odds does it? So here’s the deal…I’m going to give away TWO - just because! I don’t know if they will be exact or if I’ll mix them up or how the 2nd person will be chosen.

That’s all you are getting for now!
Am I being the good me or the bad me???  LOL

Lady and devil

Bring on the sun

Yesterday was a full day in the yard doing mulch and what a job…we live on a corner so we have several areas of gardens that need lots of attention so when it comes to mulch day it’s a chore. I went out to start helping after he got the lawn mowed. We started trimming areas and getting some left over leaves out of the base of some of the shrubs and
then the cleanup before the mulch was delivered….and when it came it was gorgeous.
I had said we were were getting the black mulch…I LOVE IT.
I like the dark look of dirt rather than the bright mulch.
Here’s 9 yards of it!

It was non-stop till 7 p.m. last night and by then
we were totally done in.
We both hauled wheelbarrows of it to locations and then
I was literally on my hands and knees all day long
and by evening I could barely move.
So here are a few pictures of the day as it progressed.

Oh, I did get my Perennials in the side gardens before
we got over in that area because once the mulch
got down i wasn’t going to disturb it.
And wouldn’t you know…just seconds after I got one of the Woodland Poppies in – he ran over it with the wheel of the wheelbarrow…now I think he’s out to get me with my flowers because a couple weeks ago he pulled out all of my Coneflowers..remember!!!!

So here’s what we did all day in the yard…Now I just have to wait for everything to grow bigger and flowerDriveway corner after

Back Rocks

Doug 1

Front side 

Side yard 2

Side yard

Front Corner

Me wheelbarrow

courtyard area.2 

courtyard area.1 

Front to back 

 Me working

Front 1

Taking a much needed break…don’t you love the pants!
Look at my shoes in the next picture…they went into the trash.
Me sitting


Oh, I forgot…our son Brett came over to pick up something so we put him to work blowing the area clean – I don’t think Doug could have picked up anything more by then!


Bring on the sun

I still have to get these planted and I think they are going to go in window boxes for the garage windows – it’s such a bare area over there now that the boat is gone.
Flowers for Pots

That’s it! Sorry to bore you with yard work but it’s all I have right now to share with you…but I did want to let you all know that the time is getting closer for the give away…