Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Where do I begin…

The last few weeks have been the busiest I’ve had in just ages.

So….what has been happening since I was here last.

We celebrated Aidan’s 4th birthday at their house on the 20th – we went and visited early in the day because I wanted to enjoy Aidan before I started the day and didn’t know how I would feel being I had the procedure the day before.

That little boy is such a delight – he gets so tickled out of everything.
He has this thing with my camera…will not leave it alone and takes tons of pictures when he gets it in his little hands….so we bought him his own digital camera – Fischer Price makes a child friendly digital camera.
We couldn’t have gotten a better gift – along with some clothes and a toy…he was a pretty happy little boy.
aidan camera

He’s showing grandpa the ultra-sound pictures of baby Miranda
aidan showing pictures
And shortly we will be greeting baby Miranda into the family…if she doesn’t go into labor by Sunday night the Dr. is taking her on Monday and inducing labor…he doesn’t want to let her go any longer being she’s a high risk.


My brother and his wife came over on Sunday and we went to the Elkhorn flea market – it is held at the fairground and it’s huge!  We arrived at 7 when it opened and left at 1 – I honestly can’t believe I held up that long but like I said at the beginning – just loosing a bit of the pain gives me more energy – oh, that  and 2 Vicodin helped…

Here are a few goodies I found.
This tin of really old and vintage buttons is large (a 14 inch tin).
I saw tons of vendors selling jars of them from $5 to $20 – which to me is way out of line.  Then I saw this tin and saw that there were very few buttons I could use for my projects.  She had $5 on it and I said it was a good price but I could use but a few in there and she said take it for $3.  Oh yes…I did take it.  I came home and put them in a bucket with Pine-sol and soaked them overnight – the water was about the color of this blog background.  But they smell good now!
buttons 1

Love my drying rack – it has original blue paint on it and she was asking $18 – I got it for $16.
linen rack 1

Now this bowl is large – it’s about 9 inches high and 15 inches wide. I really don’t think it’s old – probably a reproduction as she has $28 on it…I got it for $24.  but I loved the size and the Aqua blue ring instead of the other ones I’ve seen with Royal Blue
large bowl 1
large bowl

Remember the peaches I bought at the rummage sale a couple weeks ago for .10 each?
They look quite real sitting in the bowl don’t you think?

peaches in bowl

Loooove this hanging basket – I will put greens and a candle in it for Christmas


So what’s next…Oh yes…Monday we went to Madison for the Wholesale Cash and Carry show.
I bought a couple things to re-sell at the show as long as they are handmade

Bought two of these fabric bags  - I’ll add some Sweet Annie in the pocket
Fabric bag

One vendor has put out a line of woven table squares and table cloths…they aren’t as nice as FHW’s but they are nice.
This one will be used on one of my display tables at the show.  It’s a nice 52 x52
linen rack 2

And these adorable mini bowls…hand made by one hyper little gal.
I didn’t intend to buy 3 – let alone all with Red but she had them in the bag before I could say anything.
But at .25 cents each they were staying they were hard to pass up.
I use these small bowls for rings and earrings and my vitamins so it’s okay that I have them.

The 2 Mercury ornaments were a find at the flea market
ornaments bowls

I bought 2 of these wood over the door candle holders for the show to display my candles that I wrap with flax and jute.
Wood candle holder

And I can’t get by without some Black Crow Candles…I bought 2 with a Christmas scent for the show – candles never sold well for me so I’m just trying 2 for the first show.

I finally got some Sweet Annie in the wall box that I bought at the rummage sale a few weeks ago.
Wall box 2

When it was time for my brother and sil to leave on Sunday Gene gave me something – he knew I’d love it and cherish it.
It’s my grandparent’s marriage certificate.
Dated June 21, 1911 – he gave it to me June 25, 2012…it’s 101 years and 4 days old!
It’s in sad condition so I want to get it framed (and hopefully they can clean it also)
marriage license 1
license date

Oh, one more thing…I started a new blog for KM Primitives – It’s in the process but it would be great if you would follow me and add me to your blog list on your sidebar so that when I get it up and running completely it will be more noticed.
I have categories and will add products as I make new designs. I’m having a devil of a time getting Paypal  set up and products on.



Thursday, June 14, 2012



Sales are good but I'm not getting rich with orders so why push myself right?
It’s just that it takes so much time to hand stitch an order and if there's more than 2-3 items per order it takes about 2 weeks and then another order comes in in the meantime and then it's a constant thing - I literally have NO DOWN TIME.
And you know I have shows in Lititz, PA in August and October and I just now today started sewing on some products.
I gave it all I had for 8 years and it was fun right to the end…also another reason to stop now – before I dreaded getting up to work on it.

Go to the Two sites listed on the left sidebar (and below)…either site carries the same pattern designs.
These are E-patterns. If you want a mailed pattern just e-mail me with your choices.
And….if you saw a product you like from visiting my site…please e-mail me and I’d be happy to make it for you.  I’m not that totally out of it that I won’t sew at all.



I’m going to hopefully put some items on my Picturetrail – especially around holiday times.

For all of you that shopped on my site and for the great cheerleaders I had in all of you I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.
You all have me me proud of my work – even if you didn’t purchase you still praised me and that is an honor…bless you all.

Will I miss it…YES…will I miss the constantly sore fingers and hands…NO…but I will miss you my customers and friends.

BUT NO FEAR…I’M STILL BLOGGING…you can’t get rid of me totally.


Flags for header

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New treasures – Party - Discovery

I wanted to add this to my post the other day but I didn’t have the pictures ready – now I really didn’t want to make a long post but I had a few things to share with you.

I haven’t done any re-decorating for quite awhile so I have NO great re-do photos…but I did buy some new items that I will need to find room for eventually (well, like around Christmas time) – so I took pictures of them and then put them in storage.

Last Saturday we went to our home town to their city wide rummage sale. I only went there for one reason – Spinning Wheel wholesale went out of business/retired actually – and they were selling all that was left of their wholesale inventory (ALL NEW ITEMS).
I needed some candles for my business and Julia said they had some but not a lot but we decided to go an see anyway.  Well I tell you they might as well have been giving these things away.  The prices were incredible. All new items too…not rummage.

I bought Two framed fabric pictures for Christmas…one is an original that they used as the prototype for reproduction – I got it for $5.00 !!!
And it’s very large too – approx. 20 x 30
Snowmen picture 1

And this wonderful Santa – it’s approx. 16 x 22   $2.00
Santa picture

Peaches anyone?  These are the best and so real looking
.10 cents each!!  I bought all they had – 1 dozen

And Two absolutely beautiful old world Santa’s - $1.00 each

For $2.00 I got this large wall box with drawer – it’s in my hallway and I’m going to add a bunch of Sweet Annie and Lavender
Tall box

And the candles…$2.00 a box for 24 – Julia threw in another box for free – 48 candle packs – that came out to .o4 cents per candle pack!!!

And last this wonderful cloth doll – she was just $1.00
Hanging angel

So how did I do????  Pretty great I think. Now could you have passed these things up for the price…I THINK NOT!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On Friday we had a party here for Emily (granddaughter).  She graduated from 8th grade and now there’s a graduation ceremony for almost every grade it seems – so she graduated on the 5th and will now be in high school.
Anyway we told her we’d give a lunch here for her and some of her friends.
She chose a Mexican theme and we went shopping together for the decorations and table ware.  She knew the colors she wanted and we found most everything at Party City (awesome store!)
But first…here’s Em with her diploma at graduation – she also received the Presidents Education Award for outstanding academic excellence

Emily graduation 2


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On with the party….
Photo taken right away so I could have 5x7’s made to put in frames for all the girls to take home
Grad gowns

Table 1
Table setting

Snack table in screen room
Snack table 1
Snacks 1 

Emily started off the PiƱata !
Emily Pinata
 Emily Pinata 2

Dessert and paper flower making and then they got their goodie bags
Eating dessert
Paper Flowers 1
Goodie Bags


I guess I forgot to mention what her menu was.
Fruit Punch – glasses rimmed with Strawberry syrup and then dipped in Pop Rocks
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Chicken Enchilada’s
Taco bar
Ice Cream Sundaes with fixn’s for toppings

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And then as luck would have it – when my friend was here from PA our air con decided to stop working – but it was old. It was here 33 years ago when we bought the houses and from what the installer said it was here 7 years before that. So it did its job for all those years so we can’t complain at all.

Old air con

Air con 2

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And last…in all my years I had never seen a LUNA MOTH until Wednesday. I was in the garden showing my sil a flower and my brother said why is that leaf moving and you are way over there….he looked closer and there it was – just hatched and was drying its wings.  Gorgeous thing of nature.
Luna Moth 1
Luna Moth 2

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well I hope you enjoyed this very long picture heavy post…that’s what happens when I’m too busy to get on here and post regularly – it just builds and they you suffer…

Going to be busy again the next several weeks – I’m finally finished with all orders and will start my show items – yes I know…it’s in 8 weeks – BUT I CAN DO THIS!!!
Oh, and I found out where my actual vendor space for the Lititz show will be.
On Main Street down near Linden Hall School for Girls– that’s down past the shops and by Sturgis Pretzel – come visit!!!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

A very late thank you on a swap

Well you may have seen that I haven’t been on here for awhile…not just posting but visiting your blogs as well – I want to say I’m sorry for not being there – the bottom line in LIFE JUST GOT GETS IN THE WAY!

First order of business is a huge THANK YOU to TAMMY from
I joined her ‘Envelope Swap’ awhile back that she was hosting.  I was fortunate enough to have Tammy as my swap partner and I’m so happy for that – she’s just the best gift giver ever!

I knew that package was coming but I just didn’t know when, and when I saw it sitting on my porch I grabbed it and opened it fast…but I kept a bit of control and took a picture of the wrapped items – just prolonged the suspense.
I must say the envelope was packed too.
Package 1 

And when I got them all unwrapped…here’s what I found
A bundle of wonderful fabric…
Fabric from tammy 

Tammy’s handmade faceless dolls -
Faceless Dolls

A personalized Pillow Tuck…just perfect
Pillow from Tammy

And last…one of Tam’s beautiful handmade ‘Burlap Bears’…just adorable
Tammys Bear

THANK YOU TAMMY…I’m so sorry it took me over a week to get this posted.
I truly love it all.