Saturday, January 3, 2015

And so another one begins!


Pineapple line artOur New Year’s was nice and quite just like we like – no going out to dinner – it’s just something we have never done.
Doug had his usual crab legs…he ate all 4 lbs. of them! I am not a seafood eater although I do eat deep fried shrimp and that’s what I had.  This is what’s left of the 4 lbs….NOTHING BUT SHELLS.
cab legs 

Pineapple line artLike I need more Christmas decorations, right?  Well this great little shop by me had some wonderful Mache houses/barns and I had my eye on this little (big) beauty – I thought it was a barn but Doug said it’s a Church – but anyway I loved it and loved the deep Red color.  She had all of her Christmas at 1/2 off so I bought it.
Barn Church 1

Barn Church lit

It will go with this grouping but it will have to find a new place because they now go across the whole top and one more won’t fit in.buildings

All Christmas decorations are down and packed away – house is bare and I love it – some things will not come back up from the basement and that’s okay with me…I’m going to try and de-clutter….wish me luck!


Pineapple line artThis past August I made contact with 2 friends that I hadn’t seen or talked to since 8th grade – 1958!
Lynn lives in Florida and we have chatted on the phone a couple of times.  She’s coming to Wisconsin in May for a granddaughters graduation so hopefully  we will be able to meet up someplace.

Linda – lives in our home town of Janesville.  She has lived there since she got married at around the same time as I did and I never knew it.  It would have been wonderful to have known but we lost track of each other.
But in August her husband passed away and we went to the funeral and said we’d keep in touch this time.
And we did….last Tuesday we went to Janesville and had a great visit!  Linda loves Pink – her entire house is done in Pinks and she even wore pink!
Karen and Linda

Pineapple line artSo 2014 was a great year in so many ways.  Wonderful friends and a great family.