Sunday, April 11, 2010

Golf anyone???

Yesterday we went to Janesville for the Grand Opening of our cousin’s sons Driving Range, Pro Shop, Bar/Grill. They had reps from 4 different golf club companies, shoes and bags and also a special on buckets of balls
for the driving range and golf pros to help with the hitting….
as well as brats and BBQ’s.
Then at 6 p.m. was the official opening in the grill/bar,
lots of great food and drink.

Danny has always been associated with golf his whole life….so it’s not a surprise he finally realized his dream and it’s appropriately named THE CADDY SHACK GOLF CENTER  here’s the link:

I guess I got caught up in the flow of what was happening because I bought a pair of golf shoes and a bag!!!! DON’T HAVE ANY CLUBS THOUGH….lol
We do have a couple extra old sets so I use one of them when I do go…but now I’m after a set of my own…and then I’ll be complete. Now I’ll just have to prod Doug to take me now and then and not just once a year…not sure how that will work!
So here’s my purchases – I’m itching to get out there now
Bag and Shoes

So did I do good???

This afternoon we are headed back to Janesville to another cousins for a get together - we have one of these every few weeks. Today she’s fixing Baby Back Ribs and I was elected to make Potato Salad. First we’ll play some card and then eat and then home.

I don’t want to wish the Spring away but I’m so anxious for June to get here….I’m meeting some APP Forum girls out there for a get together
and I’m so ready for a break….we have lots of shopping and eating on the agenda….wish you all could join us!!!
We have our breakfasts planned for the 3 days and one of them is
going to be at DJ’s 50’s restaurant on Rt. 340 – it’s just the
neatest place…should be a grand breakfast, huh???

DJ's Taste of the 50

Well, not much more news for today – see ya around.



  1. You did good..I used to play golf, played softball for about 30 years too. We play mostly tennis now, would like to take up golf again though. DJ's looks awesome. Have a great day!!

  2. oh how them shoes....I dont play golf, but there is a huge golf course behind my parents house........

  3. Hi Karen....I know nothing about golf but that DJ's Diner sure looks like a diner that NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett owns....I don't know what state the activities you are speaking about are in but the DJ's Diner I'm referring to is in North Carolina....either way it looks very festive!


  4. I don't play golf but the items look good!

    That diner is a hoot...would love to eat there.

  5. I'd buy those shoes just to wear around the yard for aeration!! Too cute.

    My child #3 (I call him Turf Boy on my blog) is an assistant super at a golf course in South Carolina. They are heading into the busy season now. His life long dream is to own a golf course or a par 3. Gotta have dreams!

  6. I have the shoes and clubs and bag..My husband and I played in a couples league last year...It was the first time I played and he has played since he was 12..Lots of fun

  7. I love those shoes, you're going to be the stylin'-ist one on the green!

    That's okay, wish Spring away, I want to go camping and do some prim shopping too! :)

  8. Karen, I love those golf shoes! :)
    I am really thinking about joining you girls in Lancaster in June....Teresa told me about it, but I can't find the link on APP where you guys are all planning it,....I would love to meet you and other bloggers! ;) Is DJ's in Lancaster....I love places like that and I would love to go there.

  9. Arent' you a riot! Love the pattern on the shoes.
    You will have fun!

  10. Love the items. Cool shoes.

    I have played golf once in my life and the individual I played with never asked me again. That should tell you something about my ability to play the game, plus it didn't help that when I was coming back with the driver, he was in the way and hit him in the head. I have played so much softball in my lifetime that it has hampered me in the way I swing at the golf ball.

    Have fun and the diner looks cool too.


  11. Karen~

    I love the shoes and the bag you picked out! Hopefully you can find some clubs to go with them and you can use them more than once a year!

    The gathering in June sounds like a lot of fun! I am sure you will all have a wonderful time!

    I hope you are having a wonderful week!


  12. Well that sure looks like fun! I bet you are a natural at golf!

    Sounds like some fun plans you have brewing! Any time spent with girl friends is a good time, but when it involves shopping and eating-- there's nothing better! =]

    Have a delightful week my friend~

  13. Karen, those shoes are so cute! I have never played golf, unless Putt-Putt counts! LOL!
    I am so envious of the meet up in June. Wish I lived closer so I could join. The diner looks so neat!
    Have a great week!

  14. Karen, great golf gear purchases! Love the shoes! I took some golf lessons about 2 years ago, so would need to take again because I haven't golf since!
    That restaurant sure does look cool!

  15. I just found your blog and joined. I was reading about the cabinet you "almost" bought from Doug. If you check out my blog you can see the plasma TV cabinet I bought from his shop in IN. Love his stuff!

  16. I don't golf but with cute shoes like those I might be tempted! Hope you play well.


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