Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grand-Colors and Grand-Children

Our Monday started out sunny and temps in the 70’s and by 5 pm it was thundering and lightening
and then it started to pour….and it rained
and thundered most of the night….
and it’s still going on.

Bring on the sun

Our Granddaughter Emily and Grandson Joe came on Monday morning and are here till this evening….they are off for Spring break and with mom and dad working this is a good chance for us to be together. Unfortunately Grandpa got called to do a delivery so he took off at noon for Texas.
But we did some errands and then went to
lunch with him before he left.

Kids and I spent the rest of the day playing cards, reading and eating. Joe wanted to watch a DVD
so I let him do that for a bit…not much
TV when they are here.

We were all settled in and around 7:30 the door bell rang and it was our daughter in-law Jamie and granddaughter Alexandra. Alex works at McDonalds and just got off work and had to come show us her new car she just bought ALL BY HERSELF TODAY….NO HELP FROM ANYONE…not even the paperwork or anything. She doesn’t make much working there so it has taken her some time to save up enough to pay cash for one.

It’s not the newest or the best….BUT IT’S HERS AND SHE PAID FOR IT….and at almost 17 (May 19) that’s just wonderful! Plus she had to have money
for license, registration and insurance. She did good!

Here she is all proud….mind you she just got off work and was looking a bit ragged but smiling and JABBERING A MILE A MINUTE…but that’s not anything different….she is constantly smiling and jabbering. IT’S JUST ALEX!!!!
Alex Car
Alex Car 1

Well today it’s still pouring so the kids are
reading while I’m doing this….not sure what
we’ll do when I’m done but I’m sure they’ll
find something for us to do.

Not a very interesting post today but just wanted to check in and let you all know I’m still kicking!

Have any of you seen the newest painting technique out there…I have been reading about it on the APP forum I’m on…here’s their link:  http://fabulousfinishes.wordpress.com/caromal-colours/
The finished are just wonderful and I was wondering is any of you have used this product. I have
a couple pieces of furniture I want to redo.
Here are a few samples….the rest
are shown on the forum.

Bayberry over Chocolate
Bayberry over Chocolate

Colonial Blue over Chocolate
Colonial Blue over Chocolate

Mustard over Peppercorn
Mustar over Peppercorn

Paprika over Putty
Paprika over Putty

Cobblestone over Chocolate
Cobblesone over Chocolate

Peppercorn over Paprika
Peppercorn over Paprika

These are just a few I’ve seen on the forum…gorgeous aren’t they?

Well that’s it for now…wish I had something fun
and interesting and decorative worthy but it’s
just not happening right now.
Today will be spent with Emily and Joe

I’m hoping to get some of my Spring flowers out
soon and then I can take some pictures of the
interior and exterior….until then…HUGS


Bring on the sun


  1. What an accomplishment for a 17 year-old! You should be so proud! Have fun with your other two today, a rainy day can yield some creative times. I LOVE that paint! I've got to try it on something. Thanks for sharing, Dawn

  2. How proud you must be of Alex! She looks so happy Congratulations to her!! I love the paint samples especially the bayberry over the chocolate!

  3. Hi Karen!....Alex should most definitely be very very proud of herself indeed!

    Those paint samples look great....as in everything though, it's all in the technique!


  4. Enjoy your time with Emily and Joe! Congrats to Alex, that's quite an accomplishment :)

  5. A big WAY TO GO to your grandaughter!! It's awesome that she is so responsible at her age!!

    Those paint samples have me drooling-- i may have to try them out!

  6. Doing the same as you these past two days...had grandaughter Blakely till just a few moments ago (she didn't want me on the computer - she is 5) and headed to my daughter's to watch the FOUR boys in about an hour. Her hubby is away on business and she has a funeral to attend. Can't think of a better way to spend my days off. XO, Judy
    ps...hmmmm....Super glad it is NOT raining here in PA (big smile)

  7. I can see how happy Alex is in the picture! That is quite an accomplishment for a grown up, let alone a 17 year old! Tell her good job!!

  8. I appreciate hearing stories about young people like your dear grandgirl. So much in the media portrays the young person who takes and takes with an attitude of entitlement and we hear so little of the positive ones. Someone did a great job instilling some great qualities in this dear person!
    Oh grandchildren are so fun.

  9. Yopu grand daughter sounds like my son. He worked hard to buy his own car at 17 and then despite playing football and going to college full time he worked two job so that at the age of 25, he bought his own 3 bedroom 2 bath home in a lovely neighborhood. With modest houses like his going for $300 grand, that was some accomplishment! It's wonderful hearing stories about young people who work hard like that. Congrats to her!!

    Aren't the Caromal Colours fascinating?? I need to try them soon!

  10. I have used the paints but I do love them....keep posting pics...I have a bathroom cabinet I am going to prim...we will see how it goes. dianntha

  11. Hi Karen..so good to hear from you. Missed reading your posts. Alex is awesome for such a young girl. Sweet, eh? You have a lovely time with your grandchildren and I love the paint. It inspires me to get at it.
    Faye / Primitive Lace

  12. Wow! Karen, that is quite a grandaughter. I know this is just the beginning of great things she will acomplish. Thanks for sharing her milestone. B=)

  13. I an gearing up to getting some of the paint myself. I actually called Patty and she was very ehlpful. Can't wait to see what you do with yours.

  14. Way to go Alex! Gosh I remember when that was me...like forever ago. One of those moments you never forget!
    Lovin those paint techniques! Gotta try it!

  15. Hi Karen, You must be very proud of your darling grandaughter. I always say that kids need to learn the value of a dollar and it helps if they work while in high school. My kids both worked and paid for their own cars and insurance, too. Next came the responsibility of owning a car. It was a great experience to shape the furture.


  16. Karen ~
    What a granddaughter! I'm sure you're so proud ~ as you deserve to be.
    Have fun with the grandkids!
    The paint samples you posted are wonderful. I'll have to check out the site.
    Pug hugs :)

  17. Congratulations to your sweel grand-daughter. She looks so happy and excited. My daughter is going for her drivers test next week and she's been saving all her money as well. It sure does make a mom (or grandma) feel good!

    I've used the caromal colours on several projects in my home. They require a bit more elbow grease when sanding and distressing but it's all well worth the effort in the end. I had posted our bathroom vanity re-do quite a while back on my blog. That was done with chocolate chip as a base and wisteria as a top coat. Of course I then stained the finish to darken it up using their stain.
    Enjoy your spring!
    Blessings to you~ Birgit

  18. I just visited caromal colours website.......fabulous! I love the birdy's bird stencil. It's definitely something I will be trying.

  19. What an accomplishment for your granddaughter. My older daughter had to do the same thing, but it was more of a punishment than an accomplishment. One of those kid issues. Good for her though! It is snowing here right now...that really stinks after 80 degree weather.


  20. If anyone is in California, come and visit our studio where we give fun, hands on workshops using the Caromal Colours line of materials. You should see what we are doing with it here!! And not just on furniture and cabinets, but plaster for walls, and gilding and endless fun! Come visit - www.3oaksstudio.com - in Clovis, CA! And no

  21. Great granddaughter you have there. I know you are proud. Thank goodness mine are old enough to drive yet, but one will be in a couple of years.

    Loving those paint colors, been looking at them and now should do something about it. Lots of things I would like to re-do.

  22. Karen, First off I cant believe you're posting about 17 year old grand children, you look like these could be your own kids! I admired the story about Alex purchasing her first car at 17 - with her own money... I hope my kids (now 14 and almost 13) are able to do the same. Too many kids, now a days, with brand new shiny mustangs, and even more luxurious, handed over to them without blinking an eye - kudos to kids that are learning the value of the dollar, and what working hard can get them!


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