Sunday, July 27, 2014

A little of this a little of that!

Every had a birthday that just kept on giving – I said that in my last post and thought it had ended…NOT!
On Wednesday Doug’s cousins came over and surprised me with a birthday afternoon.  They brought snacks and we played cards then went downtown to Fred’s for burgers then back here for apple pie and ice cream…Perfect Day. Oh and a wonderful gift card for Kohl’s (guess what…it’s already spent. smiles-smiles-smiles!)

This group of gals are so fun and funny – never stop laughing when we are with them.
Before everyone left I set the camera on automatic and set it on the top of one of the  pie safes to get a group photo…well they thought I had it pointing at an angle so Gail said ‘tilt to the right’ and they all did LOL…
Girl cousins

Last week we finished up our little re-do of rooms…this time it was the bathroom that got it.  Not much but enough to look good.
Painted the cabinets, new hardware and new floor.

This is the old look…
Bathroom old

And the new look…
now it looks like the color is the same but believe me it’s much darker than the original color.  We used the same as in the family room. I like to keep the colors flowing in the house – not be drastic with changes.
New bathroom 1
New bathroom 2 
One more small addition to one of the guest rooms – we put up a wall shelf with pegs to put the antique baby clothing on. It’s one we had and thought it might work and sure enough…I really like it.  Now that is all we are putting on the walls. I want it simple.
 Wall shelf 1
Wall shelf 2
See this adorable child’s dish set…we bought that when Doug was working in England.  I was fortunate enough to go over there for a week while he was there.  We took a shopping trip one day and went to Harrods of London. I knew Peter Rabbit was an English story and so I was in search of something pertaining to it. We found this Wedgwood set for little Jesse (at the time he wasn’t born yet).
Peter Rabbit Dishes

This weekend was the town wide rummage sale so we went out browsing and found a few treasures we just had to have lol
But really I DID HAVE TO HAVE THIS…2 boxes of DMC all numbered and in order in plastic bags…the boxes are floss organizers.  Got the two boxes for $8.00.  I counted the bags and there are 285 – most bags have one skein but there are about 5 or 6 have several skeins.
DMC thread

Then this darling leather purse for .25
Black purse

What else did we HAVE to have…
A book of heirloom Embroidery for $1.00
Embroidery book

And 2 yards of Santa fabric for $1.00
Santa Fabric

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to my cousins 80th birthday party.
Got to enjoy seeing cousins I haven’t seen in a year and some even more.

My cousin Barb, Me and cousin Dave (they are brother and sister)

Donna Me Dave

Me with cousin Bev (another sister to the two above and the birthday girl)

 Me and Bev 2

That’s it for the fun things!!!

Been making a few things here and there to get ready for the Christmas show.
Trying to make some small things before I get working on Penny Rugs.
Large flower pins for coats

Large Coat Pins 

More strawberries…I made several awhile back and sold them all.
Strawberries in progress

And I will leave you with miss ‘Baby’ snoozing in the sunBaby in sun


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Family room finished – a couple other things

We finished the family room and what a great feeling!
Took awhile but after up and down on the ladder ( and falling off once – but no harm done ), bending to paint in places low and lots of aches and pains all is well!
The carpet was installed on Wednesday and it looks wonderful.  We went with a high/low loop pile that wears well for high traffic areas – something very different for us but sure do love it.
You may not see much of a difference in the pictures from before but for real it is a huge difference.

( click pictures to view larger )

Family room finished 1

I see a basket handle broke!!!  Guess that needs to come down!!
Fireplace closeup 1 

Carpet design
New carpet closeup

The den is finally back to normal with less furniture as well, not so crowded anymore with the love seat in there with it back in the family room where it belonged but had to be moved out because of the leather sofa – but the leather sofa sold last Monday! Yeahhhh!
Den finished 1

On Thursday we headed up to my brother/sister in-laws and then we all went to Wisconsin Rapids to Country Freckles because I wanted to pick up my products that I had consigned there and I needed to regroup and later send up some new items.  I was amazed at how much I sold in a years time.  Just a shopping bag of things left.
I did buy more wool and pattern for a hooked rug and a lamp shade for the screen room lamp – nothing exciting.

Tulip hooked rug 1 
Burlap shade

Then we headed on over to Whetstone’s Antiques and I found the lid to my green depression glass biscuit jar that we purchased at a rummage sale last year for $1.00 – Cal let me have the lid for $3.00!!  I see them sell at the flea markets from $25 to $45 complete. So $4 was a great deal.
Biscuit jare 1
Also found this smaller 8 inch Yellow Ware bowl with red rings.  Don’t have any with that color so it jumped right into my hands!
Small yellow and red bowl 

And when we got home yesterday I found these Sunflowers on the counter for me from Brett, Heather and the kids!

And with such a busy day and a half neither of us wanted much for dinner last night so I made a home made pizza.
One of our favorite easy night meals.

pizza 1

 pizza 2

This afternoon it’s over to our son Brett’s place with our whole family for my birthday celebration – goodness this is the birthday that keeps on giving…turning 70 wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!

Blessings to all


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I got to meet a blogger - And new items on my selling blog

american flag[6]

Oh yes, I got to meet Robin Schilpp from 
She and her niece Niki took a 4 day shopping road trip and we met on Saturday and one of my favorite local shops Finder’s Keepers.
I saw Robins van….packed to the roof – well almost, they had to save room for the next day because they were going to the Elkhorn flea market and I just know how that went after seeing what they bought in just 2 days! lol

I met up with them Sat. afternoon at the shop and what a delight to meet Robin!  She’s so cute and so bubbly but I unfortunately was not my usual self because I was hurting but didn’t want to miss the chance to meet her.  I tried my best but hopefully she didn’t notice.  I did do some damage .

First off here’s Ms. Robin and myself
Me and Robin 1

And my purchase – a childs gown.  Not sure if it’s a night gown or a Christening gown.  There are a couple spots on it but I loved it and the price was right and the pin tucking down the front and sleeves is just beautiful.
Childs dress

I plan to have a peg rack shelf put in one of the guest rooms and hang my baby clothing from it and if I can find some baby shoes and a bonnet it would complete the wall.
Before saying goodbye Robin gifted me with a cute patriotic pin cushion/pillow tuck she made and a beautifully scented candle/tray.
Gift from Robin 
Thank you Robin – I hope we get to meet again one day and this time spend more time together.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh we are living in a mess right now – actually the family room and screen room.
We are re-doing the family room and all the furniture has been removed to the screen room. Although at night we have to bring in the fabric chairs because it has done nothing but RAIN here and I don’t like them getting damp.
We went from light walls to a caramel colored wall.  At first I thought it might be a bit dark but the more I painted the more I loved it.  Sort of a Kraft bag color.
Here is the main reason we had to re-do. 
Bad wood on fp wall 1
The wall above the fireplace had a leak at some point (for a long time actually) before we had the new roof put on and the leak buckled and warped the wood.  Any picture we had up there had to be large enough to cover the area and that was basically one that would fit and I was getting mighty tired of looking at it for years.
Sunday a friend of my husbands was generous to give up his Sunday to replace the wall for us.
Fireplace wall 1
Now it’s fresh and all painted and we are ready to put the floor baseboards on today.
Then the carpet has been ordered and expected to here by end of next week and then our installer will put it in and hopefully we will be back in business.
Walls 1
Family Room done 1

Finished FB wall
FR painted

There are hardwood floors in this room but over the past 35 years with carpeting and the staples all over we just didn’t want to go through the process of having them refinished plus the room is drafty in the winter.
Family room redo 1

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Please visit my selling blog as I put some new items on there that I found a Market Square wholesale show last Monday,
You can find them on the ‘Prim Needs’ category:

Thanks to all my followers for sticking with me through my MIA on your blogs.
Life has a way of stopping one from doing EVERYTHING – by the time I get my e-mails answered and sometimes getting a post done here I’ve run out of steam plus things in general.
I do see what you post as I scroll through my bloglovin – I know you are all out there and continuing on better than I am.
But I do thank you and THANK YOU to my 4 new followers!  Amazing that some are still liking what I have to say! lol


Have a great rest of your week and a very happy and safe 4th of July


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