Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I wonder what it’s all going to be???

I had such a great day today – the weather was beautiful
and the sun was shining….and my aches and pains have died down.

Today was ‘lunch day’ with my former co-workers…as I’ve mentioned before we get together at a restaurant or here about every 6-8 weeks and catch up on each others families, animals, trips and pains…yes, pains…we’re all about the same age so there’s lots to talk about.

And at lunch I couldn’t make up my mind if I wanted a side salad or a grilled Chicken Salad – went back and forth in my mind and ended up ordering the Chicken Salad….so when the salad came I ate it. As well as the girls who ordered a meal and had soup…then – the waitress brought out the meals..and another salad for me!  WHAT????  I then realized that I did indeed order the Chicken Salad – lol

I told her I didn’t want it now – I had already eaten a salad…but she said it was her mistake and so I might as well eat it…yeah right…you bet it was her mistake! And so I tried to eat SOME MORE SALAD – but I started to feel very much on overload by that time so home it came with me.

Post Divider Image copy

Then this afternoon I got busy with preparations for some new
items but I’m not saying what they are but here’s a peek at
what i was up to all afternoon.

Towels 1
Towels in oven 1 
Towels in oven
And then I tore some fabric to use on these….
Floursack Towels
So what do you think it’s all going to turn into…guess you’ll have to wait!
I’m just full of surprises and mystery this week aren’t I?

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Thanks for visiting me…I appreciate all your comments!
Hugs, Karen

Monday, April 26, 2010

450 Followers Give A-way

I said when I reached 450 FOLLOWERS I was going to have a GIVE A-WAY in honor of it - well there’s a twist –
so you won’t know what you won till the
day I draw YOUR name!

Now I will give you all until Midnight May 8th to get your name in and then on Mother’s Day, May 9th I will draw the lucky name…all you have to do is
Be a follower of mine
2. Post a comment here
3. Post your
 e-mail address so I can find you – if I have to look for you then I’ll just have to draw another name.

Now just what do you think it will be?
Could it be one thing – or maybe two?
Well how about 3 items…..hmmmmmm, only time will tell.

Do you think it might be some of my Penny Rug items, or maybe some grungy ole’ Primitive I made…or maybe something sweet and yummy?
I guess you will have to wait to find out…
don’t you just love surprises?

And then again…maybe I just might post the prizes
at a later date…LOL

Good Luck to everyone.



Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where’s Lola?

I thought this being a Rainy Sunday I would lift my spirits
and look at pictures today and a thought came to me…Lola makes me giggle. She’s my ‘friend’ and gets into the most silly spots and over the last few years I snapped pictures when
I could before she would move when she saw me making
a moving …not because she was scared I’d chase her out,
but she would move thinking I was going to go
someplace else and wanted to be with me!
Her little brain must have been thinking
“where you going now, where you going now!”

Nothing brain worthy…just an escape from the day…Enjoy

Packing suitcases for a trip….Lola 03

Getting wreath ready to hangLola4



Stack of pillows I had just made, see her little tail
sticking out over the sheep!

Trying to set up for Home Show….
Lola in crate1

And her favorite place at Christmas was inside the
fence…I had cotton stuffed around the tree

I see my following is at 443….when I reach 500 I am going to have a wonderful Give A-way!


Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Rainy Saturday

I had to share with you what my Lola has been doing…she loves to touch everything I touch or if I set something down she has to get on it….now she has claimed the new Geraniums as hers…she has been napping in the middle of them since I set them there till I figure out where they are going – I didn’t get to her fast enough while she was napping…I think she’s angry at me for the flash on the camera…it woke her up….


It’s pouring out today so a good day for sewing
but so far it has been A LAZY DAY!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh by the way….those flip flops went back!!!
I tried them on in the house Thursday to see how they would feel and would you believe they actually cut me between my toes! Ouch!!!
Back they went. I don’t think it’s the shoes – it’s my feet…they were not made for Flip Flops.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Geraniums – real or faux

I went shopping today at JoAnn’s for some much needed DMC
and while I was there I saw they had their wonderful Geraniums on sale – I have only bought mine from there over the past years…they are the best and look so real. Had many compliments on them as well so I had to get some new ones because some of mine are many years old and looking a bit faded although they really are nice yet…oh, who

Don’t they look wonderful? I got 2 large potted and 4 clusters which are actually the same as in the potted ones but I guess I paid for the pots.
The potted ones were $19.00 at 40% off so basically I got two
for almost the price of one.
The clusters were $4.99 at 50% off so I got 4 for the price of two!

I also bought a much needed summer flip flop – most of them hurt my
feet and i don’t like how they clomp when you walk but I found these wonderful Skechers Tone Ups and are they comfortable and
it certainly won’t hurt me to have LOTS of help to Tone Up! 
Flip Flops
Flip Flops 1 toneups_topBanner_04_1271868803690

This week was a busy one with working in the yard – the weeds
were looking prettier than the plantings – maybe because there
were so many and speaking of that…..
My husband got so busy pulling weeds that he just kept going along the picket fence and just kept pulling. I looked over and the whole area
was bare and I about screamed! Well – I did YELL….what the
heck are you doing and a few more words….

Maybe I should have gone a little easier…lol, poor guy couldn’t tell the difference between the new growth of the Coneflower from the weeds. I’ll have to give him that…they really did look the same. You really had to look closely. So now it’s to the garden center for new ones.

Here is the last batch left….I kept him away from these…just one lonely little bunch left (this picture is from last year)
….sorry little bunch huh?


My granddaughter Emily sent me some pictures she took on
Easter Saturday of me and little Aidan…he’s just such a
sweetheart and sooooo good.
He’ll be 2 June 20th….growing so fast.
Gram and Aidan Easter 20010
Aidan 2
Aidan 1 
That’s all I have for you today – maybe next week I’ll have some Spring decorating to show you – until then enjoy life and each other.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

When will Spring get here!!!

I’m serious about my ‘heading’ statement…it’s cold here today.
When I woke up it was only 33 degrees! Seems we get a day or two of 70-80’s and then it drops drastically to the low 30’s…I WANT SPRING AND SUN!

I saw that our Service Berry bushes had buds on them earlier this week and overnight they popped out…I couldn’t get there fast enough this week to take progress shots so did it last night.
These are my two favorite of all time bushes we have. First they get this wonderful white flower and then a huge red berry that the birds just love.

In a couple days these blooms will be a lot fuller and hopefully I won’t
miss it  before the wind blows the flowers off…which happens very quickly….they are a short lived flower.
That’s about all the Spring flower we get because we have so much shade – our plantings are mostly shade and don’t bloom till early Summer – so I cherish these pretty white flowers

Service Berry 1

Service Berry

What an outpouring of comments on my last post…THANK YOU ONE AND ALL – I NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD BE RECEIVED SO WELL – 77 comments - and to think 99.9% of you think the way I do – I was amazed…and very scared to post it but it was something I needed to find out.

Here was the last comment from my previous post –
it’s from Dale Elizabeth and she’s so right.
Dale Elizabeth said...
“Wow Karen....I think you hit a nerve...LOL
I am with you...even when I try Face Book, I end up "writing on my own wall?", when I think I am talking to someone else! I am no good at it, and it is too fast and impersonal. I want more more more than that gives. I think for the young, fast paced techno crowd who are used to texting it's a hit.”

and I’m happy it’s out there for those people.
I’m just not one of them….

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...
”Thought provoking posts like this are good!
It gives us a chance to voice our opinion in a friendly zone!!”
I totally agree.

 Bring on the sun

Yesterday we got another chance to see our friend Linda (from St. Kitts)
Yes, she’s back again after being here the end of March for
her father’s funeral.
She had to come back to Raleigh, NC for her one year 
Cancer check up – which by the way she is CANCER FREE!
And then her and her sister Laura flew up here to be with their other sister Mary, and we all met at a favorite restaurant for drinks and appetizers and hugs and kisses before she has to head back home to St. Kitts.

Us and Linda and sisters
Linda, Mary, Doug, Laura, Me

 Bring on the sun

Well I just found the sweetest blog from one of the comments on my
previous post….go see Marcia at
She is new and would love to see you come for a visit
Higglers Notch 

Not a lot going on with me right now – want to get my Spring
flowers and my flag out on the deck porch this next week if the weather stays nice that is….I’ve been looking at all your pretties and am getting over anxious now – power of suggestion you know…gotta do it!!!

Have a pleasant weekend
Hugs, Karen

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog vs Facebook

And I also want to say I am in no way AGAINST's just not me.

Hi this morning…I think I’m a bit perplexed right now…been thinking about this for a few weeks now and it makes me sad….
Seems we have been losing friends right and left from Blogger and the Forums to FACEBOOK.  The blogs just aren’t coming up like they used to and the friends just aren’t showing up either – I miss hearing about what’s going on in your part of the land…I’m not saying just for me…I notice that lots of other blogs are getting less and less visitors too.
Facebook seems to have taken over and it really makes
me sad to see all of you leaving us.
I for one am not comfortable with FB – it’s busy, confusing, too many members all in one and soooooo many links to have to click on and soooo many sites to open up to view…nothing is in plain sight for easy access.
Is it just me???? Am I that old and out of touch that I can’t see the good in FB? What’s wrong with me. I belong and I have tons of friends…but it’s not used properly by me because I get frustrated having constantly to open up links and I’m not sure just who’s talking to who.  I feel so out of it but I’m not giving up on my Blog or the forums I’m on for it….just letting you know I’m still going to be here no matter what.
Blogging is so easy to get around in and you know right away
who has something to say.
Like I said, I notice it on the Forums as well.
So that being said…sorry I went off on this, but it really
has been bothering me.
Nothing against FB…it’s just not ME….Sorry.
So you will still find me here – like it our not!
Hope to see you all around too now and then.
Hugs, Karen
Flight of the bumble bee

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Golf anyone???

Yesterday we went to Janesville for the Grand Opening of our cousin’s sons Driving Range, Pro Shop, Bar/Grill. They had reps from 4 different golf club companies, shoes and bags and also a special on buckets of balls
for the driving range and golf pros to help with the hitting….
as well as brats and BBQ’s.
Then at 6 p.m. was the official opening in the grill/bar,
lots of great food and drink.

Danny has always been associated with golf his whole life….so it’s not a surprise he finally realized his dream and it’s appropriately named THE CADDY SHACK GOLF CENTER  here’s the link:

I guess I got caught up in the flow of what was happening because I bought a pair of golf shoes and a bag!!!! DON’T HAVE ANY CLUBS THOUGH….lol
We do have a couple extra old sets so I use one of them when I do go…but now I’m after a set of my own…and then I’ll be complete. Now I’ll just have to prod Doug to take me now and then and not just once a year…not sure how that will work!
So here’s my purchases – I’m itching to get out there now
Bag and Shoes

So did I do good???

This afternoon we are headed back to Janesville to another cousins for a get together - we have one of these every few weeks. Today she’s fixing Baby Back Ribs and I was elected to make Potato Salad. First we’ll play some card and then eat and then home.

I don’t want to wish the Spring away but I’m so anxious for June to get here….I’m meeting some APP Forum girls out there for a get together
and I’m so ready for a break….we have lots of shopping and eating on the agenda….wish you all could join us!!!
We have our breakfasts planned for the 3 days and one of them is
going to be at DJ’s 50’s restaurant on Rt. 340 – it’s just the
neatest place…should be a grand breakfast, huh???

DJ's Taste of the 50

Well, not much more news for today – see ya around.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grand-Colors and Grand-Children

Our Monday started out sunny and temps in the 70’s and by 5 pm it was thundering and lightening
and then it started to pour….and it rained
and thundered most of the night….
and it’s still going on.

Bring on the sun

Our Granddaughter Emily and Grandson Joe came on Monday morning and are here till this evening….they are off for Spring break and with mom and dad working this is a good chance for us to be together. Unfortunately Grandpa got called to do a delivery so he took off at noon for Texas.
But we did some errands and then went to
lunch with him before he left.

Kids and I spent the rest of the day playing cards, reading and eating. Joe wanted to watch a DVD
so I let him do that for a bit…not much
TV when they are here.

We were all settled in and around 7:30 the door bell rang and it was our daughter in-law Jamie and granddaughter Alexandra. Alex works at McDonalds and just got off work and had to come show us her new car she just bought ALL BY HERSELF TODAY….NO HELP FROM ANYONE…not even the paperwork or anything. She doesn’t make much working there so it has taken her some time to save up enough to pay cash for one.

It’s not the newest or the best….BUT IT’S HERS AND SHE PAID FOR IT….and at almost 17 (May 19) that’s just wonderful! Plus she had to have money
for license, registration and insurance. She did good!

Here she is all proud….mind you she just got off work and was looking a bit ragged but smiling and JABBERING A MILE A MINUTE…but that’s not anything different….she is constantly smiling and jabbering. IT’S JUST ALEX!!!!
Alex Car
Alex Car 1

Well today it’s still pouring so the kids are
reading while I’m doing this….not sure what
we’ll do when I’m done but I’m sure they’ll
find something for us to do.

Not a very interesting post today but just wanted to check in and let you all know I’m still kicking!

Have any of you seen the newest painting technique out there…I have been reading about it on the APP forum I’m on…here’s their link:
The finished are just wonderful and I was wondering is any of you have used this product. I have
a couple pieces of furniture I want to redo.
Here are a few samples….the rest
are shown on the forum.

Bayberry over Chocolate
Bayberry over Chocolate

Colonial Blue over Chocolate
Colonial Blue over Chocolate

Mustard over Peppercorn
Mustar over Peppercorn

Paprika over Putty
Paprika over Putty

Cobblestone over Chocolate
Cobblesone over Chocolate

Peppercorn over Paprika
Peppercorn over Paprika

These are just a few I’ve seen on the forum…gorgeous aren’t they?

Well that’s it for now…wish I had something fun
and interesting and decorative worthy but it’s
just not happening right now.
Today will be spent with Emily and Joe

I’m hoping to get some of my Spring flowers out
soon and then I can take some pictures of the
interior and exterior….until then…HUGS


Bring on the sun